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Angel Portal

Angel Portal


The angels work in strange and mysterious ways in our lives, and those of us that are open to their collaboration and guidance are very blessed. I frequently receive detailed messages from them during my dreamtime. The angels gift messages for multiple purposes: for suggestions on actions to take during waking hours; for insights, understanding and resolution to current challenges; for answers to philosophical questions; and for remembrance of Home. I receive the most urgent messages with special emphasis right before I awaken. I have learned to pay attention to these messages for my angels tell me that these particular dream messages are the ones that they would most like me to shine my awareness on during my waking hours. Attempting to recapture the dreamtime angelic guidance (which quickly fades as the morning unfolds), I keep a dream journal and write them down as soon as I awaken.

The title and theme of this essay was donated by my dreamtime angels this year! However, when I trace the subject matter back in linear time, I recall when the subject first caught my attention and it crystallized. I was guided to take some time off from my hectic schedule and take a three- day fast/retreat many years ago. Though this guidance seemed inappropriate for I was super busy, I have learned to trust the angelic counsel. Thus, the retreat almost arranged itself as if it were in divine flow. It was during this prayer retreat that I received a powerful message.

I accepted the invitation to retreat at a friend’s cabin high on the western flank of Haleakala, Maui. Haleakala is a magical, magnificent mountain, but when you find yourself there in solitude, you are truly blessed. Such was my case for I was in a cabin that only those with four-wheel drive could manage to access, and the location was in an out-of-the way area, far away from the heavily trekked trails and campgrounds. This cabin space was located off the grid, which means that its power source was solar, and therefore, the environmental energy was very clean and ‘clear’ which helps the energy body so that one can easier connect with inner wisdom, find balance and clarity. Furthermore, it was a Buddhist sacred place.

The powerful message I received whilst on this retreat spoke of a time approaching humanity when each person on Earth would make a Choice. Apparently, this was a personal decision, not a group decision. There would be separate directions for each person depending upon which choice h/she made. My sense was this was similar to what is mentioned in the Bible when it is written of separating the sheep from the goats. This timing of the decision seemed imminent, and I felt that it would be within the space of ten to twenty years. I wrote down much of the information only to put it aside as I quite often do with many manuscripts which then get resurrected and re-worked at a later dates. This message felt extremely important, and I knew this Choice would be a BIGGIE for humanity. However, it was never clearly spelled out what this Choice would be and not until several years later did the angels give me more information about this matter in the dreamtime when they again brought it to my attention!

Once more I was shown that there would come a time for a splitting of the path for individuals, and some would choose to go one way, and others would choose to go another. The NEW part of the message was that every soul had ALREADY made their decision! In my dream the information made perfect sense, but upon awakening, I questioned this. Could this truly be so? I researched and contemplated fate, destiny and Time. These are heavy-weight subjects, and some of the greatest thinkers of the world have written about them in their philosophical works. It is only in the third dimension that humans perceive time in a linear fashion for in higher dimensions everything exists simultaneously so it is written by many of these philosophers. When one is in the dreamtime, they are not operating in linear time. This is why so many prophecies result from dreams.

This year I was introduced via email to the messages received and posted on the homepage, Operation Terra. I immediately resonated with them and recognized their articulation as from the same source. The homepage is located in the Links section should you wish to read all the many messages that have been posted thus far.

May your angels bless you and watch over you on your Soul’s journey!


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