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The Best Place in the World to do, well nothing its Kansas!

Next Scheduled Trip

Our next scheduled trip isn't until memorial day weekend. Saddly we are unable to make a scheduled trip with the whole crew before then because most of us currently have many important things to do to our Jeeps before they can go wheelin .

Now this page is not about off-roading, it is about us we have recently decided to start making a show about us. Understand that it is just in the concept phase right now but as we progress toward development we will keep you updated, and also be asking for help and advice. After all its just as much for you the audience as it is for us the N.T.A.C.

I don't know what to say here, but you can't give me crap, I own you...Well maybe not but hell I just opened this page up, you gotta give me time.

Normally blue is not a crazy color...yea thats it really, I just wanted to let you know.