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In late 2378, the construction of Unity 2 was started. After only 2 years the massive base was completed, being an impressive 6420 meters high and 4637 meters wide. It marks another mile-stone in federation engineering and producton capasity.

In late 2380, the newly promoted, Commander in Cheif Ogren, was given the command of a new all around fleet, including there own Marine Corps Academy and ship yards. The base was given a one month testing time to work out any bugs in the beses systems.. The weapons systems, shielding, Temperal flux and sectionary armor (aquired from the USS Voyager upon her return home) was tested to the limit. After the test, the highly advanced sensor array was activated, giving the Federation an twenty lightyear-wide view around the station; including cloaked ships well within the romulan boarder.

Being a potential target, from Romulan attacks, the Unity 2 was supplied with it's own fleet of ships. Having atleast five of every class supplied from the San Fransisco Shipyards, it has a large defending force until such time as the station's shipyards can produce it's own ships for protection and exploration.