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IKV HoH jagh

Klingon Defense Force:

IKV HoH jagh

The Klingon high command has commissioned the K'T'Inga class battle cruiser, based around the hull of a standard D-7, including the latest weapon and engine technology. The Armament of the K'T'Inga was upgraded throughout.
A new, heavier model torpedo was installed, cutting the number of torpedoes carried from 260 to 230.
A Mark 10 disrupter cannon was mounted directly above each torpedo tube. The Mark 7 disrupters of the D-7 were replaced with Mark 8 models, of which an extra pair was worked into the design.
The ground forces barracks was eliminated so as to allow more space to engineering; this measure allowed a larger warp core to be installed and left space for a 20% increase in the fuel supply.

Ech Shuknoku was the first Warrior to be granted a command of such a vessel. IKV HoH jagh was launched in July, 2378 and has had a series of victorious missions. The Brigadier is always eager and ready to take HoH jagh into battle! May his honorable leadership and experienced crew of Warriors always bring the HoH jagh home!

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