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In July of 2016 Christy and I took our summer trip to Oregon and Washington. We started our trip with several days near Eugene. On the first day we did a fairly short hike to Abiqua Falls. The next day Christy did a mountain biking ride on the McKenzie River Trail while I hiked the Trail of Ten Falls in Silver Falls State Park.     Photos.

In August, 2016 Team Waterfall made a major exploration of the Toxaway River, starting at highway 64 and hiking down through the Upper and Lower Narrows to the base of Upper Wintergreen Falls.  - (Photos).
In August, 2016 Spencer, Stephanie, Scott, John, Kyle, Amy, and I explored a portion of the Chattooga River and found a beautiful slot canyon!     (Photos).
Photos from our June, 2016 dayhike with the dogs from Carvers Gap to Grassy Ridge in the Roan Highlands. Roan Highlands photos.
My June, 2016 dayhike with Darrin, Scott, Jennifer, and the dogs up Opossum Creek. We started out with the hike to a great beach on the Chattooga River and then continued up to Opossum Creek Falls. From there we bushwhacked and creek walked upstream to Upossum Falls on Opossum Creek and Sid's Falls on Shoulder Bone Branch. We also discovered Sparkle Falls along the way!     (Photos)
Photos from Spencer's birthday party camping weekend on Suzy's Knob, with a visit to Steels Creek Falls.     (Photos)
Our May, 2016, kayaking trip on Fontana Lake. We camped two nights and I hiked and bushwhacked to Bear Creek Falls.     Photos
Photos from our dayhike with Brenda and Jackie to Slate Rock Creek and Forked Ridge in the North Mills River Area.    (Photos)

My May, 2016 dayhike with Team Waterfall to August Cave and Panthertown Valley.     (Photos).
Photos from a short hike with Spencer, Jo, Leigh, Preston, and Kyle to Van Patton Shoals on the Enoree River near Woodruff, SC.    (Photos)

Photos from a day exploring Sassafras Mountain (NC) and the headwaters of Silver Run Creek in search of Fulfillment Falls with Spencer and Scott.    (Photos)

Photos from a solo hike in the Middle Prong Wilderness to Middle Prong Falls.     (Photos)

My April, 2016 exploration of the Tallulah River headwaters in the Southern Nantahala Wilderness Area.     Photos.
My April, 2016 dayhike with Thomas and Kitty to Henson Creek, Westface Rock, and Fantasy Creek. in Linville Gorge.     Photos
Photos from a visit to the waterfalls on Little Cove Creek and tributaries in the Green River Gamelands, with Spencer, Jonathan, Daniel, Jonathan, Leigh, and Jonathan:     (Photos)

Our March, 2016 trip to the Cumberland Plateau, beginning with a night camping with Team Waterfall in NC, a night camping at Whigg Meadow near the Cherohala Skyway, and an off-trail dayhike with Daniel to the base of Falling Water Falls near Chattanooga.     (Photos)
Next we did a dayhike to The Walls of Jericho, a remote canyon featuring waterfalls, cliffs, and caves.     (Photos).
Next we spent a couple of days car camping, dayhiking, and mountain biking in DeSoto State Park and the Little River Canyon.    (Photos)
After spending a few days in DeSoto State Park and the Little River Canyon in Alabama, we returned to Tennessee for some more waterfalls. We hiked to Dry Creek Falls, Virgin Falls, and Upper Piney Falls.     (Photos) .
We finished a week-long trip on the Cumberland Plateau with a dayhike with friends from Michigan on the Appalachian Trail from Lemon Gap to Max Patch.     Photos

Photos from another visit to the waterfalls on Rocky Bottom Creek in Pickens County, SC:     (Photos)
Photos from a exploratory hike to some waterfalls in Greenville County, SC:     (Photos)
Our March, 2016 caving trip with Rocky, Spencer, Stephanie, and Thomas to Worley's Cave.     (Photos)
Photos from a February 2016 Team Waterfall exploration of Hurricane Wall in Linville Gorge.
My February, 2016 dayhike with Jennifer and Brenda to explore the upper part of Rocky Bottom Creek. We found five major waterfalls that were previously undocumented! It was one of our biggest successes to date.     (Photos).
Photos of February 2016 Team Waterfall hikes to waterfalls on Lower Higgins Creek and Ramsey Creek.
My February, 2016 dayhike with Jennifer and Brenda to the Eastatoe Gorge, including the discovery of Tower Falls and Nya's Falls on Laurel Branch.      Map     (Photos).
My January, 2016 dayhike with Spencer, Scott, Jennifer, and Boone from highway 107 to Terrapin Mountain, where we were treated to incredible views.     (Photos).
My January, 2016 dayhike with Team Waterfall to Stillhouse Falls and Elmo's Falls on Fork Creek.     (Photos).
In January, 2016, on a last-minute trip to Pennsylvania, I stopped in the New River Gorge National Recreation Area for a short hike in knee deep snow to Long Point. Photos.
Photos from my January, 2016 exploratory hike with Darrin, Bob, Bob's son Aaron, and Jake near Jones Gap State Park, SC. We found several previously undocumented waterfalls and two cliffs with great views. photos.

In January of 2016 I returned to San Antonio for another work assignment. This time I was able to spend 5 days hiking and camping in the Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend National Parks. I spent the first few nights at the Pine Springs Campground in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. On the first full day I visited Carlsbad Caverns, in New Mexico, where I took the Kings Palace tour and explored the Big Room on my own.     (Photos)
The next day I planned to hike to Mount Hunter, but a blizzard that morning made me reconsider. Instead, I hiked the Devil's Den slot canyon, which was beautiful in the snow.     (Photos)
On my final day in the park I finally hiked to the summit of
Guadalupe Peak, the highest mountain in Texas.     (Photos)
I finished my trip with 2 days of backpacking in the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park.     (Photos)

Photos from our January, 2016 dayhike at World's Edge in Chimney Rock State Park in Hickory Nut Gorge, NC. Photos.
Photos from my December, 2015 exploratory dayhike with Spencer, Stephanie, Dillon, Lauren, Trey, Mandi, and the dogs in the South Mountains of NC. We found two virtually unknown waterfalls on unnamed streams, along with an old cemetery and an abandoned school bus. Photos.
My December, 2015 long weekend with Christy to the Cumberland Plateau, including Noccalula Falls, the Little River Canyon, and De Soto Falls in Alabama and Foster Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Rainbow Falls in Tennessee.     (Photos)
My November, 2015 solo exploratory dayhikes in the South Mountains. I visited the waterfall on Somey Creek and found some undocumented waterfalls on Roper Creek. Photos.
My November, 2015 hike with Christy and the dogs to Buzzards Roost, the highest peak in the South Mountains. Photos.
My November, 2015 backpacking trip with Preston, Spencer, Scott, and more friends to John's Kitchen on Shortoff Mountain in Linville Gorge. Photos.
My November, 2015 dayhike with Brenda and the dogs to Rumbling Bald, Party Rock, and Eagle Rock in Hickory Nut Gorge. Photos.
My November, 2015 dayhike with Johnny and the dogs to Sid's Falls, Long Creek Falls, and Riley Moore Falls in SC. Photos.
My November, 2015 dayhike with Darrin along North Harper Creek. Photos.
Three October, 2015 dayhikes to Hurricane Wall and Sitting Bear in Linville Gorge at the peak of fall color. Photos.
My October, 2015 dayhike with Rocky, Joe, Thomas, Kitty, and Stephanie to the upper Whitewater River gorge. Photos.
My October, 2015 dayhike with Jack, Thomas, and Kitty to John B Neale Falls and Bernie's Falls in the Nantahala National Forest. Photos.
My October, 2015 dayhike with with Josh, Chris, Michael, and Wally on LOST (Lower Original Scramblers Trail). The route follows the original path of the Rockjock Trail, connecting Bluejay Point, One Bat Cave, Little Seneca, and Zen Canyon. It features incredible cliffs above and sheer dropoffs below. Also included are photos from a solo hike to Crabtree falls that morning. Photos.
Two October, 2015 after-work evening hikes. First I hiked with Scott and Nancy from Fisher Creek to The Pinnacle above Sylva. We stayed for sunset and hiked back down in the dark. The next day I hiked solo from Waterrock Knob to Yellow Face and Blackrock. Photos.
Two October, 2015 evening hikes in the Little Canada area. The first was a solo hike to Upper Sols Creek Falls. The second was a hike with Scott and Thomas to the top of Cedar Cliff above Bear Creek Lake and Cedar Cliff Lake. Photos.
My October, 2015 short hikes with Christy and the dogs in the rain to several waterfalls in and around Little Canada and Highlands. The next day Dillon joined us for a hike to Cold Mountain in Panthertown Valley. The fall color was spectacular! Photos.
October, 2015 Brenda and I enjoyed fall color and a sea of fog in the valley below from Chestnut Knob and Devil's Courthouse before bushwhacking to the brink of uppermost waterfall on Sam Branch. Photos.
Team Waterfall's hiking and camping trip in the Jocassee Gorges in September, 2015. We river walked up the Thompson River from Lake Jocassee to Big Falls, bushwhacked to the base of Lower Whitewater Falls, and explored the upper Whitewater River's slot canyon.     (Photos).
In September, 2015 Team Waterfall returned to the Upper Whitewater gorge to further explore the slot canyon. This time I swam up the slot canyon from the brink of Exit Falls to view Little Canyon Falls.     (Photos).
My September, 2015 hike with Dillon, Lauren, and the dogs in theCourthouse Creek area. We hiked to 6 waterfalls, including Kiesee, Upper Kiesee, Chestnut, Courthouse, Cody, and Cathy's Creek Falls.      Photos.
In August, 2015 Jack, Brenda and I returned to Little Cove Creek in the Green River Gamelands. We discovered 3 more waterfalls, including our most thrilling discovery to date - Cavern Falls. Jack's trip report with photos     My Photos.
In August, 2015 Spencer, Stephanie, Scott and spent a weekend around Cashiers and Highlands. On Saturday we explored the upper Whitewater River above highway 281. We found 11 waterfalls, a cave, and an incredible slot canyon.     (Photos). On Sunday we explored Granite City and hiked to the top of Blackrock Mountain.     (Photos).

In July, 2015 Christy and I returned to Alaska. This trip focused on the rain forest of southeastern Alaska.

Part one features 4+ days near Juneau. On our first full day, we hiked the West Glacier Trail above the Mendenhall Glacier..     (Photos).
The next day we did a rainy hike at Point Bridget State Park.     (Photos).
On Tuesday we did another rainy day hike to the Herbert Glacier.     (Photos).
Our final hike in the Juneau area was on the Perseverance Trail along Gold Creek to Ebner Falls, Lurvey Falls, and the AJ Glory Hole.     (Photos).

In Part two we traveled to Glacier Bay for a six-day sea kayaking trip.     (Photos).
Next we paddled from Scidmore Bay to the Reid Glacier and the John Hopkins Glacier.    (Photos).
The next day we paddled back down the bay to Ptarmigan Creek before embarking on a killer bushwhack to the top of a ridge with an incredible aerial view of Glacier Bay.    (Photos).
We concluded our trip with a paddle from Ptarmigan Creek back to Scidmore Bay and Blue Mouse Cove.     (Photos). After catching the tour boat back to Park Headquarters I did a short hike to the Bartlett River. That night we took the ferry back to Juneau to rest and prepare for the next portion of our trip.

Part 3 of our trip was a long weekend in Sitka. After a ferry ride from Juneau, we took a water taxi to Kruzof Island so we could climb Mount Edgecumbe.     (Photos).
We spent our last couple of days in Sitka hiking to Indian River Falls and checking out totem poles.     (Photos).

Part 4 of our trip started with a ferry ride from Juneau to Skagway.     (Photos). We spent a couple of days in town and did several hikes, including Upper Dewey Lake and Lower Reid Creek Falls.
Then we spent 3 days following in the foot steps of the prospectors of the 1898 Klondike gold rush, backpacking the Chilkoot Trail.     (Photos).

Part 5 of our trip started with a drive from Skagway to Whitehorse and Dawson City in Canada's Yukon Territory, followed by dayhikes in the Tombstone Mountains.     (Photos). I hiked to Grizzly Lake solo on the first day, and we did the Goldensides Trail together on the second day. Then we drove back towards Whitehorse and camped at Takhini Hot Springs. From there we drove to Kluane National Park and camped at Kathleen Lake. we only did one hike in Kluane, but it was a monster as we climbed Mount Decoeli.     (Photos). We finished the trip with a drive to Haines where I did hikes to Seduction Point and Mount Riley.     (Photos).

Photos from our July, 2015 backpacking trip and 4th of July celebration at Fire Ant on the Mountain, in SC: 4th of July photos.
Photos from a Team Waterfall camping trip on Bear Creek Lake with hikes to Sols Creek Falls, Verde Falls on Robinson Creek, and Bonas Defeat: Bear Creek Lake photos.
Photos from a visit to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium photos.
Photos from a hike to Bernie's Falls with Christy and Brenda: Bernie's Falls photos.
Photos from High Falls on the West Fork of the Tuckaseegee River during the June dam release, with Christy: High Falls photos.
Photos from a hike to Cooks Wall in Hanging Rock State Park with Stephanie and her father Wayne: Hanging Rock Photos.
Photos from my June, 2015 dayhikes in the Roan Highlands. The morning hike was with Brenda from Hughes Gap to Carvers Gap. The afternoon hike was with Matt and Rick from Carvers Gap to Grassy Ridge and back. Roan Highlands photos.
The May, 2015 celebration of Spencer's birthday on Suzy's Knob, with an after-midnight hike to Russell Creek Cave and a hike to Steels Creek Falls.     Photos
Photos from a short hike with Spencer, Stephanie, Dillon, and Lauren to Cedar Falls, near Fountain Inn, SC.
Photos from a short hike with Spencer to Spencer's Rock.
Photos from my May, 2015 dayhike with Brenda, Dillon, and the dogs to the Harmon Den area northwest of Asheville.
In May, 2015 Darrin, Jack, Spencer, Stephanie, and Dillon and I finally reached the very base of the biggest drop of Windy Falls on the Horsepasture River.   (Photos)
My May, 2015 dayhike with Brenda combining the Woody Ridge Trail, the Black Mountain Crest, and the Colbert Ridge Trail.     Photos
Photos from our May, 2015 dayhike from the Roaring Creek Trailhead to Grassy Ridge in the Roan Highlands.
In April, 2015 I spent a full weekend in the Jocassee Gorges area. After a solo hike to waterfalls on Auger Fork Creek, Team Waterfall hiked to the base of Whitewater Falls, camped at the brink, and hiked to High Falls, Rich Falls, and Big Falls on the Thompson River.  - (Photos)    - .
My April, 2015 exploratory hike with Brenda and the dogs to several virtually unknown waterfalls and a cave on Wild Hog Creek near Rocky Bottom, SC.     (Photos).
My April, 2015 hikes with Rick on Clinch Mountain in southwest Virginia, to The Great Channels of Virginia and Beartown Mountain. The Great Channels of Virginia are a series of deep, narrow passageways in a sandstone outcrop on Middle Knob. Beartown Mountain is one of the highest peaks in Virginia, and is extremely difficult to access.     (Photos).
Photos from an April, 2015 family trip to Mount Jefferson and a visit to St. Mary's Episcopal Church in West Jefferson to see the frescoes.     Photos
Photos from an April, 2015 solo, pre-dawn hike to Three Top Mountain. I hiked to Huckleberry Knob for sunrise, and the bushwhacked over to Big Rock.     Photos
Photos from an April, 2015 hike with Bob J on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail from the Parkway north of The Lump to the Cascades at Jeffress Park.     Photos
Photos from my April, 2015 dayhike with Christy in the Mount Rogers, VA area from Massie Gap to Rhododendron Gap and Thomas Knob (Photos).
Photos from an April, 2015 family hike in Grayson Highlands State Park to lower Wilburn Ridge and the waterfalls on Cabin Creek. (Photos).
In March, 2015 Jack and I discovered a previously undocumented waterfall on Ostin Creek in the Green River Game Lands. Kevin Adams named it Fungi Falls after me. Jack's trip report     My Photos.
Photos from our March, 2015 1/2 day hike with Brenda, Johnny, and Cynthia to Pinnacle Falls on Abner Creek and 1/2 day hike with Brenda to the brink of Sassafras Falls. (Photos).
My March, 2015 dayhike with Spencer, Stephanie, Darrin, and Mitch in Linville Gorge. We hiked off-trail from Kistler to the river, visiting Window Rock, Hummingbird Falls, the Linville Crags, a series of caves, and Cathedral Falls along the way.     Photos
My March, 2015 dayhike with Brenda, Darrin, Mitch, Jack, Spencer, Stephanie, Dillon, Thomas, Kitty, and the dogs to Pinnacle Falls on Abner Creek near Rocky Bottom, followed by a visit to Bob's Place and a hike to Big Rock Mountain in the Nine Times Range.     (Photos).
The next weekend I returned to Pinnacle Falls with Christy, Brenda, Johnny, Cynthia, and the dogs. Afterwards Christy, Brenda, and I bushwhacked to the brink of Sassafras Falls. I returned to show the falls to Christy, Johnny, and Cynthia and to get better (Photos).
In March, 2015 a job assignment in San Antonio, Texas gave me the opportunity to visit Big Bend National Park. I spent two nights camping at Stillwell Ranch and did several hikes. I did a long hike in the Chisos Mountains to Emory Peak and the South Rim, and also hiked to The Chimneys and in Santa Elena Canyon.     (Photos)
Our February, 2015 dayhike
in the snow to Bridal Veil Falls in DuPont State Forest.     Photos.
My February, 2015 solo dayhike to a mostly frozen Sassafras Falls near Rocky Bottom.     (Photos).
My January, 2015 snowy dayhike with Bob J and the dogs on the Profile Trail to Calloway Peak.     Photos
My January, 2015 long weekend with Darrin to The Len Foote Hike Inn in Amiacola Falls State Park. We did 3 hikes to 6 waterfalls that weekend including 4 waterfalls on Falls Creek in the Wildcat Tract of Dawson Forest, Cochrans Falls, and Bearden Falls.     (Photos).
My January, 2015 dayhike with Brenda, Bob, and Aaron from the stone chimney trailhead to Bearwallow Mountain, Blue Ridge Pastures, and on to Hickory Nut Gap in Hickory Nut Gorge.     Photos.
My January, 2015 dayhike with Brenda and the dogs in Linville Gorge on the Rockjock Trail to Buzzards Point, a frozen Blue Jay Point, and One Bat Cave.     Photos
Our December, 2014 trip to Florida, with 3 days in Everglades National Park. First, we camped at Flamingo. We did a 4-hour kayaking trip to Mud Lake and a mountain biking / hiking trip to Bear Lake.     (Photos). We then spent 2 days backpacking from Flamingo to Clubhouse Beach.     (Photos). We finished the trip with 4 nights of Phish concerts in downtown Miami.
An update to a report I wrote in December, 2013 to include further explorations in December, 2014 along the railroad tracks and railroad grades near Clearfield.     (Photos)
Our December, 2014 dayhike in Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland. We visited four waterfalls there, Muddy Creek Falls, Lower Swallow Falls, Upper Swallow Falls, and Tolliver Creek Falls.     (Photos).
My December, 2014 dayhike with Brenda and the dogs to the Chimneys, the Upper NC Wall, and the Amphitheater in Linville Gorge.     Photos
My December, 2014 dayhike with Darrin, Brenda, Jonathan, and Aidjoy auction winners John and Jennifer, to Fall Creek Falls and the Chattooga River.     (Photos).
My October, 2014 dayhike with Brenda to Whitewater Falls and Lower Whitewater Falls (SC).  - (Photos)    - .
My October, 2014 dayhike with Brenda, Bob, and Billy to Windy Falls.   (Photos)
Our October, 2014 car camping trip to Cherry Hill Recreation Area in South Carolina with dayhikes in Panthertown Valley and the Fishhawk Mountains.     (Photos).
My October, 2014 dayhike with Brenda and Johnny to North Harper Creek Falls and Little Lost Cove Cliffs.    Photos
Photos from our October, 2014 dayhike with Brenda from the Roaring Creek Trailhead to Big Yellow in the Roan Highlands.
In September, 2014, Jonathan and Jess joined me for a hike to the other Tumbling Fun Falls on Mill Creek.  - (Photos)
My September, 2014 dayhike with Brenda from highway 215 to Courthouse Falls and up Courthouse Creek to Devil's Courthouse and the Blue Ridge Parkway.      Photos.
My September, 2014, after work hike to Caney Creek Falls in the Bankhead National Forest of northwestern Alabama.    (Photos)
My September, 2014 dayhike with Brenda in northeastern TN, from Frog Level to Dennis Cove and Hampton along the
Laurel Fork of the Doe River.     (Photos)
Our August, 2014 dayhike with Brenda, Bob, Megan, Nathan, and Jonas to Lost Cove, a ghost town in the Nolichucky River Gorge that was abandoned in the 1950's.     Photos

In 2014, Christy and I returned to the Canadian Rockies. I spent the first two weeks backpacking with my friend Dave in Jasper National Park. Afterwards, I picked up Christy at the airport in Calgary. First we took a mountaineering class with Yamanuksa Adventures. We spent the next two weeks car camping, dayhiking and backpacking. Trip reports include:

An introductory overview of our trip.
The first two days from my 4-day backpacking trip with Dave in Tonquin Valley in Jasper National Park. They included a long hike from Portal Creek over MacCarib Pass to Amethyst Lake, and a dayhike to Moat Lake. Photos
The final two days of my backpacking trip with Dave to Tonquin Valley featured an afternoon hike to Eremite Valley before we hiked out to the Mount Edith Cavell Trailhead. Photos

Next we did a 7-day backpacking trip combining the classic Nigel Pass / Brazeau Lake / Jonas Pass loop with an extension over Cataract Pass and on to Pinto Lake and Sunset Pass. The first three days of that trip took us to Nigel Pass, the Brazeau River, Brazeau Lake, and Poboktan Pass    Photos.
Over the next two days, we climbed over Jonas Pass, hiked to the headwaters of the Brazeau River, and crossed Cataract Pass.    Photos.
The last two days featured an off-trail descent of the Cataract Creek valley, followed by a hike up the Cline River to Pinto Lake. From there we continued to Sunset Pass and back into Banff National Park. Unfortunately, one of my all-time best backpacking trips ended in disaster    Photos.

Christy and I continued the trip by relocating to the Icefields Campground and dayhiking to the Saskatchewan Glacier.    Photos
We then spent 3 days taking a mountaineering class with Yamnuska and climbing Mount Athabasca.    Photos.
The next day, I hiked up Tangle Creek, continued cross-country to Wilcox Lake, and finished by traversing Wilcox Pass.     Photos.
The next day, Christy and I dayhiked to Bow Glacier Falls. We also visited Panther Falls, Peyto Lake, and several other lakes.     Photos.
Next, we went to Yoho National Park and backpacked Yoho Valley.     Photos.

After our backpacking trip we spent a few more nights car camping at Lake Louise. On the first day, I dayhiked to Burstall Pass in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.     Photos.
The next day I did a hike and scramble to the summit of Bow Peak. above Bow Lake in Banff National Park.     Photos.
The next day I did a solo dayhike to the summit of Fairview Mountain above Lake Louise.     Photos.
We finished our trip with 3 days and 2 nights of camping at Lake O'Hara in Yoho National Park. On the first day, Christy and I hiked to Lake Oesa and the Opabin Plateau.     Photos.
The last two days included hikes to Odaray Grandview, Lake MacArthur, Morning Glory Lakes, Linda Lake, and Wiwaxy Gap.     Photos.

Highlight video: 4 minutes of Glory, with music by Umphrey's McGee.

My July, 2014 dayhike with the dogs from Curtis Creek Campground to Mackey Creek.     Photos
Brenda's report of our July, 2014 dayhike with Christy, Myron, Dorcas and the dogs to the Black Fork and the Yellow Fork of Paddy Creek     Photos
A solo dayhike in South Mountains State Park to a small but obscure and scenic waterfall on Nettle Branch.     Photos.
Photos from my June, 2014 dayhike with Brenda from the Roaring Creek Trailhead to Grassy Ridge.
A Team Waterfall car camping trip, with a dayhike with Van to Dismal Falls.     (Photos).
My solo, June, 2014 hike & paddle to see the Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies in Landsford Canal State Park.     (Photos)
My June, 2014 weekend featuring a short backpacking trip to The Pinnacle, above Sylva. The next day I joined Brenda, Bernie, and John for hikes to High Falls on the West Fork of the Tuckaseegee River and Bernie's Falls.     (Photos).
My May, 2014 (mostly) solo, 4-day backpacking trip on the A.T. over Standing Indian, Mount Albert, Siler Bald, and Wayah Bald, plus the Bartram Trail down to Franklin.     Photos.
My May, 2014, dayhike with Brenda, George, and the dogs in Panthertown Valley.     (Photos).
My May, 2014 exploratory hike and waterfall discovery with Jack, Jonathan, and Jess in the Big Ivy area of North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest.     Photos
My April, 2014 car camping and hiking trip in the Tallulah River headwaters, plus a dayhike with Brenda in Tallulah Gorge State Park.     (Photos).
My April, 2014 3-day solo backpacking trip in the Smokies combining Noland Divide, Clingman's Dome Road, the A.T., Fork Ridge, and Deep Creek.   (Photos)
My April, 2014 dayhike with Bob, his son Aaron, and the dogs, on the Foothills Trail from Sassafras Mountain to Drawbar Cliffs.     (Photos).
Photos from our March, 2014 dayhike in snow and high winds from Carver's Gap to Cloudland and Carver's Gap to Round Bald.     Photos
My March, 2014 dayhike with the dogs from the top of Twin Falls on Reedy Cove Creek to an obscure waterfall near Camp McCall.     (Photos).
My March, 2014 weekend trip with Darrin and Mitch to the Cumberland Plateau, including a backpacking trip to Virgin Falls and visits to Burgess Falls and Fall Creek Falls State Park.     (Photos)
My March, 2014 dayhike and waterfall discovery with Brenda on an unnamed tributary of Rocky Bottom Creek.     (Photos).
Jack's report from our March dahike to the 3 waterfalls on Little Cove Creek in the Green River Game Lands.     My Photos.
My February, 2014 dayhike and trail maintenance with Darrin, Darrin's son, Evan, Brenda, Van, and the dogs from the Pinnacle Pass Trailhead on highway 276 old Camp Spearhead, with a side trip to Mashbox Falls.     (Photos).
In February of 2014, Christy and I spent Valentine's Day weekend in Asheville. On Friday night we attended an Umphrey's McGee concert. The next day we drove to the Smokies and did an easy hike along Big Creek to Mouse Creek Falls in the snow.     Photos
My February, 2014 weekend with Darrin at The Hike Inn, near Amiacola Falls State Park, GA. We also visited several waterfalls, and I dayhiked solo one morning to Springer Mountain.     (Photos).
My February, 2014 dayhike with Christy, Van, and the dogs from Jones Gap to Rainbow Falls after a lengthy cold spell.     (Photos).
My January, 2014, exploratory dayhike with Christy, Jack, Brenda, Jonathan, and Jess to Reece Place Falls on the East Fork of the French Broad River.     Photos.
My January, 2014 visit to Death Valley National Park in California.     (Photos).
My January, 2014 dayhike with Darrin, Brenda, Van, Bob, and the dogs on the Foothills Trail to Virginia Hawkins Falls and Laurel Fork Falls.     (Photos).
My December, 2013 dayhike with Dave in Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is just south of Cleveland. (photos).
My December, 2013 walks on the railroad tracks and rail trails near Clearfield, Pennsylvania.     (Photos)
My December, 2013 dayhike in the World's Edge section of the new Chimney Rock State Park. Darrin and Van joined me for an exploration of Wolf Creek Gorge, where we found several previously undocumented waterfalls.     Photos.
My November, 2013 dayhike with Darrin, Jack, Brenda, Nina, Sherron, and the dogs to an undocumented waterfall on Asbury Hills Camp property.     (Photos).
My November, 2013 half-day hikes with Brenda, Jonathan and Jess to Little Tablerock Mountain and Hanging Rock (Bear's Paw).     Photos
My solo dayhike in South Mountains State Park to check out the fall foliage. I didn't write a trip report, but I did take a few Photos.
My October, 2013 dayhike with Rick to Gentry Creek Falls, Rogers Ridge, Glenn Bald, and beyond.     (Photos)
My October, 2013 afternoon hike in the Smokies from Fontana Dam to Shuckstack Mountain.     Photos
Our October, 2013 weekend trip featuring car camping on the Kistler Highway in Linville Gorge, and a dayhike from Roaring Creek to Big Yellow Mountain.     Photos
My October, 2013 dayhike with Brenda in the Sam Knob Area of North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest, from highway 215 up Flat Laurel Creek and on to Graveyard Fields.     Photos. My September, 2013 dayhike on the Appalachian Trail from Unicoi Gap to Tray Mountain, near Helen, GA.     (Photos)

Our August, 2013 car camping trip to Michigan and Wisconsin, including:

A visit with friends in St. Joseph, Michigan, and car camping and dayhiking in
Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Lakeshore..     (Photos).
A tour of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, including Tahquamenon Falls and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore..     (Photos).
Car camping and dayhiking in Porcupine Mountains State Park..     (Photos).
A weekend in Wisconsin's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, including a boat cruise, my dayhike to some sea caves, and Christy's swim race across Lake Superior.     (Photos)
Car camping and dayhiking in the Presque Isle section of Porcupine Mountains State Park. We also visited Bond Falls and Agate Falls.     (Photos).

My solo continuation of our summer trip, with two weeks in Glacier National Park in Montana. I spent most of that time on a 12-day backpacking trip:

Day 1: After spending a day getting organized, I started my backpacking trip with a hike from the Belly River Trailhead at Chief Mountain Customs over Lee Ridge and down to Gable Creek (photos).
Days 2&3: I hiked up theBelly River to Elizabeth Lake and on to camp at Helen Lake. I then backtracked a bit before hiking up the Mokowanis River to Cosley Lake and on to camp at the foot of Glenns Lake. (photos).
Day 4: A short hike to Mokonwanis Lake, followed by a dayhike up to Margaret Lake (photos).
Days 5-6: Backpacking over Stoney Indian Pass and hiking on to Kootenai Lakes, Goat Haunt, and Lake Francis. (photos).
Day 7: A short backpack to Brown Pass and Hole in the Wall. (photos).
Day 8: Another short backpack to Boulder Pass. That afternoon I hiked to the summit of Boulder Peak. (photos).
Days 9&10: Backpacking back to Lake Francis, and then on to Goat Haunt and Stoney Indian Lake. (photos).
Day 11: Backpacking up to Fifty Mountain. (photos).
Day 12: I finished the backpacking trip by hiking to Granite Park and on to Going to the Sun Road. (photos).
That night I car camped at St. Mary. The next day I dayhiked with Dave to Grinnell Glacier. (photos).
The next day, Dave and I dayhiked from Going to the Sun Road over Piegan Pass and down to the Many Glacier Hotel. (photos).
I finished the trip with a dayhike to Hidden Lake and a fun weekend with my friend Brian in Missoula. (photos).

My solo July, 2013 hikes to Sid's Falls and Brasstown Falls, near Long Creek, SC.     (Photos).
Our July, 2013 camping trip at the Beartree Recreation Area, near Damascus, Virginia. I did three hikes that weekend, on the A.T. in the Whitetop Laurel Gorge, on the A.T. over Whitetop and through Elk Garden, and on the Iron Mountain Trail.     (Photos).
My June, 2013 4-day backpacking trip with Boone and Kona on the Appalachian Trail from the Nolichucky River, outside Erwin, TN, to Hampton Cove, beyond Roan Mountain.     Photos
My June, 2013 dayhike with Brenda on the Mountains to Sea Trail from Craggy Gardens to Balsam Gap.    Photos
My June, 2013 dayhike with Darrin in South Carolina's Mountain Bridge Wilderness from Jones Gap State Park to old Camp Spearhead. We explored the cataract bog on the Pinnacle Pass Trail along the way.     (Photos).
Christy and I visited Doughton Park again in June, 2013 for an exploration of Hanging Valley.     Photos.
Photos from my May, 2013 dayhike with Brenda from the Roaring Fork Trailhead to Yellow Gap, Little Hump, and Big Hump.
My May, 2013 dayhike in the Harmon Den area on the A.T. from Browns Gap to Snowbird Mountain.    Photos
My May, 2013 (mostly) solo backpacking trip combining the Little East Fork Trail, some old logging roads, the Fork Mountain Trail, and the Art Loeb Trail into a loop hitting most of the highlights of the Shining Rock Wilderness, including Tennent Mountain and Cold Mountain.     Photos.
My solo, May, 2013 paddling trip in Eastern North Carolina on Horseshoe Lake.     Photos.
Brenda's report of our April, 2013 exploratory dayhike in search of undocumented waterfalls on Licklog Branch.     Photos
My April, 2013 camping trip with Darrin in Jones Gap State Park, with dayhikes in and near the Mountain Bridge Wilderness.     (Photos).
My April, 2013 dayhike with Brenda in the Nature Conservancy's Nine Times Preserve, near Pickens, SC.     (Photos).

Our spring, 2013 trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, featuring:

A dayhike on the Porters Creek Trail, featuring old ruins, a waterfall, and early spring wildflowers.     Photos.
My March, 2013 dayhike to Grotto Falls, Baskin Creek Falls, and Roaring Fork.     Photos.
My April, 2013 dayhike to Mount LeConte.     Photos.
Our April, 2013 dayhike with Marsha, Ian, Aubrey, and Ben into Whiteoak Sinks.     Photos.
My April, 2013 dayhike from Cosby to Mount Cammerer.     Photos

My March, 2013 dayhike with Darrin and Mitch on the Palmetto Trail from Table Rock State Park to some obscure waterfalls on Rachael Creek.     (Photos).
My March, 2013 exploratory hike with Jack and Brenda to a series of previously undocumented waterfalls along Little Fall Creek near Jones Gap State Park, SC.     (Photos).
My March, 2013 dayhike with Jack and Jonathan on the Mountains to Sea Trail to Mount Hardy Falls and a scenic bald below Mount Hardy. We also visited several other waterfalls on the way there.     Photos.
My February, 2013 car camping trip with a group of friends, including hikes to Yellow Branch Falls, Crevice Falls, a waterfall on Scotsman Creek, and numerous waterfalls in Bee Cove.     (Yellow Branch Falls Photos).     (Crevice Falls Photos).     (Scotsman Creek Photos).     (Bee Cove Photos).
My February, 2013 with Christy in Paris Mountain State Park .     (Photos).
In February, 2013 a work assignment in Trenton, GA gave me the opportunity to take a short hike in Cloudland Canyon State Park.     (Photos).
My February, 2013 backpacking trip with J Bob to Panthertown Valley in several inches of fresh snow.     (Photos).
My January, 2013 hike with Jack to Mashbox Falls, Misty Falls, Boone's Falls, and Chute Falls in Caesar's Head State Park and Jones Gap State Park.     (Photos).
My January, 2013 hike with Brenda, Darrin, and the dogs on the Hospital Rock and Fall Creek Falls Trails in Jones Gap State Park. We narrowly avoided a tragedy on this hike, as my dog Boone fell over a 70' waterfall. Incredibly, he wasn't injured.     (Photos).
My January, 2013 dayhike with J Bob in the Big Ivy area of North Carolina's Black Mountains, including a new waterfall discovery on Walker Creek.    Photos
My December, 2012 solo dayhike along Six Mile Run in Moshannon State Forest, Pennsylvania.     (Photos)
My December, 2012 visit to Hood River, Oregon, with several waterfall hikes in the Columbia River Gorge, including Elowah Falls, Horsetail Falls, Ponytail Falls, Triple Falls, and Wahclella Falls.     Photos.
Our December, 2012 dayhike on the MST from Mount Mitchell Road to Blackstack Knob and back, in the Black Mountains of North Carolina.    Photos
Brenda's report of our November, 2012 dayhike in Linville Gorge from the Spence Ridge Trailhead to the NC Wall and the Amphitheater     Photos
My November, 2012 dayhike to Upper Piney Falls on the Cumberland Plateau and Laurel Falls and Ramsay Creek Cascades in the Smokies.     (Upper Piney Falls Photos) and     (Smokies Photos)
My November, 2012 dayhike with Jack and Dave at Roan Mountain in deep snow from Hurricane Sandy.     Photos
My October, 2012 dayhike with Brenda in Linville Gorge, as we hiked down Henson Creek     Photos
My October, 2012, trip with Jack as we camped at Ammons Branch and visited several waterfalls, including Flat Creek Falls.     (Photos).

In September, 2012 Bob J and J Bob joined me for a 2-week trip to the Colorado Rockies. We went in the last half of September to take catch the peak of fall color. The trip included:
A dayhike in Rocky Mountain National Park from Bear Lake, including Alberta Falls, The Loch, Sky Pond, and Dream Lake. (photos).
The next day, we hiked to Chasm Lake. (photos).
From there we drove west through Rocky Mountain National Park and on to Grand Lake, Winter Park, Frisco, Leadville, and Aspen. We camped near Maroon Lake before driving on to Ouray. (photos).
The next day we dayhiked to The Blue Lakes in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness, before driving on to Durango to get ready for our backpacking trip. (photos)
We began our backpacking trip the following morning. We took the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad from Durango to the trailhead at Elk Park. On day 1, we hiked from Elk Pa