Nana picture! ^.^ Mandarin Duck on one foot, sleeping

That little guy is an otter, and it was REALLY hard to get pictures of them, due to their speed!!

Case in point. Speedy buggers.

Fuzzy otter. Take my word for it. ^.^

This little otter was just floating along happily on his back, chomping on a pile of ice that he kept on his chest.. impossibly cute.

Only difference between seal shows in America and seal shows in Japan? In Japan the trainers don't smile... ^.^

One thing I was really pleased to see was the huge areas most animals had to roam and play. Though the housing situation in Osaka may be inhumane, the animals' housing situations were anything but.

Fuzzy whiskered sealion says hello...

NOT a flamingo. ^.^ This is a scarlet ibis.

"Ring around the rosie..." King Penguins in a circle ^.^

Dolphin, ACTION SHOT!! Though I admit this is a "bad" picture, I think it looks really nifty. ^.^

TONS of dolphins... they were really fun to watch...

Spooky water displacement effect. This little stream of water was very coveted, and dolphins kept butting each other out of the way to get at it...

Bright colored fishy things..

Swirling brightly colored fishy things.. ^.^

Now this was impressive. Their largest tank is THE largest glassed in water-holding tank in the world.. it was five or six stories high and massively huge. This is a WHALE SHARK being followed by a school of helper fish during feeding time!!

Smart little octopus hiding in a clay jug.. why is it smart? This is JAPAN. They eat his brethren every day!!

Sorry this picture's crappy, but this is a swordfish, and that little guy was quick too.

This was the main attraction of the aquarium, though for the life of me I can't figure out why... it's a Sunfish, which is very strange looking and very ugly...

Weird little prawn things.

This was supercool.. they're just lots of small silver fish (anchovies and sardines mainly, said the sign) and they swim in this endless whirl around the center rock... it's beautiful.

Big ol' sea turtle.

This sea turtle was very happy. It had found a bubble vent, and just perched itself on top of it...

Extreme closeup. I think it looks like a sock puppet, personally.

EWWWWWWW!!!! These were SPIDER CRABS, and they deserved the name.. the way they walked across the sand and up against the glass was alien and disgusting...

Not only are they scary (this one is terrorizing the lady next to me) but they're HUGE. These were like five feet tall... BLEAH!

Here a smaller one is making a small child held by his mother cry.. and the mother was surprised.

They had the coolest jellyfish exhibit ever!! There were like twenty different species!! This is the white bubbly short-tentacled jellyfish (note: I forgot to write down the actual names of any of these ^.^)

Followed by the white ghostly long-tentacled jellyfish... (this is a good shot, they DID look all fuzzy and translucent)

Aaand the orange, long-tentacled stripey jellyfish...

Aaand the transparent jellyfish with the orange celtic knot at their center...

Aaaand the golden spotted short-tentacled jellyfish...

View out of the aquarium and of the ocean...

On the ferris wheel, this is the "Santa Maria" (no joke!), an old style ship that cruises for tourists...

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