"Never did I believe there could be
Such utter happiness in this world,
Such a feeling of unity
Between two mortal beings.

I love you
Those three words have my life in them."

~Alexandrea to Nicholas III~

August 20th 2000.... I will never forget
that day.... after long bittersweet months of
waiting, I was finally going to meet my heart.
I was still unpacking from a move, when, with
less than 24 hours notice I was on the way to the
United States to finally "meet" my future. My luck
held out (the bad variety), I slept in, had a two
hour ferry wait, three hours through Customs, rush
hour Seattle traffic. I had intended on being two
hours early and now I was over three hours late.

I was so worried about what you were thinking.
Did you wonder if I had got cold feet? Or, maybe,
stood you up? I made my way through the airport,
there were thousands of people there, and I wondered
how I would ever find you. Logic dictated that the
odds of finding you in that Airport "City", without
the aid of Search and Rescue, were slim to none. I
picked up the phone, called home, looked up across
the lobby, and my heart skipped a beat. There you
were .... my heart was of no doubt, only you could
have that effect on me.

Being with you, has changed me in ways, I am only
just yet discovering. But one... and it stares me
right in the face, without blinking... is that our
heart is not controlled by logic, or International
Laws, or any other such trivial nonsense. It is
controlled by our overwhelming need to be together.

Always remember Someone is Loving you Douglas Aaron,
and we have a date with a star...
logic, laws, and trivia be damned!

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