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Master Of My Heart

Music the only sign that someone is indeed home after your long drive.
As you survey the living room, you notice everything is spotless and in its place.
"Feelin Love" plays erotically on the stereo. As you walk into the kitchen,
you notice a single red rose and a note placed on the counter.
You absently stroke the silk of a perfect petal as you read;

"My Love, my Life, Master of my Passions,
I await your whims and desires with eager anticipation.
With Adoration,
Your naughty one"

I am waiting for you in our room.
Laying on my back, my ass on the edge of the bed, my legs spread wide open.
A vibrator slowly moving in and out of my wet glistening pussy.
My gleaming eyes catch yours, a pout on my lips, I whisper,

"Baby, this is a poor substitution"
Moving from the bed, I kneel at your feet.
Sliding your zipper down, easing your pants,
then your boxers over your hips, down your legs,
until they are gone.
What awaits me is pure heaven.
A hungry tongue runs over my lips,
as my eyes beg the question,

"May I?"
I do not wait for a response.
My tongue claims the head of your delicious cock,
circling you, tasting you, pure delight to my senses.
My fingers dance between your balls,
exploring every detail of your exquisite manhood.
My tongue leaves your swollen head,
traveling down your long hard shaft,
back up again...
slow dragging licks.
My need to taste you overriding all other needs.
After a very long time I feel your knees shake slightly,
and at this moment I swallow your delicious cock deep into my throat.
Sucking and tonguing your fabulous manhood.
As I feel your fingers tangle in my hair,
pulling your cock deeper within my waiting mouth,
I grab your ass and pull you in even more.
I can't get enough of you.
When I feel my sweetest reward
start to fill my hungry mouth,
I swallow you so gently.
Before you are completely spent,
I remove my lips from your cock,
allowing your juices to run down my chin.
I resume my former position on the bed.
Covering my fingers with your sweet nectar,
I allow them to trail slowly between my breasts
down my belly to your awaiting pussy.
Massaging your cum all around my clit,
sideways glance at the discarded vibrator,
I whisper,
"It really was a poor substitution"

Douglas Aaron, your wench always awaits you.

The Two Of Us