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Alien's of Star Trek
These pages are dedicated to the long list of life-forms from Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9, and VGR.
There might be a day when I expand to Enterprise but today is not that day.
Alien's List S
Sakari Humanoid inhjabitants from the Delta Quadrant "Blood Fever" (VGR)
Saltah'na Gamma Quadrant life-forms that produced telepathic spheres "Dramatis Personae" (DS9)
Samarian coral fish Aquatic life-form; Guinan thought she saw one in a nebula "Imaginary Friend" (TNG)
sand bats Creatures from planet Manark IV; they appear to be inanimate rock crystals until they attack "The Empath" (TOS)
sark, Klingon Riding animal "Pen Pals" (TNG)
Satarrans Humanoids, native to Sothis III, that attempted to take over the Enterprise-D "Conundrum", "The Chase" (TNG)
Scalosians Humanoid civilization of the planet Scalos, physiologically hyperaccerated by radiation exposure "Wink of an Eye" (TOS)
Scathos Civilization, Scathosian woman who conceived children before the age of forty were executed "Elogium" (VGR)
sehlat Vulcan animal that resembles a teddy-bear with six inch fangs "Journey to Babel" (TOS)
Selay Sentient, reptilian inhabitants of the Beta Renna system "Lonely Among Us" (TNG)
Seltan carnosaur Immense reptilian behemoth around 300m. tall "One Little Ship" (DS9)
Sheliak Classification R-3 life-form; a very reclusive people "The Ensigns of Command" (TNG)
sinoraptor Life-form "The Darkness and the Light" (DS9)
Skrreea Humanoid civilization from the Gamma Quadrant "Sanctuary" (DS9)
solanagen-based entities Life-forms that existed in a deep subspace domain "Schisms" (TNG)
Soong-type android Artificial life-form based on the work of Dr. Noonien Soong; Data was a Soong-type android "Datalore", Descent" (TNG) et al
Son'a A race directly related to the Ba'ku, children of the Ba'ku who were cast out for their renegade efforts to take over their own world along with offlanders Star Trek: Insurection
"Sons of Mogh, The." Inhabitants of the planet Gaia "Children of Time" (Ds9)
spawn beetle Insectoid life-form "Elogium" (VGR)
Species 116 Borg designation for a technologically spohisticated humanoid civilization from the Delta Quadrant "Hope and Fear" (VGR)
Species 149 Borg designation for a technologically spohisticated civilization possessing advanced medical science "Mortal Coil" (VGR)
Species 218 Borg designation for Talaxians "The Raven" (VGR)
Species 259 Borg designation for a technologically advanced omnicordial life-form that inhabited Galactic cluster 3 "The Gift" (VGR)
Species 262 Primitive Delta Quadrant civilization assimilated by Borg around 2145 "The Omega Directive" (VGR)
Species 263 Delta Quadrant civilization, regarded as primitive by Borg  "The Omega Directive" (VGR)
Species 329 Borg designation for the Kazon people "Mortal Coil" (VGR)
Species 3259 Borg designation for Vulcans "The Raven" (VGR)
Species 5174 Borg designation for a spacefaring Delta Quadrant civilization "Hunters" (VGR)
Species 8472 Borg designation for a technologically sophisticated life-form that existed in a fluidic space realm "Scorpion, Part II", "Prey" (VGR)
spores, Omicron 
Ceti III
Symbiotic organism from planet Omicron Ceti III "This Side Of Paradise" (TOS)
Spot Data's companion, Felis domesticus; pbviously sentient "Data's Day" (TNG), et al
squid Cephalopod life-form indigenous to Earth "Blaze of Glory" (DS9)
squill Plant which grew only on the planet Balancar "The Magnificent Ferengi" (DS9)
Srivani Technologically advanced civilization of androgynous humanoids "Scientific Method" (VGR)
Steth Unscrupulous being capable of selective DNA exchange "Vis a Vis" (VGR)
Swarm Highly territorial civilization in the Delta Quadrant "The Swarm" (VGR)
symbiont Small, sightless, sessile intelligent life-form, one half of the Trill joined species "Equilibrium" "Dax"(DS9),
"The Host" (TNG), et al

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