Is it wrong to be a dreamer,
Just looking for things never to be
Are all the realist's right
Is nothing real except what you can see

Are dreams mere figments of imagination
Times and places that cannot possibly exist
Are minds suppose to remain empty
Of all that is still but a wish

Or is the dreamer the seeker
Of knowledge yet brought into light
Isn't the dreamer the ponderer
Blessed with a gift of insight

Isn't the dreamer the creator
The poet the artist the sculptor
Isn't the dreamer the minstral
The singer the musician the actor

Isn't the dreamer the romantic
The adorer of hearts and love
Isn't the dreamer the keeper
Of the stars in the heavens above

To dream is to journey
Into thoughts, into songs, into art
To dream is to soar in to these and many more magical worlds
Within one's mind, soul and heart

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