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Show Them Its Not That Important

There is about 6 months left until the 2004 presidential election. Have you decided who to vote for? Many people have. And for many people, including countless people in the marijuana using population, that choice is Kerry. Because Bush is "a fascist neocon, a religious extremist, an anti-gay war monger, a lier, an idiot, a greedy oil loving right winger... ect..." Is Kerry innocent? Is he not another corrupt bias politician with special interests? Or is it simply ok because hes "not as bad as bush?"

"This is a two party country" they say. "I'm voting for the lesser of the two evils" they announce with pride. "A vote for anybody but Kerry is a vote for Bush" they declare, as if we would have voted for Kerry if there was no third parties. This country may be mainly run by republicrats, but some people in government are under parties other then republican or democrat. And the "lesser of the two evils" slogan is portraying another illusion, that there are only two evils. I'm not fooled into believing that I only get two choices, or that Kerry is going to be significantly better then Bush. Don't let them fool you, either.

So why not vote for Bush or Kerry? For me, many reasons. They support the criminalization of marijuana. They endorse the mission for bigger government. They endorsed a war that caused the death of more Iraqis then I can mention. They refuse to support the removing of our troops from countless foreign countries. They both spend millions on campaigns that point finger at the other candidate, rather then just portraying their plan. They are both desperately hungry for the power of the presidency, which isn't exactly a good sign.

Why vote for Bush or Kerry? Well if you like the war on terrorism and Iraq, then there's a reason. If you think imperialism is essential to "homeland security," then there's a reason. If you like presidents that create new government programs instead of abolishing old ones, then there's a reason. If you want casual marijuana users cuffed, put into police cars, and detained in cells, then there's a reason. If you like the strengthening and flourishing of a corrupt government that enforces unjustified regulations, then there's a reason. And if you want to help show that supporting marijuana decriminalization isn't necessary for a candidate to get stoner votes, then there's a reason.

People ask me, are you voting for Kerry or Bush? I reply, "Neither, I'm voting Libertarian." They quickly reply, "Well nobody else is gonna win." And I tell them, "I know, I would rather fail with a minority defending what I believe then win with a majority that supports things that I wish never came to be."

You can vote for Bush or Kerry, and show them that they don't need to support cannabis legalization to get your vote. Or you can willingly waste your vote on a pro-pot candidate and essentially say "I won't vote for somebody who supports my imprisonment for using cannabis." The choice is yours. Either way, I presume we have at least 4 more years of bureaucratic incongruity in the future.

And if Kerry wins, I won't be surprised to hear "anybody but Kerry" in 2008. Peace, HN-