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Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

On the summit ridge of Mount Temple in the evening with Deltaform rising behind

Here are some of the scrambles that I've done. Scrambling is one of those tough things to explain, but it lies somewhere in between climbing and hiking. They are in order from most recent to the earliest.

Crowsnest Pass
Date last climbedMountainHeightTechnical Difficulty
July 2, 00Crowsnest Mountain2785mModerate

Kananaskis Area
Date last climbedMountainHeightTechnical Difficulty
April 24, 03Mount Baldy2192mEasier
Sept. 3, 02Mount Tyrwhitt2874mModerate
July 15, 02The Fortress3000mEasy
July 15, 02Mt. Chester3054mEasy to Moderate
July 7, 02Mt. Rae3218mDifficult in snow

Canmore Area
Date last climbedMountainHeightTechnical Difficulty
August 4, 03The Second Sister2769mLong grind, no difficulties
July, 03Ha Ling Peak2408mQuite easy
August 2, 03Mt. Davidson (GR154963 82/0-6)2910mArduous approach, 1st recorded ascent
April 23, 03Mt. Lady MacDonald2605mExciting finale!
Sept. 1, 02East End of Rundle2640mModerate past summit
July 6, 02Grotto Mountain2706mEasy up, moderate down
June 22, 02Heart Mountain2135mEasy
Sept. 16, 00Yamnuska2240mShort difficulty via east
Aug. 26, 00Mt. Lawrence Grassi2685mDifficult via Ha Ling
Sept. 19, 99Big Sister2936mEasy to Moderate

Bow Valley and Area
Date last climbedMountainHeightTechnical Difficulty
Sept. 2, 01Castle Mountain2766m1 moderate section
Sept. 17, 00Mount Stephen3200mDifficult with routefinding
Sept 6, 98Cascade Mountain3000mComme ci, comme ša
Sept. 6, 97Mount Burgess2600mModerate via Burgess Pass

Lake Louise Area
Date last climbedMountainHeightTechnical Difficulty
June 29, 03Mt. St. Piran2649mGreat hike
July 17, 02Eiffel Peak3084mModerate
June 30, 02Fairview Mountain2744mEasy
Aug. 25, 00Mount Temple3545mModerate
June 29, 97Tower of Babel2360mEasy scree

Icefields Parkway and North
Date last climbedMountainHeightTechnical Difficulty
August, 03Paragon Peak3030mMore climbing than scrambling
Sept. 2, 02Mount Wilcox2884mTricky sections near summit
Aug. 18, 02Nigel Peak3213mQuite difficult
Aug. 10, 02Tangle Peak3000mEasy Hiking

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