So many journeys I have walked alone
Through bitter cold and sleepless night
Trails of confusion and hopeless dispair
In quiet darkness devoid of light

So many dreams I have left behind
Through poor decisions or impatient youth
Searching frantically for the easy way
Owning the imposter for the price of truth

So many nights I have spent alone
Through anguised moans and desperate fears
Yearning for a comfort I had never known
Hugged to sleep by lonely tears

My soul as all was almost lost
Caught a gentle whispered plea
My Love please take my hand and walk
Just one more mile with me

I placed my heart with yours that day
And never once looked back
Our journey leads us straight ahead
A forever star for us to track

It is time for you to take my hand
Our journey not yet through
For my Love I will forever walk
Just one more mile with you

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