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Conway Twitty


I Dont Know A Thing About Love

The Performer

The son of a river boat captain, Twitty (born Harold Lloyd
Jenkins, September 1, 1933; died June 5, 1993), recieved
his first guitar at the age of 4. When he was ten years old,
he joined his first group, the Phillips Country Ramblers,
who occasionally performed on local radio.

Despite his interest in music, Jenkins originally planned
to become a professional baseball player and was offered
a contract by the Philadelphia Phillies. But he was unable
to join the team, since he was drafted into the Army during
the Korean War. When he returned to the states he chose
music after hearing Elvis Presley sing.

Originally a '50s rock & roll singer,in late 1956, he
set out on a rockabilly package tour, during which he
invented the stage name of Conway Twitty by combining
the names of an Arkansas and Texas city. Twitty became
the reigning country superstar of the '70s and '80s.

Twitty remained quite popular selling both records and
concert tickets, until his sudden death from an abdominal
aneurysm in the summer of 1993. His record of over 40
number one hits remains unsurpassed.

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