To know you my Lady
Is to bathe within the gentle mist of a waterfall
cascading from a high cliff,
the climax of mountain streams
whose water are the accumulation of crystal springs and pure virgin snow,
flowing, touching and giving precious life and wondrous beauty
to all the natural wonders that feel its gentle caress.

To touch you my Lady
Is to caress the silken warmth of a flower's petal
basking within the glorious sunlight of a
mountain meadow on a warm spring day.

To hold you my Lady
Is to be enshrouded within the wings on an angel,
a haven within your arms granting solace
easing all of life's troubled days.

To kiss you my Lady
Is to soar into the heavens upon a comet's tail,
a magical moonlit journey among the stars past the Goddess Venus
who smiles at the sight of two hearts merging as one in this loving embrace,
as your lips gently caress my soul instilling within the very essence of my being more love,
passion and burning desire than I have ever known or shall ever know again.

Mere words to be sure my Lady,
however an attempt to describe the indescribable emotions I feel knowing your precious gift of love.

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