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GCN TV, A wing of Manmin Cult
propagates newage occult to the World
Last revised July 22, 2005


SF effect with a projector to deceive the eye of its followers

Jaerock Lee insists that UFO - Edenians came to celebrate his visits to Giza pyramids, which are the buildings, constructed by Adam. 
(Lecture of Genesis)

On Jaerock Lee's birthday in 1998, his followers made deep bows to him in the meaning of whorshipping. Jaerock Lee said that the Holy Spirit moved his followers's heart to do so. Even he told those who did not worship him should repent, because God was not pleased for refusing worshipping.

On the birthday of Jaerock Lee in 1998, president of GCN TV, Jungho Lee is running on the lower platform of the Manmin church, carrying Jaerock Lee on the back.

In May 19 1999, Jaerock Lee's followers, who got angry about the air of TV documentary on Lee's cult identity, stormed MBC TV station, destroying its main TV control center.

Manmin church and its senior pastor Jaerock Lee is a well-known Korean cult group based on the extremist mystic Christian beliefs. The man, Jaerock Lee and his group have not much knowledges to to the overseas Christianity, because it started its activity just 23 years ago. This group started in Seoul, South Korea in 1982 as a church belonging to the Holiness denomination, according to 2 times of revelation that allegedly was heard to Jaerock Lee as the voice of God, ordering him to start a church when the sun burns fervently in the middle of the summer - Oct 10 1982. From the start of the church, Jaerock Lee hired a woman prophetess, Han-Jung-Ae (later she became the head of the accusers, opposing Jaerock Lee's moral decay) to receice the direct revelations from God. But because of the matter of alleged "direct revelation" of prophetess Han, the Manmin group was expelled from its own denomination, "Korean Holiness Church of Jesus" in 1990, because Jaerock Lee defied the direction of its denomination, that ordered him to stop the occult prophesy performance in Friday gatherings.

The Manmin's creed that God gives His divine message to Jaerock Lee's chosen woman servants every week, has formed the basic ideologies of current Manmin movement. According to the false prophesies delivered by a couple of prophetesses, Jaerock Lee has been elated to the level of God's begotten Son, "Mr. Holy Spirit". And consequently, the continued phenomena of deification for Jaerock Lee in Manmin group caused destructive sensations in Korean society. 

By the justification of prophetess' direct message that was said to be given by God, Jaerock Lee has developed a doctrine that he himself is "a Sinless Man", filled with sinless blood, insisting that nothing can be a sin to Jaerock Lee himself, whatever he does because he does not have any sinful nature. From this faults of the ideology, numerous moral decays have settled in the practices of Manmin group, such as scandals, deification, gambling, personal worshipping and praising to the person Jaerock Lee.

Especially fleshly relations performed in group by Jaerock Lee with the woman workers of Manmin arose 3 times of crisis in this movement, separating the anti-party protesting against Jaerock Lee's moral corruption. A TV documentary was produced by the Korea's major broadcasting company MBC to stop further damages that are generated by the dangerous heretic fatasies. The TV station, MBC was stormed by the angry followers of Jaerock Lee, devastating the main control center with one-million-dollars worth of broadcasting equipments. Korean judicial authorities paid great attention to the violence of the unprecedented scale and arrested 6 followers in jail. As a result of the outbursts from sinful identities of Manmin group, it was excommunicated from the greatest protestant organization, CCK (Christian Council of Korea, see reference) in 1999. And most communications with other protestant churches were shut off. From that time, Manmin group started to concentrate on spawning its prophetic cult creeds to the underdeveloped countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

After the prior false prophetesses were expelled from Manmin group, a new woman was elected to continue the tradition of weekly deliverance of "direct revelation". The prophetess H.J.Lee is told to deliver the direction to start the GCN (Global Christian Network) in 2004. According to her "direct revelation", Jaerock Lee poured down 3.8 million dollars to start the satellite broadcasting of his gatherings in the name of GCN. And Manmin group officially setup a GCN headquaters in Atlanta, GA, USA. And it aims to cover whole USA as well as Europe and Asia, to announce the prophetic word given to Jaerock Lee and "Jaerock Lee's Power" that heals the diseases.

Careful cautions should be taken for the programs of GCN. When you just watch the program, you will not notice any strange things. When you read Jaerock Lee's book, "the Message of Cross", you will not find any strange things. Rather you might innocently come to be moved by reading the autobiography of Jaerock Lee, "Tasting eternal life before death". 

Jaerock Lee and his speakers are displayed in the TV program, like they deliver a genuine and legitimate truth of the Bible. But numerous heretic contents that are shameful to show, are editted and removed before airing the program. Naked deifications for Jaerock Lee, such as songs praising him and the utterrances flattering to deify Jaerock Lee in gatherings are naturally sensored and filtered. They seems to be doing well in hiding their shameful heretic identities ~ man-worshipping, deifications, false fantasies, prophesies that fakes the voice of the Holy Spirit in the public places. But eventually through the report of this website, you are granted with the discerning view not to miss all the evidences to find out why Manmin group belongs to a newly-emerged newage cult and still struggling to hide its disgrace.

The Christianity in USA and the world will have their own point of insight about how the deceptions are poluting the modern Christianity through this survey.













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