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Janeway Freak Quiz
Are YOU a true Janewayite?

You see a Voyager novel in the library, you:
a) Read it! Janeway's in it!
b) Read the back then put it back on the shelf
c) Wonder what the heck it's doing in the Seventeen magazine section

You're flipping through the TV channels and suddenly a picture of an Intrepid-Class starship apperes on the screen, you:
a) Watch it and cheer when Janeway comes on the screen
b) Watch it until the next commertial then move on
c) Watch it to see who that cute blond-haired guy is, then move on quickly when you realize it's Star Trek

Before you go to bed at night you read:
a) "Mosaic"
b) New Voyager novel
c) Book about Britney Spears

At night you dream about:
a) Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager
b) Voyager
c) *Nsync

You are a member of:
a) The J Team
b) The local Star Trek fan club
c) The Backstreet Boy Official Fan Club

For last Halloween, you were:
a) Janeway, of course!
b) A Starfleet officer.
c) Dressing up for Halloween? Puh-lease! That's so lame! (Fine, fine. I was Britney Spears)

Q appears and grants you a wish. That would be:
a) I want to serve on Voyager under Captain Janeway!
b) I want to join Starfleet!
c) I want (name of N*Sync or Backstreet Boys member) to ask me out!

Your bumper sticker on your car reads (or would read):
a) Janeway or no way!
b) Warp 10 or bust!
c) I am a loyal member of the Christina Aguilara fan club.

What are you?

Mostly A's: You are a true Janeway Freak! Congratulations!

Mostly B's: Well, at least you like Star Trek. Not quite a Janeway Freak yet, though.

Mostly C's: Why are you even on this site? Do you even know who Janeway is?

Tied, A and B: You're on your way to becoming a Janeway Freak. Now, go memorize "Mosaic" and polish your uniform boots.