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Ha Ling Peak (2408 m) and Mount Lawrence Grassi (2685 m)

I did the Ha Ling - Lawrence Grassi Traverse on August 26, 2000 with my Uncle Tom, Uncle Bill and my cousin John. Uncle Tom and I completed the traverse, but Uncle Bill and John ran into some routefinding problems. It was the day after I did Mount Temple. The day was I believe overcast and it rained on the way down Lawrence Grassi. Since my Dad wasn't there I don't really have much documentation of it. All there was was my Uncle Bill's 500 pound video camera! (A little exaggeration!)

All I have is this picture from the highway from a long way back. The traverse simply runs from right to left, culminating in Mount Lawrence Grassi just out of sight on the left. ----- We parked at the base of Ha Ling (Chinaman's at the time), and gained the elevation quickly through periodic rain. I believe we summited in about 1.5 hours. From there we decided that we'd like to have a go at Lawrence Grassi as well. This was my first real hands-on stuff I guess. (Stuff like Temple doesn't really count). After traversing over Miners' Peak in the middle in about 15 minutes, we left the views over the ridge to try and find a good way up to Lawrence Grassi. My Uncle Bill and John decided to traverse around, while we decided to head straight up. All it was was trying to find the best way through the short rock steps to gain the next ledge. It kind of culminated in a 40 foot or so chimney which you had to wedge up, but remember to find cover from whoever is leading since the rocks will be flying by. I only had one scary experience when a rock came loose from my left foot while I was right on the edge of the ridge overlooking Canmore. Would have been quite a drop. We summited Lawrence Grassi soon after and had troubles finding the trail on the way down, so we just wacked our way down staying close to the big drainage gully which my Uncle and John ran into and turned back at. It was raining when we returned, and they quickly found us and drove home.

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