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Heart Mountain (2135 m)

I did Heart Mountain on July 22nd, 2000 after trying Lady MacDonald and hiking Wapta Falls. Although I would classify Heart Mountain more as a hill than a mountain since it doesn't really break treeline, it is a somewhat substantial outing. The book says that there is 875 meters of elevation gain over 3 to 5 or 6 hours I believe. We started off the trailhead at a relatively late 7:00 pm, and were up and down in 2.5 hours. Allow a bit more time than that, though since we were running away from a thunderstorm on the way down!

"It's 7:00 on a Sunday night, we've got to work tomorrow and off we go under sunny blue skies. Oops, wrong trail!" I was really pumped, started hiking a couple minutes and had to backtrack because I was on the wrong side of Heart Creek. At the trailhead was an RCMP officer and a forest conservation officer warning us not to continue past the summit because of the G8 summit in Kananaskis next week. They said there would be officers there to arrest us if we did! I'm kind of against being arrested on mountaintops. I don't really think that police belong up there. Nonetheless, off we started up Heart Hill errrr.... Mountain.

Here's a shot of Lac Des Arcs across the Bow Corridor and the beautiful plant beside it. (Just joking). It's actually quite disgusting, as it looks like they are chopping up Grotto Mountain, and it doesn't look like anybody can stop them. This is a photo op about halfway up the mountain near the edge of the ridge. It's just before the little rock step in the ridge. Look at that million dollar smile!

Here's a shot of my Dad and I at the summit after about and hour and 20 minutes of hiking. The so called "infamous" rock band which has supposedly turned back people wasn't so infamous. I think I was actually taller than it! Here we are on the treed summit, with my Dad sporting his traditional runners on top. - Now there's something infamous! He climbed Kilimanjaro in those beasts! You can see the dark clouds moving in. It started to drizzle right about now, and it was pouring and we were soaked by the time we got down. Not much lightning, though.

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