Skandinavian Bar

The Skandinavian Bar is THE bar to go to if you are looking to meet a lot of young backpackers and tourists. There are two small bars on the first level, and a disco with a small dance floor on the second level. During the busy months (late July and August), the whole bar is PACKED,as is the little square that it surrounds. The prices are cheap (4 euro for a big beer in the downstairs bar, more for a small beer in the upstairs advice buy them downstairs!), and although there is a cover to get up to the disco, you also get a free drink. In the early months of the summer, you can get a free Skandinavian Bar T-shirt whenever you want, but when it gets busier, you have to be one of the lucky ones who has the signature of the owner on the back of your disco ticket (My friend who was there later than I was this summer said that they don't do this anymore..who knows). Everyone loves these shirts...I actually had someone offer to buy mine from me a few years ago when I was on another island!

The staff of the Skandinavian bar is excellent, always up for a good time. The music is pretty much the same that is played everywhere, but it's good fun after a few shots of red vodka. The bar opens around 10, but is quiet til around maybe 12:30. It goes pretty much until about 4am. Sometimes it closes earlier, sometimes later (haha really late if you get into a political debate with Stavros and he forgets to close!). If you are looking for an authentic greek night out, this is not the place to go. However, it is definitely a lot of fun, and worth checking out.

The Beach Goddess and I are getting ready for some of the Skandi boys to visit us this fall...should be interesting, taking them out of their element!

To really get a feel for what the Skandinavian Bar is all about, click here for The Skandi Photo Album.


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