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Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is an odd pillar which comes from one of Mount Babel's ridges. I attempted it twice, making it the second time. The first time was way back in 1994, and the second time was on June 29th, 1997. I did it with my Dad. He always used this mountain as an introduction to the mountains, he says. It is a very short, steep climb with minimal elevation gain. I was about 1 hour up (I was 11), and 45 minutes down. It is also an excellent introduction to scree! In this picture you can see the ascent route which goes up the gully to the right of the tower.

Following the trail to Consolation Lakes, you break out of the trees directly below the pillar and simply climb up the steep scree to the right of the tower. It's that simple! At the top simply take the short walk to the top where you will encounter an unusual sight. The top is almost completely flat. My Dad says it's so flat that you could have a game of tennis up there. This is a picture looking towards the valley of the ten peaks with Moraine Lake below. My Dad was rushing to make the timer, but didn't quite make it in this picture.

Amidst the giant cairns is this giant mountain which I would end up climbing 3 years later. Mount Temple kind of dominates the views. It is absolutely massive, but it is much more impressive from the north side I think. Then it was back down to Moraine Lake where my grandmother was waiting.

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