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Texas Caves and Caverns

     Texas is riddled with thousands of caves. There are 7 show caves that one can visit. For the true spelunking experience one can go to some of the caves only reached by spelunkers. If you would like to try something off the regular cave tours the show caves are starting to open up special tours that take you crawling and climbing into different areas of the caves. I have prepared pages to share information about how the cave is run and what one may see or do while at the cave. I hope that my research will be helpful to you:)

The caves below that I have visited have a * beside them. As of 2002 I have visited 5 of the 7 Texas show caves...

 Caving is not just an adventure...its an attitude!

Click on the following Cave pages to see photographs and learn more about the cave.

*Natural Bridge  This cave has special caving options and fabulous large rooms.  Click here to go to the Natural Bridge Gallery and information page. Tripods allowed. 

*Cascade is an excellent cave to visit. Be careful what you touch because this cave is still an active cave. A large part of this cave used to be under water. Click here to go to the Cascade Gallery and information page. Tripods allowed. 

*Wonder World Cave is a dry cave that was formed by an earthquake along the Balcones Fault. This cave does not have open rooms as you are virtually walking through a crack in the earth.   Click here to go to the Wonder World Gallery and information page. Tripods allowed. 

*Longhorn Caverns follows an extinct stream bed through the cave. The tour includes an explanation of the geology  as well as the history of the cavern.  Click here to go to the Longhorn Gallery and information page.  Tripods NOT allowed. 

*Inner Space Cavern  Several fossils were found in the cave including that of a saber- tooth cat. *This cave is wheelchair accessible.  Click here to go to the Inner Space Gallery and information page.  Tripods allowed. 

Caverns of Sonora has some wonderful formations and scenes throughout the tour. Bill Stephenson, founder of the National Speleological Society, says, " The beauty of the Caverns of Sonora cannot be exaggerated, not even by a Texan."  Click here to go to the Sonora information page.

Cave Without A Name has a unique story behind its name. A contest held to find a name left a local student as winner. The student said that, "The cave is to pretty to have a name." Click here to go to the Cave Without A Name information page.  

Want to know about other great caves? Go to my Carlsbad Caverns Page for information on Carlsbad as well as other caves in the United States. 

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