I was sailing torrid seas so full of strife
Amidst a storming windsong's howling gale
With raging waves to thunderous heights
My vessel, Hopeless Love, sails torn with mournful wail
A heading of solitude and darkest nights
My quested port at long last reached
In angel's blue eyes neathe silken halo
My damaged sails faired by your loving caress
Your graceful passion gently touching my ailing soul
Windsongs whispers now of love and tenderness
My heart now sailing serenity sea
Now a course heading held fast in love's serenity
Gentle waves swelling neathe billowing sail first kiss
Windsongs now singing with angelic bliss
Moonlit sails billowing through age they have worn
Two hearts adventures on earth our loving memories firm
Sail on shall we, our zenith at hand
Waterfall fantasies await us
Within our stars silver band

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