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My hobbies besides spending a lot of time with my PC is travelling and whatever has to do with cars and motorcycles.


Xiliadou beach


I've a spent lot of time (and money) traveling

inside GREECE. My summer vacations include

places with beautiful sand beaches.



Favorite cities are Thessalloniki (during winter)

and Ydra . It worth mention that Ydra is an

island so small that there're no cars .



Ancient Epidayros


Every year in Ancient Epidayros during 

summer there're organized theatrical festivals

and I've seen some. It's a great experience.


Traditional stone bridge



For a relaxing weekend I prefer Meteora which

has a lot of small churches built on top of the



From January to April I go skiing in

 Parnassos Mt (200 km from Athens).



I like to visit historical parks such as Ancient

Delfi as well.




Papingo village




And as a sports fan I had to visit the city  

(Ancient Olympia) where the first Olympic

games took place28 centuries ago.



Traditional dances


Knowing traditional dances is a part of our culture even though I'm not so good at it.

Honda BROS 400

Due to the heavy traffic in Athens I decided to


get a bike for my transportation .I choose at first


a Honda BROS 400.This reduced the time spent


for commuting in half. Everything was great


until I had my first crash. But I didn't gave up.


I keep on riding and at the moment I own a


Honda CBR600F (once with HONDA always


with HONDA). I also like to travel around in


small excursions on weekends.


Honda CBR600F


  I'm attracted to speed (with a small budget) so

for car I chose a Fiat PUNTO. Now I have for

the period of my staying in US a Chevrolet

CAMARO which is a typical American sport


Chevrolet CAMARO


When I arrived in the US I found out that in LAGUNA SECA was going to take place a race for world superbike championship

(SBK) .Of course I didn't miss the chance. It was a nice experience that I couldn't have in my home country .

In the next few months I'll have extra material for my activities in US.