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*Johnny and June Cash*

Their Story

June Carter Cash was born Valerie June Carter in Maces Springs, VA, on June 23, 1929. Mother (Maybelle Carter of the Carter Family) taught her to play the autoharp, and to appreciate music. In 1937 June began performing with her sisters Helen and Anita as the Carter Sisters. In the 50s June did some acting but later returned to perform with her sisters in the Johnny Cash road show. During this time June impressed Johnny, and though they were both married at the time, he proclaimed he would marry her someday. In 1963 June co-wrote Ring Of Fire and Johnny took it to a #1 hit. In 1968 they were married, and as the song Jackson says, they got married in a fever. Johnny credits June for helping him break his drug habits, and for her part in his finding religion. June concentrated on her marriage, and stepped out of the spotlight in the '70s and '80s, her focus being on helping johnny with his music career. She wrote two autobiographies and performed along side Robert Duvall on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Johnny and June lived a long happy marriage. Together they aquired numerous hits in their time. They were active civically as well as appearing with Billy Graham. June Carter Cash died on May 15, 2003, of complications following heart surgery. Four months later, Johnny died of complications from diabetes in Nashville, TN.

(Some often wondered, if he died from the loss of his beloved wife, June.)

Johnny and June Carter Cash

June 26, 2005
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