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Gigi Sinclair

NCIS Slash Fanfiction


Esprit de Corps :: Gibbs/DiNozzo :: NC-17 :: October 2004

Gibbs reflects on his past.

Hypothetical :: Gibbs/DiNozzo :: PG :: November 2004

Post- "Terminal Leave", Gibbs and DiNozzo have a hypothetical conversation.

Kodak Moment :: Gibbs/DiNozzo :: R :: December 2004

Gibbs, DiNozzo and technology.


Undercover :: Gibbs/DiNozzo :: PG-13 :: January 2005

An undercover mission leads to some revelations for Kate.

Smoking :: Gibbs/DiNozzo :: R :: January 2005

Old habits, and new ones.

Bonded :: Gibbs/Todd, DiNozzo/Jeffrey White :: PG-13 :: January 2005

AU. Gibbs and Todd go to Mexico on the trail of a couple of criminals.

Dressing Down :: Gibbs/DiNozzo, McGee/Sciuto :: R :: February 2005

Underwear drawer sharing, as seen in "Reveille."

Aural Sex:: DiNozzo/McGee :: R :: March 2005

Sex in the aftermath of poison ivy.

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