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Have you ever wished you had easy access to computer training? How about just a computer? The captain and crew of CREW ENTERPRIZES will be happy to take you aboard and teach you all they know.

For a tour of our ship and to find out more, simply show up on our doorstep (mobile 40) Saturdays 10 AM to 3PM.

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From a small DOS seed, a mighty Microsoft tree grew. Plant a seed, or an idea in people's heads then stand back.

Our website is

A buy and sell newsletter and writer's workshop will follow. Anyone interested in advertising and/or writing feel free to drop by on Saturdays.

The Future is Today ****************************************

About the Captain: Dave Britten is from the East Coast and likes it here! He plans to retire some day and spend his time kayaking and tutoring. He has had both military and university training. He also does property management.

About the Crew: Bob McMillan is in danger of becoming a computer games addict. His background is management and more recently, cooking. His willingness to learn new things makes him an important part of the organization. And then there's his musical talent, which I have yet to find proof of.

About the Ship: Okay, so it's more of a space shuttle than a ship. But you have to admit the technology is impressive. Okay, was impressive in its day. I do hope to have a telephone and fax soon.