The great Japanese pasttime, karaoke!! Pictured: Miyuki, Me, Alison, Mayuko, and Debbie's hair.

Mika, Debbie, and Bart, singing.

Matt and Miyuki!

Alison and Bart, Hard Rock Cafe... wow, Bart's even more possessed than usual.

Debbie and Miyuki! Yes, Miyuki always v-signs!

Group shot at HRC, Miyuki, Alyson, Bart, Mayuko, Matt, Mika, Me, Debbie!

Matt, in deep discussion with his ladies...

Another group shot, right outside the HRC!

When the Leonid shower hit, Ursula, Debbie, and Dom all wanted me to bring my camera. ???? This was the only pic taken that night, because though pretty, meteor showers are not too photogenic!!.

KOREA!! Note the strange bubbly and line-y kanji... Seomino Hair is where Lauren and I had our hair cut. ^.^

Action shot!! Pillow fight at a Korean hotel (which was astonishingly Skeezy!)..

Debbie relaxing with real American COKE! in a TGIFridays!! Yay Korea!! Thus began our tour of authentic Korean food, including TGIFridays, Outback, Burger King, and Pizza Hut. ^.^ Hey, it was that or Kimchi.

Debbie and me. And yes, that is a wonderfully atrocious leopard-print cowboy hat atop my head. Yay!!

No picture can accurately describe the horror of Korean taxis better than this one.

Next stop: OUTBACK! This is for Debbie's sweetie, Jon, who had been lording the fact that Outback doesn't exist in Japan since she got here. ^.^

Yes, I was there too.

Funny thing, even Outback in Korea has Kimchi, a spicy boiled cabbage Korean treat! (uhhhh)... So Debbie, who is a masochist, decided to try some.

She didn't like it.

Being a sadist, too, she made us try it. Lauren's first reaction was to dive for the water.

Action shot!! I didn't like it either./font>

Korean street, note the kanji! Korea has FAR more of an American influence than does Japan, and many many shops and restaurants hawked American goods.

The front of a lesser temple in Seoul. Note that it is much more colorful than the Japanese temples usually are, this is due to the Chinese influence.

Look very carefully at that billboard on the building in the distance. That's right: Harry Potter!! Can't escape!! If I went to Ethiopia I'd probably find a poster for that movie.

Old meets new. Interesting architecture marks the high rise building towering behind the top of an old-style temple roof.

Nifty!! I can do that. ^.^

The main entrance to the Imperial Palace in Seoul, gorgeous...

Closeup of the brightly painted patterns on the entrance.

On edge, the gate to the palace. Difficult to see but silhoetted are several small statuettes of animals, set to guard perhaps?

The ceiling, seen standing directly under the main gate..

As you walk across the stone bridge leading inside (past the gate), leaning over there are two animals, this turtle and another (which was under reconstruction, so I'm not certain what it was) peering out from underneath.

Leading up to the main reception hall are these numbered stone markers. When one was presented before the king, you lined up with everyone else and numbered yourself according to your importance.

The main steps leading up.. note the animals carved into the staircase, lions perhaps?

This picture belies the grandeur of the hall, but the lights were off and my flash could not illuminate the entire room well enough to capture its beauty. The throne in the middle is where the royalty sat.

I was impressed by the almost painfully bright patterns painted everywhere, even in the hallways.

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