Erin Berry, the teenager who was killed two years ago in a
tragic car accident and whose name is already associated with
the Canadian Fall Rookie Master game, is back in the news.
Erin's father, Larry Berry, has generously created a very
substantial fund in Erin's name, which will be known as the
"Erin Berry Youth Fund". This fund will be administered by
the Canadian Bridge Federation, solely for the support of
Youth (age 19 and under) bridge players.

The conditions attached to the donation are:

The player(s) supported must be 19 or younger.
The player(s) must be Canadian.
The player(s) must raise at least 25% of the
funding required on their own.

The details of the selection process, level of appropriate
financial support, and other details will be worked out later
this year at the CFB annual meeting. An announcement will
be made in a future "Bridge Canada", when principal has been
allowed to accumulate, and the selection process decided.

A huge vote of thanks to Larry Berry!

~Bridge Canada May 2000~

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