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Dolphin Dreams

Dolphin Dreams

Cetaceans (the dolphins and whales) are transmitters of ancient wisdom and planetary ascension energies. The whales are wise, loving evolutionary guides, and the dolphins are joyful, telepathic messengers of galactic knowledge. Both the whales and dolphins bring about healing, deep growth and transformation. Their energies and consciousness can be received through shamanic methods, for the cetaceans are eager to make contact and share. My book, DOLPHIN TRIBE, has more to say about this. Being in the water with them is unnecessary to make the heart/telepathic connection, although swimming with them is awesome! You can connect with them right from your comfortable home. Making contact with them will change your life in ways unimagined. My meditation tape, DOLPHIN MEDITATIONS, was created expressly for this purpose, and it has assisted many to access and attune to the dolphin and whale consciousness.

At this beginning of a new era, many dolphins have chosen to be ‘bridgers’ and incarnate into the human species. This is oftentimes a tough transition for them, coming as they do from a unity consciousness/pod energetic. If you feel you are one of these ‘former dolphins’ and desire to ‘out yourself’, please contact me via email and leave your story and/or email address. There is a plan for a chat room, forum or newsletter for those that seek the expansiveness and healing that comes with understanding and bonding.

Having been around a long, long time, the cetaceans would like you to know some history. Firstly, though the humanoid form/design has existed for aeons, the current human design and DNA set-up is a relatively new experiment. Other humanoids and DNA experiments have come before you. These other experiments have moved to other frequencies and dimensions. Although Earth (or if your prefer Terra or Gaia) has long ceased to be the home for their civilizations, you stand on their shoulders so to speak. They ascended, left the planet (however, some didn’t move on, but that’s another story) and are a part of your DNA legacy. You most likely carry some or a lot of their a DNA depending upon the individual. Check out this website for more information on this subject. There are many contributions donated in their archived files. There have been many lineages and bloodlines that have carved the path upwards for you to journey on your spiritual path. They have left clues in stone, rock, crystal, and the mineral kingdoms for you to discover. Sacred sites all over the world offer mysteries for you to explore.

Peruvian Stairs

To facilitate your ascension, it is necessary to FORGIVE yourselves and your Ancestors, for within your DNA, you hold many memories. Some of these memories may be hard to deal with, and you may wish to repress them. This is where COMPASSION comes in. It is a necessary ascension tool, right behind FORGIVENESS. Most of you through your ancestry have done it all: the good, the bad and the ugly!

In Hawaii the veils are very thin between dimensions, and the Ancestors are as close as a whisper. The Hawaiian name for the Ancestors is NA KUPUNA, and they are honored, consulted and given respect! However, you are the one in the hot seat making the choices in every moment. It is up to you to choose between pilikia (trauma/drama) or pono (balance/love). This is a most important consideration especially at this moment in time when fear, paranoia and insecurity are being experienced by so many, and the mass consciousness is full of this pilikia vibe! These are the times to be pono with everything. Your power lies in your choices! Like Auntie says, you can check into the ‘Hell Hotel’ if you want to, but it’s better to check out!

These ancient Hawaiian wisdom teachings have recently been released by Auntie Mehalani Henry for this special moment of time, the most spectacular awakening in consciousness that has ever occurred on this planet. Na Kupuna are advising: wake up! Na Kupuna are asking you to remember your Spirit Greatness. Turn off the chatter in your mind and let the ancient wisdom and your own inner guidance enter in whatever way it chooses. Guidance may come from your Higher Self, the cetaceans, your DNA, your unconscious, the faery realm, your multidimensional self, and other kingdoms. There is a divine thread which links all existence with all others in the Unified Field of pure consciousness, and you live in a communicating universe.

Nepalese Stairs

Let your vibration move onwards and upwards a little at a time. You will gradually integrate the ascension frequencies into your life and form. Happy Trails!

“The important thing is this: to be able at a moment’s notice to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” Charles du Bos

Excerpt from Ashleea’s Book “Dolphin Tribe”


“Come, be with us! Your fear will melt away as you swim with us in the Sea of Love.

We have much to share with you. It is not necessary to come to the ocean. Simply experience us with your heart and your imagination. We have our own unique perspective that will help you bring balance, healing, and joy into your life. We would also like you to share with us your light, your hopes and your dreams. Let us unite now to bring our combined power and essence into the world, to return Earth to her former balance and glory.”


“The time draws near for the results of your choices are upon you. Be not afraid. Cloak yourself with your desires, willingness and readiness to be Love. The energies we offer you are of love and light, and we will be with you as you take your next steps. We are here to nurture, inspire, uplift and provide opportunities for transformation. We offer them with great gratitude, for your accepting them and growing with them is a gift for us!”

These websites are devoted to helping others understand their unique ‘otherness’, although none are specifically addressing the feeling of transitioning from dolphin to human. However, they might be helpful.

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