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Recent Trip Reports & Photos


Click on the links below to read the most recent trip reports.

In 2014, Christy and I returned to the Canadian Rockies. I spent the first two weeks backpacking with my friend Dave in Jasper National Park. Afterwards, I picked up Christy at the airport in Calgary. First we took a mountaineering class with Yamanuksa Adventures. We spent the next two weeks car camping, dayhiking and backpacking. Trip reports include:

An introductory overview of our trip.
The first two days from my 4-day backpacking trip with Dave in Tonquin Valley in Jasper National Park. They included a long hike from Portal Creek over MacCarib Pass to Amethyst Lake, and a dayhike to Moat Lake. Photos
The final two days of my backpacking trip with Dave to Tonquin Valley featured an afternoon hike to Eremite Valley before we hiked out to the Mount Edith Cavell Trailhead. Photos

Next we did a 7-day backpacking trip combining the classic Nigel Pass / Brazeau Lake / Jonas Pass loop with an extension over Cataract Pass and on to Pinto Lake and Sunset Pass. The first three days of that trip took us to Nigel Pass, the Brazeau River, Brazeau Lake, and Poboktan Pass    Photos.

My October, 2014 dayhike with Brenda to Whitewater Falls and Lower Whitewater Falls (SC).  - (Photos)    - .
My October, 2014 dayhike with Brenda, Bob, and Billy to Windy Falls.   (Photos)
Our October, 2014 car camping trip to Cherry Hill Recreation Area in South Carolina with dayhikes in Panthertown Valley and the Fishhawk Mountains.     (Photos).
My October, 2014 dayhike with Brenda and Johnny to North Harper Creek Falls and Little Lost Cove Cliffs.    Photos
Photos from our October, 2014 dayhike with Brenda from the Roaring Creek Trailhead to Big Yellow in the Roan Highlands.
In September, 2014, Jonathan and Jess joined me for a hike to the other Tumbling Fun Falls on Mill Creek.  - (Photos)
My September, 2014 dayhike with Brenda from highway 215 to Courthouse Falls and up Courthouse Creek to Devil's Courthouse and the Blue Ridge Parkway.      Photos.
My September, 2014, after work hike to Caney Creek Falls in the Bankhead National Forest of northwestern Alabama.    (Photos)
My September, 2014 dayhike with Brenda in northeastern TN, from Frog Level to Dennis Cove and Hampton along the
Laurel Fork of the Doe River.     (Photos)
Our August, 2014 dayhike with Brenda, Bob, Megan, Nathan, and Jonas to Lost Cove, a ghost town in the Nolichucky River Gorge that was abandoned in the 1950's.     Photos
My July, 2014 dayhike with the dogs from Curtis Creek Campground to Mackey Creek.     Photos
Brenda's report of our July, 2014 dayhike with Christy, Myron, Dorcas and the dogs to the Black Fork and the Yellow Fork of Paddy Creek     Photos
A solo dayhike in South Mountains State Park to a small but obscure and scenic waterfall on Nettle Branch.     Photos.
Photos from my June, 2014 dayhike with Brenda from the Roaring Creek Trailhead to Grassy Ridge.
A Team Waterfall car camping trip, with a dayhike with Van to Dismal Falls.     (Photos).
My solo, June, 2014 hike & paddle to see the Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies in Landsford Canal State Park.     (Photos)
My June, 2014 weekend featuring a short backpacking trip to The Pinnacle, above Sylva. The next day I joined Brenda, Bernie, and John for hikes to High Falls on the West Fork of the Tuckaseegee River and Bernie's Falls.     (Photos).
My May, 2014 (mostly) solo, 4-day backpacking trip on the A.T. over Standing Indian, Mount Albert, Siler Bald, and Wayah Bald, plus the Bartram Trail down to Franklin.     Photos.
My May, 2014, dayhike with Brenda, George, and the dogs in Panthertown Valley.     (Photos).
My May, 2014 exploratory hike and waterfall discovery with Jack, Jonathan, and Jess in the Big Ivy area of North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest.     Photos
My April, 2014 car camping and hiking trip in the Tallulah River headwaters, plus a dayhike with Brenda in Tallulah Gorge State Park.     (Photos).
My April, 2014 3-day solo backpacking trip in the Smokies combining Noland Divide, Clingman's Dome Road, the A.T., Fork Ridge, and Deep Creek.   (Photos)
My April, 2014 dayhike with Bob, his son Aaron, and the dogs, on the Foothills Trail from Sassafras Mountain to Drawbar Cliffs.     (Photos).
Photos from our March, 2014 dayhike in snow and high winds from Carver's Gap to Cloudland and Carver's Gap to Round Bald.     Photos
My March, 2014 dayhike with the dogs from the top of Twin Falls on Reedy Cove Creek to an obscure waterfall near Camp McCall.     (Photos).
My March, 2014 weekend trip with Darrin and Mitch to the Cumberland Plateau, including a backpacking trip to Virgin Falls and visits to Burgess Falls and Fall Creek Falls State Park.     (Photos)
My March, 2014 dayhike and waterfall discovery with Brenda on an unnamed tributary of Rocky Bottom Creek.     (Photos).
Jack's report from our March dahike to the 3 waterfalls on Little Cove Creek in the Green River Game Lands.     My Photos.
My February, 2014 dayhike and trail maintenance with Darrin, Darrin's son, Evan, Brenda, Van, and the dogs from the Pinnacle Pass Trailhead on highway 276 old Camp Spearhead, with a side trip to Mashbox Falls.     (Photos).
In February of 2014, Christy and I spent Valentine's Day weekend in Asheville. On Friday night we attended an Umphrey's McGee concert. The next day we drove to the Smokies and did an easy hike along Big Creek to Mouse Creek Falls in the snow.     Photos
My February, 2014 weekend with Darrin at The Hike Inn, near Amiacola Falls State Park, GA. We also visited several waterfalls, and I dayhiked solo one morning to Springer Mountain.     (Photos).
My February, 2014 dayhike with Christy, Van, and the dogs from Jones Gap to Rainbow Falls after a lengthy cold spell.     (Photos).
My January, 2014, exploratory dayhike with Christy, Jack, Brenda, Jonathan, and Jess to Reece Place Falls on the East Fork of the French Broad River.     Photos.
My January, 2014 visit to Death Valley National Park in California.     (Photos).
My January, 2014 dayhike with Darrin, Brenda, Van, Bob, and the dogs on the Foothills Trail to Virginia Hawkins Falls and Laurel Fork Falls.     (Photos).
My December, 2013 dayhike with Dave in Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is just south of Cleveland. (photos).
My December, 2013 walks on the railroad tracks and rail trails near Clearfield, Pennsylvania.     (Photos)
My December, 2013 dayhike in the World's Edge section of the new Chimney Rock State Park. Darrin and Van joined me for an exploration of Wolf Creek Gorge, where we found several previously undocumented waterfalls.     Photos.
My November, 2013 dayhike with Darrin, Jack, Brenda, Nina, Sherron, and the dogs to an undocumented waterfall on Asbury Hills Camp property.     (Photos).
My November, 2013 half-day hikes with Brenda, Jonathan and Jess to Little Tablerock Mountain and Hanging Rock (Bear's Paw).     Photos
My solo dayhike in South Mountains State Park to check out the fall foliage. I didn't write a trip report, but I did take a few Photos.
My October, 2013 dayhike with Rick to Gentry Creek Falls, Rogers Ridge, Glenn Bald, and beyond.     (Photos)
My October, 2013 afternoon hike in the Smokies from Fontana Dam to Shuckstack Mountain.     Photos
Our October, 2013 weekend trip featuring car camping on the Kistler Highway in Linville Gorge, and a dayhike from Roaring Creek to Big Yellow Mountain.     Photos
My October, 2013 dayhike with Brenda in the Sam Knob Area of North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest, from highway 215 up Flat Laurel Creek and on to Graveyard Fields.     Photos. My September, 2013 dayhike on the Appalachian Trail from Unicoi Gap to Tray Mountain, near Helen, GA.     (Photos)

Our August, 2013 car camping trip to Michigan and Wisconsin, including:

A visit with friends in St. Joseph, Michigan, and car camping and dayhiking in
Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Lakeshore..     (Photos).
A tour of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, including Tahquamenon Falls and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore..     (Photos).
Car camping and dayhiking in Porcupine Mountains State Park..     (Photos).
A weekend in Wisconsin's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, including a boat cruise, my dayhike to some sea caves, and Christy's swim race across Lake Superior.     (Photos)
Car camping and dayhiking in the Presque Isle section of Porcupine Mountains State Park. We also visited Bond Falls and Agate Falls.     (Photos).

My solo continuation of our summer trip, with two weeks in Glacier National Park in Montana. I spent most of that time on a 12-day backpacking trip:

Day 1: After spending a day getting organized, I started my backpacking trip with a hike from the Belly River Trailhead at Chief Mountain Customs over Lee Ridge and down to Gable Creek (photos).
Days 2&3: I hiked up theBelly River to Elizabeth Lake and on to camp at Helen Lake. I then backtracked a bit before hiking up the Mokowanis River to Cosley Lake and on to camp at the foot of Glenns Lake. (photos).
Day 4: A short hike to Mokonwanis Lake, followed by a dayhike up to Margaret Lake (photos).
Days 5-6: Backpacking over Stoney Indian Pass and hiking on to Kootenai Lakes, Goat Haunt, and Lake Francis. (photos).
Day 7: A short backpack to Brown Pass and Hole in the Wall. (photos).
Day 8: Another short backpack to Boulder Pass. That afternoon I hiked to the summit of Boulder Peak. (photos).
Days 9&10: Backpacking back to Lake Francis, and then on to Goat Haunt and Stoney Indian Lake. (photos).
Day 11: Backpacking up to Fifty Mountain. (photos).
Day 12: I finished the backpacking trip by hiking to Granite Park and on to Going to the Sun Road. (photos).
That night I car camped at St. Mary. The next day I dayhiked with Dave to Grinnell Glacier. (photos).
The next day, Dave and I dayhiked from Going to the Sun Road over Piegan Pass and down to the Many Glacier Hotel. (photos).
I finished the trip with a dayhike to Hidden Lake and a fun weekend with my friend Brian in Missoula. (photos).

My solo July, 2013 hikes to Sid's Falls and Brasstown Falls, near Long Creek, SC.     (Photos).
Our July, 2013 camping trip at the Beartree Recreation Area, near Damascus, Virginia. I did three hikes that weekend, on the A.T. in the Whitetop Laurel Gorge, on the A.T. over Whitetop and through Elk Garden, and on the Iron Mountain Trail.     (Photos).
My June, 2013 4-day backpacking trip with Boone and Kona on the Appalachian Trail from the Nolichucky River, outside Erwin, TN, to Hampton Cove, beyond Roan Mountain.     Photos
My June, 2013 dayhike with Brenda on the Mountains to Sea Trail from Craggy Gardens to Balsam Gap.    Photos
My June, 2013 dayhike with Darrin in South Carolina's Mountain Bridge Wilderness from Jones Gap State Park to old Camp Spearhead. We explored the cataract bog on the Pinnacle Pass Trail along the way.     (Photos).
Christy and I visited Doughton Park again in June, 2013 for an exploration of Hanging Valley.     Photos.
Photos from my May, 2013 dayhike with Brenda from the Roaring Fork Trailhead to Yellow Gap, Little Hump, and Big Hump.
My May, 2013 dayhike in the Harmon Den area on the A.T. from Browns Gap to Snowbird Mountain.    Photos
My May, 2013 (mostly) solo backpacking trip combining the Little East Fork Trail, some old logging roads, the Fork Mountain Trail, and the Art Loeb Trail into a loop hitting most of the highlights of the Shining Rock Wilderness, including Tennent Mountain and Cold Mountain.     Photos.
My solo, May, 2013 paddling trip in Eastern North Carolina on Horseshoe Lake.     Photos.
Brenda's report of our April, 2013 exploratory dayhike in search of undocumented waterfalls on Licklog Branch.     Photos
My April, 2013 camping trip with Darrin in Jones Gap State Park, with dayhikes in and near the Mountain Bridge Wilderness.     (Photos).
My April, 2013 dayhike with Brenda in the Nature Conservancy's Nine Times Preserve, near Pickens, SC.     (Photos).

Our spring, 2013 trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, featuring:

A dayhike on the Porters Creek Trail, featuring old ruins, a waterfall, and early spring wildflowers.     Photos.
My March, 2013 dayhike to Grotto Falls, Baskin Creek Falls, and Roaring Fork.     Photos.
My April, 2013 dayhike to Mount LeConte.     Photos.
Our April, 2013 dayhike with Marsha, Ian, Aubrey, and Ben into Whiteoak Sinks.     Photos.
My April, 2013 dayhike from Cosby to Mount Cammerer.     Photos

My March, 2013 dayhike with Darrin and Mitch on the Palmetto Trail from Table Rock State Park to some obscure waterfalls on Rachael Creek.     (Photos).
My March, 2013 exploratory hike with Jack and Brenda to a series of previously undocumented waterfalls along Little Fall Creek near Jones Gap State Park, SC.     (Photos).
My March, 2013 dayhike with Jack and Jonathan on the Mountains to Sea Trail to Mount Hardy Falls and a scenic bald below Mount Hardy. We also visited several other waterfalls on the way there.     Photos.
My February, 2013 car camping trip with a group of friends, including hikes to Yellow Branch Falls, Crevice Falls, a waterfall on Scotsman Creek, and numerous waterfalls in Bee Cove.     (Yellow Branch Falls Photos).     (Crevice Falls Photos).     (Scotsman Creek Photos).     (Bee Cove Photos).
My February, 2013 with Christy in Paris Mountain State Park .     (Photos).
In February, 2013 a work assignment in Trenton, GA gave me the opportunity to take a short hike in Cloudland Canyon State Park.     (Photos).
My February, 2013 backpacking trip with J Bob to Panthertown Valley in several inches of fresh snow.     (Photos).
My January, 2013 hike with Jack to Mashbox Falls, Misty Falls, Boone's Falls, and Chute Falls in Caesar's Head State Park and Jones Gap State Park.     (Photos).
My January, 2013 hike with Brenda, Darrin, and the dogs on the Hospital Rock and Fall Creek Falls Trails in Jones Gap State Park. We narrowly avoided a tragedy on this hike, as my dog Boone fell over a 70' waterfall. Incredibly, he wasn't injured.     (Photos).
My January, 2013 dayhike with J Bob in the Big Ivy area of North Carolina's Black Mountains, including a new waterfall discovery on Walker Creek.    Photos
My December, 2012 solo dayhike along Six Mile Run in Moshannon State Forest, Pennsylvania.     (Photos)
My December, 2012 visit to Hood River, Oregon, with several waterfall hikes in the Columbia River Gorge, including Elowah Falls, Horsetail Falls, Ponytail Falls, Triple Falls, and Wahclella Falls.     Photos.
Our December, 2012 dayhike on the MST from Mount Mitchell Road to Blackstack Knob and back, in the Black Mountains of North Carolina.    Photos
Brenda's report of our November, 2012 dayhike in Linville Gorge from the Spence Ridge Trailhead to the NC Wall and the Amphitheater     Photos
My November, 2012 dayhike to Upper Piney Falls on the Cumberland Plateau and Laurel Falls and Ramsay Creek Cascades in the Smokies.     (Upper Piney Falls Photos) and     (Smokies Photos)
My November, 2012 dayhike with Jack and Dave at Roan Mountain in deep snow from Hurricane Sandy.     Photos
My October, 2012 dayhike with Brenda in Linville Gorge, as we hiked down Henson Creek     Photos
My October, 2012, trip with Jack as we camped at Ammons Branch and visited several waterfalls, including Flat Creek Falls.     (Photos).

In September, 2012 Bob J and J Bob joined me for a 2-week trip to the Colorado Rockies. We went in the last half of September to take catch the peak of fall color. The trip included:
A dayhike in Rocky Mountain National Park from Bear Lake, including Alberta Falls, The Loch, Sky Pond, and Dream Lake. (photos).
The next day, we hiked to Chasm Lake. (photos).
From there we drove west through Rocky Mountain National Park and on to Grand Lake, Winter Park, Frisco, Leadville, and Aspen. We camped near Maroon Lake before driving on to Ouray. (photos).
The next day we dayhiked to The Blue Lakes in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness, before driving on to Durango to get ready for our backpacking trip. (photos)
We began our backpacking trip the following morning. We took the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad from Durango to the trailhead at Elk Park. On day 1, we hiked from Elk Park up Elk Creek to a beaver pond at 10,000'. (photos) .
The next day, we continued up Elk Creek to the Continental Divide, passing old mining ruins along the way. (photos) .
The next day, we climbed over Hunchback Pass and Nebo Pass before descending to camp below Twin Lakes. (photos) .
The following morning, I did a solo hike along the Continental Divide. Then we broke camp and climbed over the divide, before descending to a campsite near Rock Lake. (photos) .
The next morning we descended the Rock Creek and Vallecito Creek valleys through snow, rain, fog, and spectacular fall foliage. (photos) .
The next day we hiked up Johnson Canyon in an attempt to cross Columbine Pass. (photos)
On day 7 we finally made it over Columbine Pass, before descending to a campsite in Chicago Basin. (photos) .
We concluded the trip with a hike down Needle Canyon, and a train ride back to Durango. (photos) .
We finished our Colorado trip with a dayhike on the Goulding Creek Trail before driving back to Denver. (photos) .

My September, 2012 overnight backpacking trip with Bob J in the Balsam Mountain area of the Smokies, camping at Raven Fork and hiking Hyatt Ridge and visiting a waterfall on Enloe Creek as well as McGee Springs.   (Photos)
My August, 2012 trip with Jack, Johnny, and Darrin. We camped at Raymond Fisher Place in Gorges State Park and visited numerous waterfalls on Bearwallow Creek and the Horsepasture River.   (Photos)
My August, 2012 car camping trip with Jack to Cherry Hill Campground, with a dayhike to some obscure waterfalls on Crane Creek.     (Photos).
My August, 2012 hike with Jack to Wintergreen Falls on the Toxaway River.   (Photos)
Our July, 2012 trip to Floydfest, a four-day music festival near the Rocky Knob Recreation Area along the Blue Ridge Parkway in southwestern Virginia.     (Photos).
My July, 2012 hikes with Jack to waterfalls in the Whitewater and Thompson River drainages, starting with a CMLC hike on private property to the original Tumbling Fun Falls.  - (Photos)
Our June, 2012 trip to Nevada, southern Utah, and the Grand Canyon. That trip included:

A visit to Zion National Park, with an overnight backpacking trip on the West Rim Trail from Lava Point to Zion Canyon. I added a side trip to Angel's Landing along the way.   (Photos)
Our one-day thru-hike of the Virgin River Narrows in Zion National Park. (photos).
Camping and dayhiking in Bryce Canyon National Park. We camped there one night and did the Fairyland, Navajo, and Peekaboo loop hikes.   (Fairyland Photos) and   (Peekaboo Photos)
Camping at Posey Lake in the Dixie National Forest. (photos).
A scenic drive over Hell's Backbone and Boulder Mountain and through Capitol Reef National Park. (photos).
Our dayhike in Grand Staircase Escalante Nation Monument to waterfalls in Calf Creek Canyon (photos).
Short hikes in several slot canyons along Skumupth Road, including Willis Creek and Lick Wash (photos).
A brief visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. (photos). We spent one night in the campground, took a scenic drive, and did short hikes to Cape Royal, Bright Angel Point, and Cape Final. Then we drove over to the South Rim, where we spent a night in the Mather Campground. (photos).
Our 3-day backpacking trip to Phantom Ranch. On the first day we descended to the Colorado River and on to the Bright Angel Campground via the South Kaibab Trail. (photos).
Our second day was a layover, so I took a solo hike to Ribbon Falls. (photos).
The next day we hiked back to the south rim on the Bright Angel Trail. (photos).
For our final day I did a solo dayhike from Grandview Point to Horseshoe Mesa. (photos).
My first hikes in Nevada, to Cathedral Rock and Mary Jane Falls in the Spring Mountains. (photos).
Our weekend in Vegas! (photos).
My July, 2012 dayhike to Savage Gulf during an extreme drought.     (Photos)
My July, 2012 dayhike to Fall Creek Falls State Park during an extreme drought.     (Photos)
My July 2012 dayhike to Lula Lake and Lula Falls, on Lookout Mountain, just over the border in Georgia.     (Photos). My June, 2012 dayhike with Jack and Darrin with the CMLC to Connestee Falls and three waterfalls on Batson Creek. Later we explored Carson Creek and visited Silver Slip.     Photos.
Photos from our June, 2012 visit to the Green Swamp in southeastern North Carolina with Christy to look for Pitcher Plants, Venus Flytraps, and Orchids..
My May, 2012 solo backpacking trip with the dogs in the Jocassee Gorges, with side trips to Hilliard Falls, Narrow Rock Ridge, and Lower Bearwallow Falls.  - (Photos)
My May, 2012 dayhike with Jack on the Pinnacle Pass Trail in South Carolina's Mountain Bridge Wilderness. We hiked to an unusual mountain cascade bog where we found Pitcher Plants, Sundew, Orchids, Indian Paintbrush, and other rare plants and flowers.     (Photos).
My May, 2012, dayhike in Georgia's Amiacola Falls State Park.     (Photos).
My May, 2012 solo dayhike to the summit of Elk Knob in Elk Knob State Park (NC).     Photos
My April, 2012 dayhike to Little Hump and Big Hump in the Roan Highlands.     Photos
My April, 2012 hike with Brenda and Darrin in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard. We hiked to the waterfall on the Right Fork of the Davidson River and to Pilot Mountain. Brenda wrote an excellent trip report.     My Photos.
My April, 2012 dayhike with J Bob, Bob J and the dogs from The Blue Ridge Parkway to The Pinnacle, Rocky Knobs and Greybeard.     Photos
My April, 2012 backpacking trip with J Bob, Bob J and the dogs on the Mackey Mountain Trail, near Old Fort, NC.     Photos
My April, 2012 solo backpacking trip in Cataloochee Valley in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.   (Photos)
My March, 2012 dayhike with Jack and Brenda to previously undocumented waterfalls on Tankersley Branch near South Carolina's Mountain Bridge Wilderness.     (Photos).
Brenda's report on our March, 2012 dayhike with Christy, Jack, and Johnny to South Carolina's Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve     (Photos).
My March, 2012 hike with Skip in the Green Swamp, a Nature Conservancy property southwest of Wilmington.     Photos.
Our March 2012 hike where led a group of exchange students from Denmark, high school students, teachers, and parents on a hike in DuPont State Forest.     Photos.
My February, 2012 dayhike with Brenda on the Rockjock Trail in the Linville Gorge Wilderness.     Photos
My February, 2012 dayhike with Brenda to a relatively unknown waterfall on the Yellow Fork of Paddy Creek, just west of Linville Gorge.     Photos
My February, 2012 dayhike with Jack to rarely visited waterfalls on Head Foremost Creek in South Carolina's Mountain Bridge Wilderness.     (Photos).
My February 2012 hike with Jack to Rainbow Falls in Chimney Rock State Park, and our hike with the CMLC to Bearwallow Mountain and Wildcat Rock.     Photos.
My February, 2012 dayhike with Jack in the Green River Game Lands. We discovered three new, undocumented waterfalls on Little Cove Creek.     Photos.
My January, 2012 dayhikes with the CMLC from Camp High Rocks to the summit of Rich Mountain, followed by another hike with Jack and Brenda to Joanna Mountain in DuPont State Forest.     Photos.
My January, 2012 dayhike with Jack, Bob S, Johnny, and Brenda on the Palmetto Trail west of Table Rock State Park (SC). We visited 7 or 8 waterfalls on the hike, all but one of which are on Rachael Creek or its tributaries. Most of the waterfalls we visited, including Yucca Falls, are off-trail and require serious bushwhacking to reach.     (Photos).
My January, 2012 dayhike with Bob J and Bob S to the Boone Bowl.     Photos
My January, 2012 solo dayhike in Douthat State Park (VA), with a visit to Falling Springs Falls.     (Photos).
My January, 2012 backpacking trip with Bob J in the Pisgah National Forest from Turkey Pen Gap to Clawhammer Mountain and on to the Coontree Picnic Area.     Photos.
My December, 2011 dayhike with Joel on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail from the Kistler Highway to Bald Knob     Photos
My solo backpacking trip turned dayhike from Newfound Gap to Clingman's Dome, the highest peak in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.     Photos.
Hikes with the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy to Big Pool Falls and Blue Ridge Pastures in Hickory Nut Gorge.     Photos.
My solo dayhikes to Brasstown Falls and Opossum Creek Falls near the Chattooga River in South Carolina.     (Photos).
My solo, November, 2011 dayhike in Congaree National Park in South Carolina.     (Photos)
My November, 2011 dayhike with Bob S. and Bob J. to the summit of the highest point in the South Mountains, Buzzards Roost.     Photos.
My October, 2011 solo dayhike to Harper Creek, Harper Falls, and South Harper Falls.    Photos
Our October, 2011 short hikes with the dogs to Gingercake and Sitting Bear Mountains in Linville Gorge, plus Little Lost Cove Cliffs and Green Knob.     Photos
My October, 2011 solo backpacking trip from the Twentymile Creek Ranger station to Gregory Bald in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.     Tellico River & Cherhola Skyway Photos  and  Smokies Photos
My September, 2011 dayhike to Black Balsam and Big Sam.     Photos.
My September, 2011 dayhike with Jack to Devil's Hole, Sitting Bear, and Hawksbill.     Photos     
My September, 2011 dayhike in Price Park on the Boone Fork Trail.     Photos
My September, 2011, solo backpacking trip in the Shining Rock and Middle Prong Wilderness Areas starting from Sunburst campground.     Photos.
My August, 2011 solo dayhike on the Appalachian Trail in central Virginia to Spy Rock.

Our July / August, 2011 cross country trip to Wyoming, including:
Camping in Kentucky in the Red River Gorge along with a short hike to Gray's Arch.     Photos
Our first visit to Indiana, including a short hike on the Knobstone Trail and a trip to Wolf Park     Photos
Camping and hiking in the Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area in Nebraska.     Photos
Camping and dayhiking in the southeastern portion of the Wind River Range, from Worthen Meadow Reservoir to an unnamed pass east of Stough Creek Basin.     (Photos).
A 5-day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range from Elkhart Park to Island Lake and Titcomb Basin.     (Photos).
A 3-day backpacking trip in Yellowstone National Park to Heart Lake and Mount Sheridan.     (Photos).
A day and a half touring Yellowstone, sightseeing and doing short hikes.     (Photos).
Two nights camping in the Teton National Forest, on the west side of the Tetons, and a hike to the summit of Table Mountain     (Photos).
A brief visit to Mesa Falls, near Ashton, Idaho before I hiked to Terraced Falls in Yellowstone.     (Photos).
A dayhike to the summit of Whiskey Mountain. in the Wind River Range     (Photos).
A dayhike to the summit of Medicine Bow Peak in the Snowy Range of southeastern Wyoming.     (Photos).
A visit to Iowa, with short hikes in Wapsipinicon State Park and Maquoketa Caves State Park.     (Photos).
My August, 2011 hikes on the Quehanna Trail in Elk State Forest and Parker Dam State Park.     (Photos) My August, 2011 bike ride on the Little Toby Creek Rail Trail, a short hike in Cook Forest State Park, and a visit to Presque Isle State Park.     (Little Toby Creek Photos)     (Cook Forest and Presque Isle Photos)

My July, 2011 dayhike with Bob and Laura to Snake Mountain, near Boone, NC.     Photos
Our June, 2011 backpacking trip along the South Mills River, in the Pisgah National Forest.     Photos.

Our June, 2011 trip to Jamaica, including:
A caving trip in Cockpit Country.     Photos
A hike along a stretch of undeveloped coast near Robins Bay.     Photos
Hiking and relaxing near Treasure Beach.     Photos
Relaxing and snorkeling in Negril.     Photos
My May, 2011 visit to Washington State, including a dayhike to Green Mountain on the Kitsap Peninsula and visits to Snoqualmie Falls and Palouse Falls.     Eastern Washington Photos and Green Mountain Photos
My May, 2011 dayhike with Bob S along an unnamed tributary of Curtis Creek in search of old growth forest and undocumented waterfalls.     Photos
My May, 2011 backpacking trip with Dave S. in the Linville Gorge Wilderness.     Photos     
Our April, 2011 car camping trip near Highlands with dayhikes to Whitesides Mountain, Secret Falls, and Panthertown Valley.     (Whitesides Mountain and Secret Falls Photos)     (Panthertown Valley Photos).
My April, 2011 dayhike with Jack and Brenda on the Palmetto Trail from Table Rock State Park to highway 178     (Photos).
My April, 2011 visit to the Pacific Northwest with dayhikes to numerous waterfalls in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge and a visit to Bainbridge Island, Washington's Grand Forest.      Columbia River Gorge Photos      and Grand Forest Photos
Our April, 2011 visit to Asheville for a pair of Widespread Panic concerts, and a short hike to Black Balsam and Tennent Mountain near the Shining Rock Wilderness Area.     Photos. Our April, 2011 visit to Charleston, South Carolina for the Cooper River Bridge Run.
My March, 2011 dayhike with Jack and Johnny to two obscure waterfalls in the Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve     (Photos).
My March, 2011 backpacking trip with Bob J. from the Davidson River Campground to the Pisgah Fish Hatchery. We camped on Cedar Rock and visited Kuykendall Falls.     Photos
Jack's report on our March, 2011 dayhike in Linville Gorge from the Conley Cove Trailhead to Daffodil Flats and beyond.     Photos     
My, March, 2011 dayhike with Bob J. combining Doughton Park and Stone Mountain. We hiked from Basin Creek to Brinegar Cabin and on to Widows Creek.     Photos.
My exploratory off-trail hike with Jack and Bob S. to an undocumented waterfall on Sally Queen Creek in the South Mountains Game Lands.     Photos.
Our February, 2011 dayhike on the Enoree River Passage of South Carolina's Palmetto Trail.     (Photos)
Jack's account of our February, 2011 dayhike with Brenda to Little Hump and Big Yellow in the Roan Highlands.     Photos
My February, 2011 backpack from Montreat to Rocky Knob and Greybeard.     Photos
My January, 2011, dayhike with Jack and Bob S. to the headwaters of the Henry Fork in the South Mountains Gamelands.     Photos.
My January, 2011, dayhike with Bob, Joel, and Sam to High Shoals Falls and Shinny Creek in South Mountains State Park.     Photos.
My January, 2011 dayhike with Jack and Bob on the Rockjock Trail in the Linville Gorge Wilderness.     Rockjock Photos
Jack's account of our January, 2011 exploration of Hogshead Creek and discovery of two new waterfalls upstream from Maidenhair Falls.     Photos.
My solo December, 2010 dayhikes to Avery Creek, Twin Falls, and Moore Cove Falls near Brevard, NC.     Photos
Our December, 2010 dayhike from Beacon Heights to Grandmother Mountain.     Photos
My 3-day solo car camping and dayhiking trip over Thanksgiving in the Nantahala National Forest.     Photos

My 6-day backpacking trip with Bob in the Smokies.     Photos
My solo, October, 2010 dayhike in Congaree National Park.     (Photos)
My solo October, 2010 dayhike to Three Top Mountain.     Photos
My October, 2010 dayhikes to Rough Ridge and Storyteller's Rock.     Photos
My solo, October 2010 dayhike from Grayson Highlands to Rhododendron Gap.     (Photos).
My September, 2010 solo backpacking trip in the Shining Rock Wilderness.     Photos
My September, 2010 dayhike & riverwalk with Jack upstream along the Linville River to Linville Falls.     Linville Gorge Photos     Price Lake Photos
My September, 2010 dayhike with Jack from Cane River Gap to Big Butt and Little Butt.    Photos
My August, 2010 dayhike & creek walk with Jack to Steels Creek.    Photos
My August, 2010 visit to the annual Grandfather Mountain camera clinic , along with a short hike on Grandmother Mountain.     Photos
My July, 2010 three day backpacking trip with Jimmy along The Jacks River in Georgia's Cohutta Wilderness.     (Photos).
My July, 2010 dayhike to Fall Branch Falls (TN) and a watefall on the Tellico River in NC.     (Photos)
My July, 2010 dayhikes with Jack to Paradise Falls and Upper Sols Creek Falls in "Little Canada".     (Photos)

Our summer, 2010 trip to Peru, including:

Introductory information about our trip.
Two days visting the capital of Lima.     Lima Photos
3+ days in the rainforest at the Corto Maltes Jungle Lodge. Highlights there included visits to Sandoval Lake and the Taricaya Canopy Walk.     Jungle Photos
6 days in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley.     Cuzco Photos
3 days in Agua Calientes and The Lost City of the Incas - Machu Picchu.     Photos
Several days in Huaraz, including a a tour of the ruins of Chavin de Huantar and a dayhike to Laguna 69 in the Cordillera Blanca.     Photos
5 days backpacking in the Cordillera Huayhuash.     Photos
After returning to Huaraz, I did one final dayhike to Laguna Churup in the Cordillera Blanca.     Photos
Here are my favorite photos from Peru

My June, 2010 dayhike with Jack from the west rim of the gorge to Table Rock.     Photos
My May, 2010 backpacking trip with Bob and Kevin on the Appalachian Trail from Pearisburg, VA, to the Mountain Lake Wilderness.     (Photos).
My May, 2010 dayhike with Bob on the Appalachian Trail to McAfee Knob, near Roanoke, VA.     (Photos).
My May, 2010 dayhike with Jack from Jones Gap SP to Rainbow Falls, Headforemost Falls, and Fall Creek Falls     (Photos).
. My May, 2010 dayhike with Bob from Curtis Creek Campground up Snooks Nose Ridge to Green Knob.     Photos
Our May, 2010 visit to Asheville. We also did short walks to Pearson's Falls and in the gardens at the NC Arboretum.     Photos
My May, 2010 solo hike in South Mountains State Park, including a climb up Chestnut Knob.     Photos.
My May, 2010 solo dayhike in Doughton Park to Bluff Mountain.     Photos.
My May, 2010 paddling trip on North Carolina's Black River from Wildcat Road to Ivanhoe.     Photos.
My May, 2010 backpacking trip with Johnny through the Thompson River Gorge near Lake Jocassee.  - (Photos)
My solo dayhike in April, 2010 to Three Top Mountain and a separate hike to Glen Burney Falls near Blowing Rock.    Three Top Photos and Glen Burney Falls Photos
Our April, 2010 backpacking trip on the Bartram Trail from Buckeye Creek, near Franklin, NC, through the Fishhawk Mountains and on to the Chattooga River in Georgia.     Photos
My March, 2010 dayhike with Jack to Daffodil Flats in Linville Gorge.     Photos
Our hike with Jack, Dave, Henrik, and Yens to all of the major waterfalls and Cedar Rock in DuPont State Forest.     (Photos)
My solo, March car camping and dayhiking trip to Long Creek Falls, Brasstown Falls, and Raven Cliff Falls in South Carolina.     (Photos).
My solo, February backpacking trip along the Chattooga River in South Carolina.     Photos
My February, 2010 dayhike with Jack and Bob to Shortoff after a snow and ice storm.    Photos

Our November, 2009 trip to the island of Cozumel in Mexico for Christy's first Ironman. In addition to the race, we spent time snorkeling and visiting the Mayan ruins of Tulum and San Gervasio.     Photos

Our February, 2010 dayhike with Boone in the snow on the Tanawha Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway.     Photos
My January, 2010 dayhike with Bob and Joel from Stone Mountain State Park up to Camp Cheerio.     Photos.
My January, 2010 backpacking trip from Hot Springs to Rich Mountain.    Photos
My January, 2010 dayhike in the Big Laurel Creek Gorge.    Photos
My January, 2010, dayhike with Jack along the Horsepasture River in Gorges State Park.     (Photos)
My solo, December, 2009 backpack in the Smokies from the Kephart Prong Trailhead to the Icewater Springs Shelter and Charlie's Bunion.     (Photos)
My December, 2009 dayhike with Myron, Dorcas, Bob, Joel, and the dogs to Little River Falls in South Mountains State Park.     Photos.
My November, 2009 dayhike to Hanging Rock State Park to check out some waterfalls in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida     Photos.
My November, 2009 dayhike with Bob to the Amphitheatre in Linville Gorge.     Photos
My October, 2009 dayhike with Bob, Joel, and Dave from Armstrong Creek to Woods Mountain.     Photos
Our October, 2009 dayhike from the Pisgah Fish Hatchery to John Rock and Cedar Rock.     Photos

My September, 2009 trip to Washington State, including:
My solo backpacking trip Mount Rainier National Park.     Photos
My dayhike with Brian from Obstruction Point to Maiden Peak.     Photos
My backpacking trip with Brian to the High Divide and Appleton Pass.     Photos

Our July, 2009 trip to Alaska, including:
Three days on the Kenai Peninsula and around Anchorage, including a glacier cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park and a hike to the Harding Icefield.     (Photos)
Six days in Katmai National Park, including a visit to Brooks Camp.     (Photos)
A 4-day backpacking trip in the Valley of 10,000 Smokes in Katmai National Park.     (Photos)
My solo dayhikes to Crow Pass and Portage Pass.      (Crow Pass Photos) and (Portage Pass Photos)
Our visit to Cordova, the Copper River Delta, and area glaciers.      (Cordova and Child's Glacier Photos) and (Copper River and various glacier photos)
My solo dayhike to Mount Eyak and our visit to the Valez area.      (Mount Eyak Photos) and (Valdez area Photos)
A brief visit to the historic copper mining towns of McCarthy and Kennecott in Wrangell St. Elias National Park, and a dayhike to the Stairway Icefall.     (Photos)
Short hikes from Wonder Lake in Denali National Park.     (Photos)
Our 3-day backpacking trip along the Upper Teklanika River in Denali National Park.     (Photos)

My August, 2009 sailing, camping, and hiking trip with Jack and Johnny on Johnny's sailboat on Lake Jocassee.  - (Photos)
My August, 2009 solo dayhike in the Doe River Gorge, along the tracks of the former Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR.     (Photos)
My August, 2009 dayhike with Jack to Babel Tower, the Linville River, Fantasy Canyon, Futuristic Wall, Westface, and Henson Canyon.     Photos
My August, 2009 car camping trip with Jack to Dennis Cove, featuring dayhikes from Elk Falls to Twisting Falls on the Elk River and Laurel Fork Falls.     (Photos)
My June, 2009 dayhike with Myron, Dorcas, Bob, Laura, and Joel from the Roaring Fork Trailhead to Grassy Ridge in the Roan Highlands.     Roan Mountain Photos
My June, 2009 hike with Jack to an obscure waterfall on the Right Fork of the Davidson River.     Photos
Our June, 2009 hike along Big Creek to Mouse Creek Falls.     Photos
My June, 2009 dayhikes with Bob, Laura, Myron, Dorcas, and Joel to Catawba Falls, Upper Catawba Falls, and Christmount.     Photos
My May, 2009 dayhike with Bob from Black Mountain Campground to Green Knob.     Photos
Our May, 2009 car camping trip in Pisgah National Forest with a dayhike to Cove Creek Falls.     Photos
My May, 2009 dayhike with Bob on the Mountains to Sea Trail from Woodlawn to Bald Knob, which overlooks Linville Gorge.    Photos
My May, 2009 solo backpacking trip to Cold Mountain in the Shining Rock Wilderness.     Photos
My April, 2009 dayhike with Jack, Bob, Andy, Joel, and Boone in the Mackey Mountain area of the Pisgah NF.     Photos
My solo backpacking trip around the Beech Creek / Big Scaly loop in the Talluah River headwaters near Standing Indian, in the Nantahala National Forest.     Photos.

Our April "spring" break trip to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, featuring:
A visit to Manhattan with Jackie and Tony.    Photos
A solo dayhike to Mount Tammany and Sunfish Pond in New Jersey's Delaware Water Gap.     Photos
A series of short hikes to waterfalls on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware Water Gap, including Bushkill Falls and Dingmans Falls.     Photos
A hike along Rock Run on the Allegheny Front Trail in Moshannon State Forest.     Photos
A hike on the Quehanna Trail in Elk State Forest.     Photos

My March, 2009 dayhike with Jack and Bob to Daffodil Flats and the Rock Jock Trail in Linville Gorge.    Photos
My solo afternoon hike in the South Mills River area.     (Photos).
My hike with Jack in the Hickory Nut Gorge area, from the Florence Nature Preserve to Little Pisgah Mountain and Bearwallow Mountain.     (Photos).
My short, solo hike to Riley Moore Falls near Westminster, SC.     (Photos).
Our February, 2009 car camping trip to the Davidson River campground, featuring dayhikes to Case Knife Ridge, Seniard Ridge, Dill Falls, and Courthouse Falls.     Photos
My February, 2009 dayhike with Jack and Rocky to Babel Tower in Linville Gorge.     Photos
My January, 2009 short dayhikes to several waterfalls in Oconee County.     (Photos)
My January, 2009 dayhike with Dave to Rainbow Falls in South Carolina's Mountain Bridge Wilderness.     (Photos)
My January, 2009 dayhike with Bob and Dave to Graybeard Mountain and Rocky Knobs.     Photos
My January, 2009 dayhike with Bob and Joel in Linville Gorge.    Photos
My December, 2008 dayhike with Boone on the Quehanna Trail in Pennsylvania's Parker Dam State Park.     Photos
Our December, 2008 dayhikes with Myron, Dorcas, and the puppies to Armstrong Creek, Crabtree Falls, and Toms Creek Falls.     Photos
My November, 2008 dayhike with Rocky in Virginia's Mountain Lake Wilderness.    Photos
My November, 2008 caving trip with Rocky to Organ Cave.    Photos
My October, 2008 dayhike with Myron, Dorcas, and the puppies from Craggy Gardens Picnic Area to Little Snowball Mountain.    Photos
Our October, 2008 backpack with both dogs to Flat Laurel Creek near the Shining Rock Wilderness.     Photos
My October, 2008 dayhike with both dogs from the Boone Fork Trailhead to an overlook of the Boone bowl..     Photos

My solo 3-day backpacking trip in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.     Photos
My solo 3-day backpacking trip in Utah's High Uintas Wilderness.     Photos
My solo car camping and dayhiking adventure in Montana's Selway Bitterroot Wilderness southwest of Missoula.     Photos

Our summer 2008 trip to California, including: Two days spent in San Francisco, including visits to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Recreation area, as well as Christy's swimming race from Alcatraz to Fisherman's Wharf.     Photos
Several days in and near Big Basin Redwoods State Park, which included hikes in the Redwoods, a visit to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, and an afternoon at Natural Bridges State Beach.     Photos
Two days dayhiking in Yosemite National Park, including visits to Yosemite Falls, Lembert Dome, and nearby Mono Lake.     Photos

Our thru-hike of the John Muir Trail, including:
Section 1, from Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park.     Photos
Section 2, from Tuolumne Meadows to Reds Meadow, through the Ansel Adams Wilderness.     Photos
Section 3, from Reds Meadow to the Vermillion Valley Resort, through the John Muir Wilderness.     Photos
Section 4, from Vermillion Valley Resort to Muir Trail Ranch.     Photos
Section 5, through Kings Canyon National Park.     Photos
Section 6, through Sequoia National Park.     Photos


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