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The Senior Officers

"Senior staff report to the bridge." - Janeway

Behind every Starfleet captain is a support staff made up of the crew. They take care of many details. But a certain set of people have more responsibility. This elite group is called: THE SENIOR STAFF.

Note: As much as we would love to, we regret that we cannot mention every detail for everyone. And, yes, slight bias may come into play at time. Tom and B'Elanna's are slightly long because Kate wrote this and those are her favorite characters other then She-Who-Is-Always-Obeyed-Except-When-The-Script-Calls-For-A-Crewmember-To-Do-Something-Noble-But-Stupid, She-Who-The-Borg-Envy-As-Being-Perfection-Itself, The Auburn-Haired Queen, Captain Janeway.

You can read more about the senior officers in "Pathways", by Jeri Taylor, which for some reason is considered canon even though it goes against some episodes, namely when Tom rescues B'Elanna and Harry and when he tells Harry about the accident in "Caretaker" and when Tuvok says he has four children in "Innocence". Read it and see why.

Now we introduce you to Janeway's senior staff.

Commander Chakotay - Janeway's first officer. The former captain of the Maquis ship, Chakotay's father was Kolopak. Kolopak was a man who believed in their Indian tribe's "old ways". They had voyaged from Earth and settled on a planet which was later on the edge of the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone. Chakotay, however, was "contrary" and embraced technology. He ran away and joined Starfleet. When his homeworld was destroyed, he joined the Maquis. He was placed in command of a ship, with B'Elanna Torres and Tuvok on it. They were swept to the Delta Quadrant soon after.

Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander Tuvok - Chief of Security/Tactical. A longtime friend of Janeway's, Tuvok is a Vulcan who is over a hundred years old, although it takes awhile for Tom Paris to learn this. He was placed on the Maquis ship as a spy. When the Maquis ship disappeared, Janeway became worried when Tuvok didn't report in. She took Voyager after him.
Neelix was obsessed with making Tuvok smile. Tuvok went through Pon Farr in 2378 and called it Tarkellian flu, although Tom Paris, temporarily filling in for the Doctor, knew better. Janeway later remarked what an odd thing it was that he had Tarkellian flu every seven years.

Lieutanant J.G./Ensign Tom Paris - Helm officer. When he lied about a accident that killed three Starfleet officers, he was dishonorably discharged from Starfleet, much to the unhappiness of his father, who was a admiral in Starfleet. He joined the Maquis, but was captured on his first mission. He was sent to the Federation prison in New Zealand when Janeway came to get him to be an "observer", or in other words to lead them to the Maquis. When the helm officer was killed, Janeway gave him the post. In 2377, he disobeyed Janeway's orders and broke the Prime Directive when he attempted to interfere with the society of a water planet, even though the people were destroying the planet. He was consequently demoted and placed in the brig for thirty days. He was restored to his former rank shortly before an encounter with the Borg and "Unimatrix Zero". In 2378, he married B'Elanna Torres.

Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres - Chief engineer. A firey half-Klingon and former Maquis, she said she'd inherited "the forehead and the bad attitude". She and Harry Kim were kidnapped by the Caretaker and sent to Ocampa, where a disease nearly killed them. When she came aboard Voyager, a disagreement concerning the warp drive led to her breaking Lt. Carey's nose in three places. However, she eventually got her temper calmed down. In 2375 (note: Early fourth season. Might be '74.) she and Tom Paris had a shuttle accident, resulting in them being lost in space with their oxygen running out. When they were nearly dead, she told him she loved him, right before Voyager rescued them. In 2378, she married Tom Paris and soon after became pregnant. She had a daughter, Miral, at the same time Voyager was making a spectacular entrance back into the Alpha Quadrant.

Ensign Harry Kim - Operations officer. Fresh out of the Academy, Voyager was his first post. He became friends with B'Elanna, whom he called "Maquis" (she called him "Starfleet") and Tom Paris. He was thrown into a prison along with Tom, where they nearly died before Janeway rescued them. He was quite eager to get back home to his parents and girlfriend Libby.

The Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH); more commonly called The Doctor - Chief Medical Officer. He was activated after Voyager's medical staff was killed. At first, he had a terrible bedside manner and was disliked by the crew. Tom Paris even told Chakotay that if not wanting to spend time with the Doctor was a criminal offense, he'd have to throw the whole crew in the brig. However, being constantly online forced the Doctor to develop hobbies and manners, among them singing opera. He took Kes on as a medical student and Tom Paris was appointed as an assistant, much to his chargin. When Voyager traveled back in time to 1996, Henry Starling managed to download him and gave him a portable holoemitter. He was looking for a name for a long time, and finally decided on "Bob". However, that was before Admiral Janeway went into the past in order to bring Voyager home sooner.

Neelix - Morale officer and chef. One of his favorite ingrediants was leola root, much to the crew's dislike. His strange dishes often brought looks of…well, disgust and wonder. A cheerful Talaxian, his sisters and parents had been killed in a war. He became a junk trader and later met Kes at the Kazon encampment. Janeway enlisted his aid to help look for Torres and Kim. He decided to stay on Voyager and took on the role of guide. When they were out of familiar territory, he became the morale officer. He also was "Uncle Neelix" to Naomi Wildman. In 2377/78, he left Voyager to live with a group of Talaxian colonists. Before he left, as a parting gift, Tuvok did a few dance steps.

Kes - Medical assistant. An Ocampan, she came on with Neelix. Her race could only live nine years; Kes was one when she came aboard. It was soon discovered she had amazing mental abilities, which eventually meant she left Voyager. Kes had amazing learning abilities, enabling her to quickly learn the job of medical assistant. In addition, she took care of the onboard garden.

Seven of Nine - Engineer, scientist. A former Borg drone, Janeway disconnected her from the Collective. She helped B'Elanna in Engineering and later worked in Astrometrics. Seven had been assimalated as a young girl; her former name was Annika Hansen. She later became close with Naomi Wildman and "mother" to several Borg children.