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I was born and raised in Athens which is a city with history that goes almost 30

centuries back and everywhere you look you see historical monuments.



 I finished high school in 1988 and attended the

 Electronics Department of Athens Technical Institute.



Soon I realized that I needed a more thrilling job and so I joined the Engineering 

Department of the HELLENIC NAVAL ACADEMY in Athens in 1989.

I graduated in 1993 as Ensign (ENS).

My first assignment soon after was in a former US KNOX Class frigate (constructed in 1968) that just the same year come


to Hellenic Navy's possession. Two years later I was transferred in the training ship of the Hellenic Navy which each summer


 took separately the cadets of the Petty Officer School and Naval Academy for a 2 month trip to countries all over Europe,


Black sea and US for sea-training and also social activities ashore. My duty station was DCO (Damage Control Officer)


at the beginning and MPA (Main Propulsion Assistant or 2nd Engineer as we call it) later. I was promoted to LTJG in 1996


and to LT in 2000.In 2001 I was posted  in a fast patrol boat as Chief Engineer and that same year gave the inner exams of


 the Hellenic Navy for the selection of students for NPS.


    I'm married with SANIA since May2000.

Right now I'm attending  the NPS Computer Science Department from Jul02 to Sep04 and when I return to my country


I'll follow the second part of my carrier ashore in various positions (General Staff, Fleet Command etc).