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Chris's World Headquarters

     This is my awesome website. It's all about me. Which, if you think about it, is rather selfish. I mean, what makes me think that I'm special enough for my own website? Well, anyway... I'm Fucking crazy. And this is where Insanity ends... and the Derby begins. Well I don't know what time William (the man who, so awesomely, said "hown waS SORK") went to work so... I don't know when the derby begins. Well... I like to ramble... I also like elipses... because they create dramatic flare. Which is always a good thing. Most of all when you are trying to tell a very scary story about a man with arms and heat vision and cereal. By the way, Rob Zombie is the worst Director in the known universe. Yet he is my hero, none-the-less. By the by, you should all invest your money in Rob Zombie movies, because everyone goes to see them beacause they are so bad. But they are funny. But they are not meant to be so. But they are. So they are.

Places on the web which happen to strike my Fancy:

My MySpace
My Xanga
Pearl Drums
Zildjian Cymbals
Johnny Depp
Hippy Land
A Perfect Circle
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin (official)
Google it

Bands which are apealing to my senses:

Thank you for participating in my insanity... and don't forget to go to the derby.