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The Man They Call Hank

"Hank Williams Sr."

Singer, songwriter. Born Harriam Williams, September 17, 1923. Hank got his first guitar at age seven from his mother, Lilly, who raised him after his father Lon was put in a veterans hospital suffering from post-World War I problems. Hank learned to play from watching a black street singer named Rufe Payne known as "Tee-Tot"., who he credited later by saying all the music training he had, Rufe gave him. At the age of 14, Hank won a talent contest, formed his own band the Drifting Cowboys and began working clubs in Montgomery, Alabama. Williams, a rowdy, hard-drinking singer who was trashing hotel rooms years before rockers would be known for this sort of lifestyle. Williams was also into drug use, most of it said to be pain-killers for a bad back. He was thrown from a horse when he was seventeen and lived the rest of his short life in pain every day, the throw exacerbating the spina bifida problem he was born with.
In nut shell, Hank lived a short but powerful 5 years in the lime light. He wrote and recorded multiple songs and hits. Hank Williams died in his car backseat on the way to a show, apparently of heart failure. He will always be remembered, and was called "The Shakespear of the common man". Hank was gifted as a songwriter, and had a talent for reaching in to the heart, and touching his audience with his real to life approach to music. He died at the young age of 29.

*The Ride*
A Tribute by David Allen Coe

Hanks Music

~~~ Hank Williams ~~~
On This Earth From September 17th 1923; to December 31st 1952.

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