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Chris Ledoux

The Man Behind The Music

Garth Brooks recalls opening a show for LeDoux. "I told the guys, We're going to be straight-laced cowboys and pay homage and do that ol' time country show. We basically stood still and played. Then Chris comes blowing out with a smoking B-3 organ and flashpots--and the crowd went nuts. We sat there with our mouths open...He's like a rocker with a cowboy hat on.
Chris Ledoux was well known as a rodeo Bare Bronce rider. But wrote countless songs about his rodeo life filling a niche in the subgenre much the same as Truckers. If you listened to Chris Ledouxes music, you knew LeDoux combined his love of music with his love of the west. He wrote songs about the rodeo life he was leading as he traveled the circuit, and soon discovered that a lot of people wanted to hear those songs. Chris helped support himself on the Rodeo circuit by selling his music. He and his father set up a recording studio in a friends basement. As his side business began to grow, and pay off, he traveled to Nashville and started recording there instead of with local musicians. Chris was very independant and never liked signing on record deals, but when then rising star Garth Brooks name checked him on his 1982 song "Much To Young", he couldnt resist and signed with Capital. His music career grew from there as his fan base grew larger. But Chris battled a liver illness that required a transplant, and died of complications from liver cancer in March of 2005. "

Chris's Rodeo Life

1964 Little Britches Rodeo Bareback World Championship
1967 Wyoming State High School Bareback Bronc Championship
1969 National Intercollegiate Bareback Riding Champion.
1976 Bareback Bronc World Championship

Chris Ledoux began rodeo competition at the age of 13 and was soon winning junior competitions. He continued to ride thru highschool. His efforts paid off when he won the 1976 world bareback riding championship at the National Rodeo Finals in Oklahoma City. He remained active until 1980, when small injuries and a desire to be with his family led him to retire. He settled on a ranch in Kaycee, WY.

*Cowboys Rock & Roll*
Chris Ledoux

Born: 10/2/1948.....Died: 3/9/2005
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