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Alien's of Star Trek
These pages are dedicated to the long list of life-forms from Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9, and VGR.
There might be a day when I expand to Enterprise but today is not that day.

Alien's List B

B'omar Technologically sophisticated humanoid civilization from the Delta Quadrant "The Raven" (VGR)
Ba'ku rhyl Small animal life-form indigenous to Ba'ku planet. Atrim had one as a pet kept in his pocket Star Trek: Insurrection
Ba'ku Humanoid civilization from a planet in the Briar Patch Star Trek: Insurrection
bacillus spray Organism used to combat grapevine parasites "All Good Things" (TNG)
Bajoran shrimp Small edible marine decapod indigenous to the oceans of Bajor "You Are Cordially Invited" (DS9)
Bajorans Ancient, deeply spiritual humanoid people, victimized for decades by the Cardassians "Ensign Ro" (TNG), "Emissary" (DS9), et al
Balduk warriors A fierce group "New Ground" (TNG)
Bandi Humanoid inhabitants of Denab IV "Encounter at Farpoint, "Parts I & II" (TNG)
Baneans Spacefaring Civilization from the Delta Quadrant "Ex Post Facto" (VGR)
Baneriam hawk Peradotory bord "If Wishes Were Horses" (DS9)
Bardakian pronghorn moose Animal known for its loud call "Unification, Part II" (TNG)
Barkonians Humanoid inhabitants of Barkon IV. Their civilization was at a level approximatel equal to Earth's Renaissance period "Thine Own Self" (TNG)
Barolians Humanoids engaged in trade with the Romulans "Unification, Part II (TNG)
barrowbug Insect life indigenous to the planet Bajor "Ties of Blood and Water" (DS9)
Barzans Vaguely cat-like Humanoid residents of the planet Barzan "The Price" (TNG)
Beauregard Plant raised by Sulu ""The Man Trap" (TOS)
Betazoidian flea Animal mentioned by Q "Deja Q" (TNG)
Benthans Technologically sophisticated humanoid civilization from Benthos IV in the Delta Quadrant  "Vis a Vis" (VGR)
Benzites Blue skinned scientient humanoid; natives of planet Benzar "Coming of Age" (TNG), "A Matter of Honor" (TNG), "The Ship"(DS9)
Berellians People not known for their engineering skills "Redmption, Part II" (TNG)
berserker cat Wild animal known for its courage "Let He Who is Without Sin..." (DS9)
Beta Renner cloud Sentient gaseous creature that took over Picard's body in an attempt to explore the galaxy "Lonely Amoung Us" (TNG)
Beta XII-A entity Life-form composed of pure energy that thrived on negative emotions "Day of the Dove" (TOS)
Betazoids Telepathic humanoids native to the planet Betazed; members of the Federation "Haven" (TNG) 
"Menage a Troi" (TNG); et al
Bolians Blue-skinned humanoids, characterized by a midfacial dividing line, natives of Bolarus IX "Allegiance" (TNG), "Conspiracy" (TNG), Prototype" (VGR), "Emissary" (DS9); et al
Boraalans Pre-industrial humanoid inhabitants of Boraal II "Homeward" (TNG)
Borg Cyborg civilization linked by a collective consciousness "Q Who?", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I & II", "I, Borg", "Descent, Part I & II" (TNG), Star Trek: First Contact, "Unity" (VGR)
Borgia plant  Mildly toxic plant indigenous to planet M-113 "The Man Trap" (TOS)
Boslics Humanoid spacefaring civilization "Sons of Mogh" (DS9)
Botha A people who occupy a sector of the Delta Quadrant "Persistence of Vision" (VGR)
Breen Politically non-aligned culture that sometimes attacks Federation ships "Hero Worship", "Interface"(TNG), "Elogium" (VGR), "Indiscretion" (DS9)
Brekkians Humanoid people native planet Brekka "Symbiosis" (TNG)
Bringloidi Colonists of Bringloid V "Up The Long Ladder" (TNG)
Briori Humanoid civilization native to the Delta Quadrant "The 37's" (VGR)
Bulgallian rat Animal reputed to be terrifying "Coming of Age" (TNG)
Bynars Humanoids heavily integrated with computers "11001001" (TNG)

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