The Meaning Of Life

My Truth

The pain and pleasure as a new Mother brings a new heart in to the light
The adoration the Mother, now the complete woman,
has for this gem so precious at her breast
The complete wonder in the new Father's eyes
as he bears witness to these wonderous and blessed events
The learned emotions and caring that these two hearts pass
unto this child of joy and light
The wonderment this child, now maturing,
has as to the ways of the two hearts that brought the breath of life
The learning and understanding that comes of this wonderment
The joy the child, now mature, finds in another's heart that is true
The gift of these emotions that is passed between these two hearts
beating so very sweetly in unison, one with the other
The magical union as these two hearts as one in mind, body, heart and soul
The giving of pleasure while asking for nothing in return
The complete fulfillment, the ecstacy, the pleasures, the passions
that have brought even the mightiest of warriors to their knees
These feeling, until now unknown to these two hearts,
brought into the light by these very emotions
The life that is conceived of these two hearts
that have given all their very being, one unto the other
The new heart that is born of this sharing of souls
Another heart brought into the light
So very precious of cycles now complete

The Meaning of Life?
A mystery so great?
The question of the millenia?

Unto this question my reply

The Meaning of Life can only lie within
this completely overwelming power of emotions,
feelings and passions called Love,
which brings these hearts into the light
The Meaning of Life is the love which creates life itself


This is my truth

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