Chris, Jad, and Matt.. Chris has that look on his face because he just pulled Jad's pants off, but (thankfully) the camera was aimed to high to capture the scene faithfully. You'll have to take my word for it. ^.^

Chris holding Risa. Oddly enough, that is the only picture I have of Risa, which is doubly odd since she was my roommate.^.^.

Night out at Hakkenden for nomihodai (all-you-can-drink), with Royce, "guy-whose-name-i-can-never-remember", Chris, and Doris.

The rest of us (clockwise from left) Tammy, Me, Matt, Sandy, and Chris, showing us his Hanes socks. Proud to be a Hanes man, that Chris.

Matt, Sandy and Chris, still at Hakkenden

Matt looking pensive with a glass ashtray on his head.

Me, looking pensive without a glass ashtray on my head.

Chris looking pensive, Sandy thinking looking pensive is very silly

The library entrance...

Art deco inside the library

Looking down the hall of the women's floor in the dorm.

Mika and Miyuki. This is back at Hakkenden, this time for a "hot-pot party" which is a different kaiseki or set course meal. This was for Debbie's goodbye party. ;o;

Miyuki being tickled by Matt and falling into Debbie, who is just as much trouble! Some of these pics look weird cuz we were super-glittery, which reacted funky to the flash.

Dom, Mika, Ursula, Me... I am not wearing glasses, I chose to wear the contacts I'd bought for Judo instead (disposables).

Miyuki, Debbie, Alyson, Tammy and the famous "hot pot"!

Giant Group Shot!!.

Mika and Debbie hug goodbye! ;o;

A much better Giant Group Shot!!

Ok, let me explain this one. The other large table was taken up by the Karate club (all drunk). A drunk game they do is to take the skewers of meat, and have one or two people hold it in their teeth (on different skewers) while another takes the meat with their teeth. You can imagine this can be dangerous if you are drunk (the skewers are SHARP), and they were.

The girl at their table was scandalized and wouldn't do it so they invited Matt over. ^.^

Karaoke again (its very popular and cheap). Mika and Matt, who is glammed (that's glitter not a tear!) sing together....

Matt has the opposite pic on his camera, obviously! ^.^ This is in Shoen Bowl game center right next to the ...

DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION MACHINE!!!! BWAHAHAHAH!!! Me, Matt, Alyson prepare to do dance battle!

Oh yeah, I'm good. ^.^ Me vs. Alyson

But then some Japanese guy comes by and does "Step Step Revolution" which is about ten times harder than what I was doing... ;o; I will get better!! I will!!

Ooh, but then I gave the camera to Dominique... prepare for very random pictures. This is the canal next to our dorm..

View down a street by the dorm.. note the beautifully tended gardens, even in winter!

Japanese house, lovely Japanese trees. Very carefully clipped trees, often taken care of daily.

This is one of the streets we walk down to get to our local train station... I think she was going for the power lines here though.

A small white "pissing boy" (That's what they're called!!) and large tanuki statue grace (?) the front yard of a mansion in our area.

Hey look, its me walking!! This is the riverway we follow to get to the station, its very pretty. The "city" you can see is Makino, which is where I live. Hirakata City is much larger, and Makino is sort of a suburb of Hirakata, which in turn is a suburb of Osaka.

This is a typical preschool bus. They are usually in the shape of an animal of some sort, and this one happens to be bright pink as well!! Its a cat, which is more evident by the paws over the wheels and the tail in the back. ^.^

Pictured here is the all-hallowed Keihan store and Mister Donut, right across from the train station. This is the only donut shop for about ten miles. ^.^ It is actually about a mile/mile and a half by foot from where we live.

Virtually everything you can buy in Japan, you can buy in a vending machine somewhere in the country. Makino is no different. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a porn machine. It only carries pornography. It is a vending machine. It is a porn vending machine. I just don't know what to say. ^.^

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