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Who are we?

"Mister…" - Kathryn Janeway

"Neelix! Glad to meet you!" - Neelix, "Caretaker"

As mentioned, we are three totally-crazed girls whose motto is "Janeway, or no way!". As for the rest, that's coming soon.
Shel lives in Oregon, Kate lives in Missouri, and Erin lives in Florida. They each have different talents and interests (actually, Kate and Erin tend to have so many similar interests, Kate wonders if they have a linked mind), but one thing they have in common is they love Janeway.

However, we WILL NOT use profanity on this site. We will not allow material offensive to ourselves or others. We'd like to keep this site clean, and because of that, we will not allow slash material on here. You don't like it? Too. Bad. Go someplace else. We're standing up for what we believe in, just like Janeway would.