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General Kor's Klingon Academy Page

On this page I'll be covering scripting and maybe some modding to. I'll try to update as frequently as possible.

January 19th 2002 The main page is up and ready. I'm still uploading some of my Downloads. I should have all of my missions up soon. The Battle Over Organia is up. Visit the Downloads page to get it. More information in the readme.

January 20th 2002 Hidden Agenda has released his TMP Borg pack. Also the QB2 Programs have been uploaded and you can get them in the downloads page. Also released is the fix to the Organia system problem. You can get it at the downloads page. Expect the next installments of my Federation campaign soon.

January 21st 2002 Riker 1 has released his final set of KA music. Also Why? has released his TMP Surak shuttle.

January 23rd 2002 Kt'Hyla has released a fix to his Constitution class registries by adding ginsu to them. You can get them at his site.

January 24th 2002 KAF-Thor is currently working on the Bajoran system and Lil_Dave is close to releasing the long awaited mission builder. More details about the builder later.

January 26th 2002 Sector1001 has returned with updates of his highly anticipated NX Class starship. Also the link to his site has been added.

February 1st 2002 The Raven has released a new mission and can be found on the downloads page.


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