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Flag of Fantippo,
which shows a person
riding an elephant.

Click the flag to view a larger flag.


Crest of Bokhara.

The flag of Upper Yafa.

Khanate of Bokhara
Visit the Bokhara website

Sultanate of Upper Yafa
Visit the Upper Yafa website

Flag of Sedang.

Sultanate of Occussi-Ambeno
Visit the Occussi-Ambeno website

Kingdom of All the Sedang
Visit the Sedang website


Flag of Kemp Land.

Crest of Liegerland.

People’s Democratic Republic
of Kemp Land

Visit the Kemp Land website


Republic of Liegerland
Visit the Liegerland website


Flag of Tui Tui.
Port Maria

Archipelago of Tui-Tui
Visit Tui-Tui on the web


Republic of Port Maria
Visit the Port Maria website


Emblem of the Republic of Raoul.
Flag of Muggy.

Republic of Raoul
Visit the Raoul website


Land of Muggy
Visit the Muggy website


Crest of Mevu.
Flag of Tibet

Republic of Mevu
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Visit the Tibet website


Flag of Free Vinland
Flag of Taniquah

Free Vinland Republic
Visit the Free Vinland website


Kingdom of Taniquah
Visit the Taniquah website


The High Kingdom of Fantippo is a Member of the
International Council of Independent States (ICIS),
the "United Nations" of the Fifth World.