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Alpine Climbs in the Canadian Rockies

Alpenglow on Glacier Peak from the Abbott Pass Hut

Here are a few of the climbs I've done in the Rockies. Mountaineering is a rather recent endeavour of mine, but dominates most of my thoughts these days. Scrambling will most likely become a shoulder season activity from now on(!). The only climb outside of the Rockies I've done is the Breithorn in Switzerland, (see outside Canadian Rockies page), and the rest mostly fall into the summer of 2006, when my friend Mark and I somehow managed to get up 5 11,000 foot peaks in 8 days. 'Twas a great week.

Date last climbedMountainHeightTechnical Difficulty
August, 06Mount Edith Cavell W Ridge3363mScrambling
August, 06Snow Dome via Athabasca Glacier3520mA Hike on a Glacier... with some near-disastrous objective hazards, plus a night on top!
August, 06Mount Lefroy Standard Route3440mSteepish, rank ice. 3 V-thread rappels off summit chute
August, 06Mount Victoria SE Ridge3460mNothing technical, just a gorgeous catwalk
August, 06Mount Athabasca via N Glacier3491mSteep hike on glacier
August, 04Paragon Peak Attempt3030mRebuffed at base of steep headwall on upper mountain

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