Band Tour Journal 2002

Well, we're leaving, finally... I think. Never Never Land will return! Never Never Land III, to be exact. It will be marvelous! OK, so we're not leaving... I wanna leave now, it will be fun. :) -Monica

I'm sitting here, thinking man I'm bored. -Jason

Can't play any instruments, can't recognize any notes, but glad to be with KC Band on this tour. One of my never to forget times at KC. -Mr. T

It's Sabbath and raining out. We're driving on a horrible road and I can't write. Minnie fell over Jason and slapped Darryl. Jana and Brooke still haven't moved from their seat in the very front of the bus. I still hate Derek. -Devin

All must pay homage to the Great Oracle of our time, Nathan – the epitome of perfection. Give him burnt sacrifices. We must appease his wrath. -A member of the Duplicate Mafia and the Cult of Nathan

Hello! The whole bus is sleeping (except for about 2 people) whether they'll admit it or not. Darryl likes sitting on the floor by Mr. Scott, for some odd reason. It's pouring RAIN and everyone is pretty quiet. Oh well! -Brooke

Guess what?! Well to tell the truth not really much is happening. I look around and I see a leaky window, terribly unsynchronized windshield wipers doing their funky dance, Mr. Scott lazily and boringly driving the bus while snacking on some sort of...something... Hey, I wonder what it is. I'll make it my mission to find out the unfindoutable. Oh, he stopped. Now he's just scratching his neck. Rather exciting, isn't it? I thought so too. I keep myself occupied during this trip by sleeping, playing with Jason's drumsticks, eating lollipops, singing in spite of my laryngitis, and laughing when people embarrass themselves. For instance, Darryl just tripped and fell backwards into the sack lunches. He falls a lot. Silly Darryl... -Jana Topper

I'm sitting here and I'm thinking man Brad is gay, he doesn't know when to shut up and talks about a whole bunch of nothing and I'm missing my girlfriend right now. -Jason

We were snowed in today and we can't go to Thunder Bay. Luckily we got to stay in the booming metropolis of Sault Ste. Marie. Sarah, Melissa, Jana, Brooke, Andrea, and Minnie sat in their house all day while we went bowling/swimming/shopping. Ha ha ha, suckers. That's about all that's going on. I still hate Derek, Greg, and Mark and I hope they come down with irreversible throat cancer. Dirty beggars. -Devin

Well. Our experience in Sault Ste. Marie has been somewhat less than interesting. And to top it off, Monica succeeded in breaking not only the shower at the house we're staying at, but the toilet as well. After only moments in the bathroom, there were toilet puddles on the floor and the people in that house were destined to never bathe again. Way to go, Monica! We spent hours in that house doing copious amounts of nothing. And, oh joy, we get to stay another night. Curses on the snow gods! Well, here I go, back to the house... -Diana

Hello! OK, I didn't break their whole bathroom. The toilet had nothing to do with me, it was just a coincidence, no comment on the shower... We're watching Kristle's Destiny's Child video. After that, we're going to watch Yi Young's "Saving Private Ryan" that she bought today. -Monica

Yes, and I am the other unfortunate child staying in this house of boredom. After "Saving Private Ryan" we're going to watch "Titanic." Just to keep ourselves occupied. I can't think for the life of me why Jason and Erin broke up. Not that I have anything against it, really. Myself and other people (who will remain nameless) are just curious. Anyway, back to this house! What we sleep in, you can't really even call a basement, it consists of a floor with a rug, four walls and some sort of crooked wooden excuse for a ceiling. Along with a piece of string that serves as a laundry line, a small armchair, a couple mattresses, a broken down TV and pipes. Oh the luxury! -Kristle

No comment on the house. -Yi Young

Just lucky to get a VCR for the night. -Yi Young

It's freakin freezing the bus was not warm and now I’m cold! My hair is frozen. Everyone is cold, they will start their hibernation soon. At last silence will be, hopefully. I have lost feeling in both my hands, reducing any ability to write. Sorry if you can not read this. -Bob

It's damn cold. -Devin

Aaah yes. This is my first band tour and so far it seems to be going okay. Other than the fact that me and Brooke missed out on swimming yesterday. I will never forgive Minnie for that! NEVER! NEVER! Guess what? Yet another predicament oriented incident with grape juice. Hey what is that purple mess on this page? Yeah, that would be the result of stupid Marc's stupidity. AAAAARRGHH!!! Oh well. I think I'll drink the rest of the grape juice before stupid Marc does something stupid again. -Jana Topper

I'm once again sitting here in the bus on our way to some place, and I'm thinking why the heck can't people stay out of other people's business (like mine). It makes me mad. Well this is my words of the moment. -Jason

A day of endless driving. I don't have the concentration to do anything but listen to my glorious MP3s and stare at the pet cemeteries and "American houses" we pass. Never Never Land is on hiatus, and Trixie wants it back up. But Dakota Rose is too cool for it and Diana is too lazy to appease Trixie. Well, I'm going to give the journal to someone more motivated to write in it than I am at the moment. I need sleep. -Diana

We all need sleep. Girls are NOT superior to guys. Sorry, ladies. The end. Actually it's not. I'm going to ramble on over and over due to the fact that the only conversation going on (Brooke, Jana, Jason, Sarah, Devin all talking about Blind Camp) is actually boring because it has nothing to do with me and my time. I say something, nothing (insert swear word) this is boring. Solitary confinement with a pillow and a plastic bag with my sleeping bag in it. Good Bye. – Hello, I'm Visitor. I live under your toe. Please don't step on me! -Visitor (Jana wants to [insert swear word] kick Devin’s [insert swear word] the end.) (Pointless rambling and taking up room, my bad.)

EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH Pointless eh's and here is a whole bunch more. EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH This is my whole bunch of nothingness. -Jason

Diana can crack walnuts with her hands, interesting. -Visitor

This bus is really boring. Bob and Jason are singing. Right now they are singing Backstreet Boys. I'm still tired from waking up so early but the singing is so horrible that I can't sleep. -Marc

Jason and I are famous! We are POPSTARS!!

Hello wuz up? I'm not a retard. Nothing except 'you are the shape of my heart.' Thanks man, we are the coolest we are Popstars and are going to be the next greatest thing! Don't put your finger in my ear, thanks. 'Oh baby baby' 'Oh baby baby' Sorry about the finger in the ear. 'Hit me baby one more time' Sorry Bob! Funny. I'm not your baby either! 'Give me a sign.' No, no you ain't my baby, and I'm not giving you a sign! That sucks 'pop pop pop pop.' "Britney Spears" sucks and all other pop stars are freaking losers and our conversation is over so have a nice day, Bob. Later. -Bob and Jason

I'm back. Yes, it's me again. I don't care if you don't want to read this. I'll write it anyways. I can see inside your mind and read your thoughts. Right now you are thinking, "Who does this person think they are? Well, whoever it is, they're a retarded loser." I'm right, aren't I? Well, if I'm right that means that you're wrong. Wrong, I tell you, WRONG! I am most certainly not a retarded loser. I didn't waste ink to tell you that though. Really, I'm not writing anything. It's just a whole bunch of garbage on paper. In word form, of course. All I have to say is that I want to phone my brother. It's his birthday and I wanted to call him but I haven't had an opportunity yet. Quite the pity. Oh, I miss him so. Right now I am somewhere in the bus. Can you guess where? No, I'm not in the front with Brooke (for a change). And, no, I'm not on the roof of the bus or under the bus or locked in the bathroom (I'm glad, that bathroom is nasty) or anything crazy like that. I am sitting in Bob's seat. Bob is in the seat in front of Devin and they are playing a game of cards. Yes, we'll just call it a card game. Oh! I remember. It's called President. Me and Bob have crowns from Burger King and we've started an oh-so-trendy trend where you push the crown down so that it folds your ears down and makes them stick out. It kind of hurts but I can deal with the pain. Hey, would you look at that. I have written more than a page of just blabbering on. Congratulations me! You have successfully occupied yourself for a while. Now I have to think of something else to do before we reach our destination. -Jana Topper

Band has been an experience I will forget, just like last year's... j/k. So far, it has been an awesome tour. Yesterday I spent the day with Bob and Jason – they're so awesome. We had fun... Lucky Charms... mmmmmm good... There is only one thing that is ruining my trip. ICE – BLACK ICE – everything goes wrong because I step on it and I SLIP and FALL! I have bad luck. But there’s more to come... Will write back later. -Meli

This is Kris (Kristle for all the people that aren't smart enough to realize that's my nickname. J/K. You all probably guessed that.) The Mall of America was the illest and biggest mall I've been to. It's the best. I was hangin' with YiYung for the first part (up to 2:00) until I lost her, then I rescued Andrea from Manny and Chris and was chilling with her. We went and saw Big Fat Liar which is the funniest movie. (And it has Jaleel, Erkel from "Family Matters" in it.) After that we were walking and some older guy started chopping me. Of course Andrea stayed by my side, NOT she left me. I didn't feel like chilling with the loser (the older guy) so I said bye and bounced. It was J/K. Anyways, band tour is aight but not that great. I don't think I'll come on any band tour during my March break holiday again! No offense guys but listening to Mark and Derek sing for up to five hours at a time is NOT my idea of fun. Sorry guys. Latez. -Kris (da British one)

Well, I had pretty good time at Mall of America. I lost Kristle, I was in Barbie shop, she couldn't follow me. Sorry! Kristle. I really wanted to buy one. They were so pretty, but expensive. I gave my last Barbie doll to daughter of my Pastor last year. I should keep it. I want it back! OK, forget it. I watched two movies. "Saving Private Ryan" was very well described of death and wars. And "Lord of the Rings" that I watched yesterday at the Mall is great x100 movie! I'll buy video! I can’t wait! It's fantastic! You guys should watch it! If you haven't seen this movie yet! I wish everybody have a nice tour so far. We have 3 days left. I really miss my mom. Bye! Enjoy yourself! -YiYung

Monica and I are almost even now. She broke the toilet and sink; I broke the step of the Maplewood Girls' dorm. How I managed to physically break a concrete step is beyond me. But there it is – broken. Everyone has taken a great liking to my car game and robot game. It's unfortunate, since that means that even when I am lucky enough to actually have either in my possession, I'm constantly being "helped"...which is really quite annoying. Well, my batteries (which were in all fairness Monica's batteries) are all completely dead. I tried to charge them last night, but alas, it was not to be. I won't go into why. It's a very tedious and dull story. The Mall was as fantabulastic as ever. I spent most of my money on total junk, as usual. But, I love junk. It's my passion in life. Not really. I'm just dreadfully bored and grasping at any phrase that comes to mind, trying to make it relevent, and then writing it down. It's not working, is it? Well, I'll leave you with a Kruegerism that was created when my clean towl hanger fell with painstaking accuracy onto the dirtiest part of the bathroom floor: "My pain is fate's joy." -Diana

As we are traveling in the "cool" KC bus to Chicago, I don't know if this will be one of the best tours. Right now, everyone is either sleep, or as the majority is, listening to their discman or walkmans (including me). The Mall of America was pretty kool, except for the point that it's a lot smaller than "West Edmonton Mall." I might as well enjoy the kool America environment. Watched all the free movies we wanted, while Devin and Derek were hitting on 16 year old sluts! Gross. Whatever gets them off, I guess! Well, there were no Victoria's Secret catalogs at the stores, so I was greatly disappointed. Our concert at Maplewood was horrible, but those kids didn't know any better. They loved it. I'm sad to say that Rachel drowned, but my love has been captured by Ashley, and the beautiful red Jeep TJ. SO SEXY! I love JEEPS! -Brad

Well it's Wed. and this trip so far has bothered me a great deal, but oh well. Spending 8 hrs in a mall friggin sucks, did I say that "I HATE MALLS." This band tour is different from last year's for one a lot of people are not too mature and cause others to be angry. No one has respect for other people's stuff and they have a hard time keeping the bus clean. The band concerts are alright. Monday's concert sucked, but the audience didn't know any different. I miss my girlfriend right now and have tried many times to call her but either get a busy signal or no one is home. (Note to self: try calling her tonight.) All in all, band is alright, people are getting to know each other better which is cool. Hanging with Bob and Meli yesterday was fun. Well I'm going to stop writing now. Goodbye. -Jason

Okay, I'm really bored. I tried reading my book (Marlfox, a Redwall book, for those of you who are fond of details), but I couldn't. I'm too tired for that sort of thing. Hopefully tonight I'll have time to sleep and recharge batteries. That would be GRAND. Monica is sleeping, Sarah is reading, Devin is eating, and I am trying desperately to keep my eyes open. I avoid sleeping with my contacts in at all costs. If only I had a laptop with internet. Then I could be easily entertained for hours. In fact, if my stupid laptop had a BATTERY, I could have brought that and played the GAME of LIFE (which is like the coolest board game ever invented). Change of subject. Mr. T is sleeping in a garbage bag. I'm not sure why, but it could have something to do with the fact that he's "getting up there" and may be having a bout of senility. Of course, there could be some LOGICAL reason for him to be sleeping in a garbage bag, but somehow I doubt it. Whatever he likes...I guess. -Diana

Hi, well we're on our way to Chicago or something from Maplewod. Maplewood is pretty small, but some of the people we met were pretty friendly. Except the people who switched all of our stuff on us! We were all pretty much annoyed cuz we were all tired from shopping at the Mall of America (which is amazing!). Then we had to practice after all of that. Some of us kinda went a little insane and started laughing hysterically. (I won't mention any names here...) Then Diana had to go and lose her contact case, so we had to look for it and didn't go to bed until long after everyone else got to. Then we had to get up really early...bah. And for the second day in a row Minnie forgot to wake us up! Silly Minnie. But it's all good, I had a very nice sleep on the bus this morning and am listening to Devin's Get Up Kids CD with Sarah. Notice that everyone is writing more and more in here cuz everyone has nothing to do on bus rides except listen to music and play cards or Diana's robot and car games. And sleep! Mmm. Anywayz. Byebye now. -Monica

What be up my hommies? Yeah I know I'm not black, but who cares? Well today has been the bestest best day so far (next to yesterday). Why? 'Cause. Well today someone and I made two bets! Can't talk about both. The tour is finished, well almost. So that's about it. My CD player is dead. *sigh* But that's ok. I'm just chilling, literally! The bottle of water is on my crotch! Brrrrrr. Anywho. Quite borded. Jason is sitting, Jana is laughing, Devin is [insert swear word], Mr. T was sleeping in a garbage bag. Why? Who knows other than me! -Visitor

Dear people. Today has been [insert swear word here]. The movie thingy was cool. But that is it. So far it has sucked royal. Stuck in a bus. Woo FUN! "Note to self" – Never enter a bus again. They are the most boring things ever made next to the ability to sleep. Yes, sleep is boring when you don't dream. McDonald's is probably getting quite boring also because people have been eating in it every day. I just skip all those meals. I hate fast food. It sucks, costs lots and tastes really bad. I don't like this place. T's very ugly and (you guessed it) boring! I dunno. Sorry Melessia (and sorry again for the spelling). Anywho, sorry for taking up space. Lates. -Visitor (Bob)

Hi. It's Kris here. I've changed my writing from print to cursive as you all can see. Now, Mr. Tyson's try'na get back in the swing of things by chopping this woman, unfortunately for him she's married and has two kids. We are in Chicago right now and basically everyone thinks they're gonna get jumped or mugged ('cept me, Manny, Chris, Andrea, and maybe a few other people)! I'm thinking to myself, wow these people are SO different from my friends @ CAA. No offense to Kingsway. Well I guess it is offense, but I hate Kingsway and think CAA is a much better school. CAA you have more fun, the peeps are ghetto and something new happens each day! Anyways, I'm really missing my house and family right now. I knew I wouldn't enjoy this tour! Anyways, gotta jet. We gotta concert in an hour. Latez. -Kristle (Kris) (da brit)

Chicago is cool. Last night me and Sarah walked through the drive thru at Taco Bell. I always wanted to do that! But, it was pointless seeing as they were out of beans. What kind of Taco Bell runs outta beans?! Oh well. We met some people and they were funny. We went to the Omnimax and Science Center this morning and found a flight simulator just as we were leaving. Arr. Anywayz, obviously I'm pretty bored since I'm writing pointless details. Everyone's playing Prez. I would, but there's already too many people playing. Oh well. Guess we're going to walk around Chicago now. Sears Tower or somewhere around there. Byes. -Monica

The Band Tour was great is so great to been with the students, it was fun just be with everyone. Mr. Tyson, Fred, Scott try to play trick on me, but I got them back. Every place we went people make us at home. Diana and Monica got up late you know why they live in Never Never Land. I hope they stay young at heart all way. Thank you all for having me. I love every one of you. -Love, Minnie XOXOXO

I'm back again. There's just no escape from my evil wrath, is there? I don't seem to be spending very much time in my front seat anymore. Well, I do now and then but whenever I go up there I always end up sleeping. Right now I'm back with Bob listening to MP3s. I'm lovin' these tunes. Especially because I don't have any source of music on this trip (other than the ghetto – yet sometimes cool – music that Mr. Scott puts on the bus radio) and I appreciate any opportunity that I get. I miss home. I'm having fun, but I think it's sad that I missed my brother's birthday. And at home they have real food, not just McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's, Burger King, IHOP (International House of Pancakes), McDonald's, McDonald's. I bet they're eating real food right now. A nice hearty, wholesome plateful of lasagna... favourite. If I close my eyes and inhale through my nose I can smell it. Yes...lasagna and green beans from the garden and olives and pickles and sparkling grape juice. In front of the cozy, comforting wood stove with the raging fire at home. My brother would be sneaking scraps to Peach on the floor. Peach would gobble them up gluttonously, then try to slyly and sneakily beg for more. Beaner would see this and trot, meowing loudly, to the scene of the crime searching for overlooked remnants. When unsuccessful, he would keep meowing and meowing until my mom either felt sorry for him and slipped him a morsel or booted his stinky butt outside. Whoa, I kind of fell into my own world there for a second. I guess I got a little carried away. They're probably all sitting around in front of the computer or all at dentist appointments or sleeping. It's still nice to imagine, though. -Jana Topper

It's 1100 hours. The place; KC bus. Entries by me; first. When we left on Friday, I thought this tour would last forever... but my thoughts were nothing more than that, thoughts, as it is Friday already and we will be home in approximately 36 hours. This is my last tour I will ever be on as a student at KC. Deep inside of me I wish this weren't the case, but again, my thoughts can't change reality. Of the three band tours I've been on, I'd have to say this one will be the most memorable. Actually, not just the tours, but band in general. I can't put a finger on exactly what it is, so maybe it is the result of many things. For instance, I've never been a band officer before and this year I'm the Vice-President. I never had the desire or felt the need to hold such a position in the past, but this year I did. While some...well to be honest, most people in the band are or can be LAZY, there are people who are dedicated and their hard work has inspired me to work harder also. But this isn't always a good thing because sometimes I've pushed myself a little too far, which has resulted in my nagging back pain. I don't think there is anything I can do to ease my back pain, but I'll push on regardless of the obstacles ahead of me. Speaking of me being inspired, one person in particular has really been an inspiration to me. That's our band Pastor, Brooke. I get nervous just thinking about talking in front of people. So for her to make up her own sermons and actually preach to people on other churches is an incredible task, but she’s done an amazing job. So Brooke, if you read this, keep up the great work and I suggest you come back to band next year and run for Pastor again. Other high points on this tour have been our billet, JP, who was a forensic scientist who specialized in the field of chemistry. He gave us a tour of his lab and I actually learned something. JP is a great guy, even if he didn't have a T.V. Talking to Melissa has also been good for me. I have a lot of things going on in my life and eating my conscience away, so talking to her is kind of an escape or release from my problems. I have two very critical decisions to make...but the answers aren't easy to come by – Welcome to life! To my surprise, Bob and I have quite a bit in common. This tour was actually the first time I say down and talked to him, and now I wish I had talked to him earlier. I usually don't talk that much in the first place, which is due to the fact that I can be extremely shy or the fact that what I have to say nobody cares about. So as I end these words, will they ring through your ears in the years to come, or will they be forgotten as soon as your eyes see them no more... -Greg Tamangday P.S. Time ended: 1200 hours. I've been writing for an hour!

Zulu – Battle Creek – 13 30 Today is Friday, the last full day of the tour. It has been a week since we left. This tour was not exactly how I expected it to be. I tried to hang out with everyone and joke around lots, but for the most part Greg, Derek, Mark, and Nathan were the only people that came up with funny stuff. People liked to keep in little groups a lot. Billeting was really fun, it showed me the kindness of others, especially one of our billets named JP. He kept us an extra day when we were snowed in at Sault Ste. Marie... He even took us on a tour of his lab. (He's a forensic scientist.) In fact the entire tour taught me a lot about kindness. The band helped out each other a lot. Ex: money, food, clothes, etc. At a church in Chicago, the members gave us $286... We should be giving them money. The church was a converted Catholic church and there was even duct tape on the stained glass where it had been broken. But the people were more spirited than many people I've seen. Another example of kindness is at a pancake house some guy out of nowhere decides to pay for us. I talked to some people I usually don't talk to much, but I didn't spend enough time with certain people. Oh well. We definitely need more sleep next year... That's right, I plan on joining next year so all you suckas gotta put up with me some more. And Brooke, you're doing great as Pastor, keep it up. In closing here are some memories from tour in point form. *Note: Not necessarily good memories or in any particular order. •Playing drums for Hawaii Five-O for the first time. •Getting a standing ovation even though we sucked. •Jana's bloody crown. •JP's house. •Cancer. •Cards. •Bus trips. •Cards. •Losers at Maplewood. •Cards. •Brad's 2 invisible girlfriends (that got bloody fast). •"I'm going to kill ye." That's about it at least for now. Oh yeah, Greg, Mark, Derek, Nathan and the rest of you... I had a great time with all of you. Sarah, but most definitely not Diana. Just joking...I think. Anyways, later. -Devin P.S. You’re all dirty beggars.

Dear peoples this was my first tour. I liked the people and how we came together. Feels like family here. Well sorta, except Derek and Chris (Chris snores! Ask Manny.) Anywho lates. See most of ya next year, same bad place same bad time! Fly away! -Visitor

It's Friday and the sun will probably set in another hour or so. I can't believe we have been on this bus for a week already. I have put off writing in this journal until now, so this will probably be kind of long. Anyways, unless something horrible happens between now and tomorrow, when we get back to school tomorrow, I will be glad I came on this trip. It's been really nice to be able to have time to talk to my friends and make new friends. Speaking of time, I swear we have spent the whole tour on this bus, driving from one place to another. I have gotten a lot of sleep on this trip. It seems like all we do is eat, sleep, and screw up on at least 3 songs of every concert we perform. Right now the bus is pretty quiet. But most people are sleeping or listening to their walkmans. I think that this trip has been a good thing because we have all grown closer to each other from being stuck together for so long. Some things I will remember from this trip are... •The Duplicate Mafia. •The Mall of America. •IHOP. •The snow at Sudbury. •Being snowed in. •Taking long, long showers. •Laughing at people sleeping. •Mark and his off-key singing. -Sarah

Band Crew 2002 By Greg (a.k.a. The Thrilla from Manila) and Devin (a.k.a. The Mind Chilla)

We are the band crew/of 2002 We thought this tour was fun, how about you? We're bored right now and we got nothing to do/ Let us tell 'bout this tour from out point of view The Aerials took our bus, so we're on the one with tha blue seats/ While they're chillin' on beaches we're hittin' the streets/ However, while in Florida their bus broke down/ But we had problems of our own 'cause we were stuck in a hick town/ We spent long hours on this bus/ All we did was play cards, sleep, and cuss

"God loves America! My home sweet home." Don't hate. I do love Canada too. 'Na mean! Hey this is The Big Bad Funky Chicken Andrea since the blue pen was being a FAG I'm writing in black! Band tour was well...AMAZING. (: These are the top things that I remember about the trip! 1. Derek going insane, saying "I hate everything." 2. Jana's stupid NK hat. 3. Manny and Chris takin' good care of me! (I love ya'll) 4. Me and Jana arguing about CANADA and AMERICA (America’s written bigger) 5. People flirtin' with each other! 6. Mark's annoying singing but his amazing skill in basketball. Top Ten Things I Hated About BAND TOUR 1. Jana's stupidity that was not funny@all! 2. NO time to sleep. 3. I didn't get to know so many people. 4. Jana's annoyance about CANADA. Okay this may be gay, but hey this was okay. U C I actually got to talk 2 people I never really thought I would. Um well Jay, White Dude! It was an amazing conversation we had! I want to KILL him too! Neways Jay, "X" and "Y" and "Barbie" and "Cindy" are WAK! Well if I am here next year which I am obviously, I will join band. (MAYBE!) I LOVE AMERICA! Okay there are the words from Funky Chicken saying, There's nuttin good like Finger Lickin good chicken. I HATE MICKEY D'S! I HATE THIS BUS. MY REAR END IS SORE AND I HATE C _ _ _ _ _ _! Jana this is 4 you! Oh ya p.s. I must say the stupidity of Jana was really F**@* annoying. Please grow up! :P Ya'll should really get to know some people on the bus! * The name was originally Funky Chick but Brooke! The name Funky Chicken is pretty ill! Bye Bye! Tootles! -Funky Chicken

As the bus came to Windsor SDA Church I was putting various things in my bag punkass Brad thinkin he bein big and bad decided to ram a scooter down my back. So me getting pissed at him pushed him back, in which Brad threw his scooter at Sarah and stormed off, embarrassed by the matter of being pushed off. Latez. -Jason

Well we just left Windsor Church. I'm trying to remember good things, trying. Memories I think were cool all involve candy, and almost all the guys hitting on Brooke, me trying to be a bird in the park, begging for change in Chicago, many foodless nights, staring out the window when everyone else was with their friends, Jana and our crowns. The many hours of no one sleeping. Everyone asleep except for me in the bus. The talk with Greg, lates buddy, see you at school and if you ever come back. All this trip has done to me is made friends with people that are leaving soon and not accomplishing anything. Sitting in a chair is not doing anything but sitting. I sure look at everyone different now. I know Diamon don't like pictures (my name is Bob, yours is Diamon). Oh oh I love bloody knuckles! The best way to inflict pain to yourself. Btw, I win David didn't ask! Anyways the trip has been weird, been normal. Well, back to [insert swear word here] KC. I tricked so many people to go there. Well I'm watching the sunset. I think this is the best day, the period between not home and not in the bus is the best. Many relationships have crashed and lots of them have popped up. I'd give examples, but...yes. Devin just got "heart punched" so cool. Came to the conclusion, this trip sucked more bad than good. Anywho sorry Mellessia (and again for the spelling, sorry). -Bob

Saturday My second entry. Time: 1840 hours. Since my first entry was serious and lacked humor of any sort, this entry will be about the funny stuff...mostly. First off, I was subjected to the company of three boys...not men...throughout the first half of the trip. Derek, who is a flaming homosexual, was funny most of the time, but he was also a beggar. Then there's Mark, who snored like a freakin' chainsaw, and he was also a beggar. Finally there was Devin, who was faggish at times, but he was mostly normal, however he was the biggest beggar of them all. Us four stayed together at JP's house. JP was the man. At his place, we played cards and went on the internet. JP taught us all how to play Speed, but us being the men we are...wait, I’m the only man here...we schooled JP good at his own game...well only Derek did. JP is an awesome person to drive with in the snow. The man doesn't believe in "overusing" the brakes to say the least. While Mark was being a scrub and riding shotgun, Devin, Derek, and I (Greg) were crushing each other in the back seat at every turn. Poor Devin got the worst of it cause Derek and I put all our weight into it and were throwing bones (to all you fake thugs, throwing bones means we were elbowing Devin). When we went to JP's office/lab, Devin, being the beggar he is, started knocking over stuff. So we all cussed him out and he started to cry. Well actually he didn't, but he looked like a fool. On an insider's note to Derek, Devin, and Mark, here are a few more highlights about JP's place… -Hello, my name is Mister Nice. -Breathing on Devin. -My first heart punch to Devin. -Insane = Bummmm Deee De Bummmmmmm -Romeo & Juliet. -The tissue boxes. -STD's (eww) -Cancer (you know them two, girls) We all had a great time at JP's, too bad Devin forgot his camera...what a beggar. After getting snowed-in at Sault Ste. Marie, we made out way to the mean streets of Chicago. Actually, it was Minnesota. I'll talk bout that later. On the bus I believe all I did was play my Game Boy Advance (I beat Golden Sun) and read my English ISU book, The Hobbit. When we arrived in Chi Town, the events that were etched into my memory as a kid all came back to me when I laid eyes on the ghetto. I used to run those least that's what I told that punk kid at Sault Ste. Marie. Anyway, Mark felt at home surrounded by his black thug brothers, but according to Andrea, Mark was white-wash, so in the end, Mark just hanged with us. The church was in a bad part of town, but our concert went well and the people were extremely nice. The pastor was cool, but also a beggar. He tried to make everyone in the audience give us their biggest bill. He even slipped a Benjamin into the offering plate. I like that pastor. Our stupid bus wouldn't start, so we all just hanged out with people and talked. Jason and I lifted the standbox with both Derek's and Mark's fat as...butts on it. That is something I will never do again. Because of my male testosterone, I really hurt my back. I will never lift anything again. Sleeping at Hinsdale was alright, but the floor was hard and Mark snored like crazy again. Now back to Minnesota. Umm, I was surrounded by hicks. Ugly ones, boys and girls. My highlights here were... -Playing foosball...I can beat all of you!! -Playing Ping-Pong with Derek with a foosball. -Playing cards. -Getting a standing ovation after playing Hawaii Five-O. -The sink (Mark, you know.) -The Mall of America...I actually didn’t like it there, except for the magic shop. Now that I got the time line straightened out, after Chicago we went to Windsor. We had a cool billet; Derek, Mark and I. The lady's son was pretty cool although he used words like "dicknut" and told his mom that he was at the age where he'd "bang any hot girl" he saw. I'm not lying, ask Mark and Derek. Mark was being such a baby though. Since Derek and I were sleeping in the same bed, we wanted the bigger bed. But Mark, being the beggar he is, wouldn't give it up. We eventually reached a settlement, but now Derek and I hate Mark. We had to get up early cause the lady had to be at church by 8:00. When we got there, we set up some chairs and went back to sleep. Sabbath School was interesting though...actually it was pretty dumb. The guy was talking about rumors. Somehow it went from Aaron and Lego blocks to Brooke and brushing her teeth and smoking "funny cigarettes" (he means WEED!). The meaning of this lesson felt like it was never going to be revealed. I felt sorry for Brooke cause the guy must have said her name at least 20 times. So Derek and I had a plan to shut the guy up. I was going to punch him in the kidney, Derek was going to sucker punch him in the lower spine and as he was falling, Mark would kick him in the back of the skull. Too bad it never happened. J/K Our concerts went well and the food was, never mind. I sat down and talked to David for about an hour. The poor guy always looks so sad. But I straightened him out good. It's 8:30 so I'm going to stop writing now. I think people are getting pissed at me. I really don't want to go home just yet, 'cause I've only just started to talk to new people. Also, since this is my last tour, I feel kind of down. This has been the best band tour I've been on and since there probably will be no more, I just want to ride these last hours out the best way I can. I'll miss all you guys and good luck next year. Band Rules. -Greg Tumangday P.S. Devin, Derek, and Mark are all still beggars. And oh, yeah, this tour has also moved me spiritually. – Shut up Mark, I hate you!

Alright, I'm back. Tour is almost over. It's actually quite sad. This tour was way more fun than last year's, though only Australia could beat Bermuda. But, yeah, I'm rambling. Alright, I'm going to be more serious than I normally am for these sorts of things...for a minute. I liked this tour because I made new friends...well, at least, I talked to people I don't usually talk to. And it was actually FUN, oddly enough. Never Never Land died early on in this trip, because I tore it down in a fit of rage. And Monica and I were far too lazy to put it back up. I think we lost most of our glow-in-the-dark darts to scavengers. But at least we still have the basketball game and the whistle. The male population of this bus has just reverted to a more primal state of mind than usual. They've been having a huge brawl (Nikki would be proud) in the back of the bus. They came out battle-scarred and somewhat less than fresh-smelling. Thank goodness this tour will be over soon. My nostrils will be joyous. However, I am enjoying this tour, and I could probably deal with the stench a while longer if it meant a longer band tour. I know that some people didn't have an overly good time on this tour, but later on in life they may look back on it fondly. That is, if the rest of their lives SUCK. j/k Several people were attacked with various types of makeup that were purchased specifically as devices of torture. The low point of that whole experience was definitely the excessive amounts of pictures that were taken of me looking like a large, oddly-shaped cherry. Devin hit me and I slapped him across the face. But it was more of a reflex than a premeditated attack, so I can't really be blamed. Devin is now nagging me to stop writing, but just to spite him, I'm going to continue no matter how painful it may be for you, the harassed reader of the bizarre series of events that made up Band Tour 2002. Okay, actually, I've altered my plan entirely. I'm going to quite writing now and talk to people until we get home. Abruptly, Diana, Trixie, Dakota Rose, and Wonder Woman

Well it's been a pretty fun tour. It all started in Sudbury. It was ok. Next it was off to Sault Ste. Marie…the church was small, but we met two hoes with cancer (oops I mean friends) so it wasn't all bad. Our billet there was coooool. It was JP. He had no TV/VCR, so we made our own fun... When we busted into Chi Town I thought the church we would go to would be different, but it was smack dab in the midst of the damn GHETTO. That was some scary and dirty sh*t. While there we slept at Hinsdale. They are not nice. The floor was hard and we weren't allowed to do anything. I HATE HINSDALE. Left handers rule the earth, you scurvy dogs. Dang, I skipped the part about when we went to Maplewood, although it doesn't matter because everyone there are complete FAGS even the ugly ass girls. The most memorable part of this tour was the card playing, jokes, billets, dropping bombs (big ones). Well, I'm almost at my stop in Ajax and I gots to bounce. It's been a blast, peace out. Peace to my main peeps on this tour: Greg, Derek, Nathan, and beggar boy Devin. To everyone else, it was good getting to know ya better. See ya round. Later peoples. -Mark Martindale

Word up, band kids. Well this trip is our dum-dumdee, funits, exito, and all that shit. This concluding entry is to give shouts out to the boys, Mark, Gregory, Devin, Nathan, and to reminisce about the funny stuff. Stuff was going down all the time, so I'll stick to the main stuff! I'll start with Sudbury. Garbage...nuff said. Actually, props to Arlene. Then on to Sault Ste. Marie. Mainly garbage, but also insanity. Devin and I met these mounds of trash thinly disguised as humans. We were playing our cards right...and then we brought up the cancer joke (let me explain). From the beginning of tour, Devin and I were hating and wishing cancer on everyone. For example, someone would have a sore throat, and we'd say "Hopefully it's cancer." Anyways, so for some reason we popped it to the girls, and get this: the one is like, "Funny you should mention it. I just got over skin cancer." And the other girl’s like, "Yeah, and I have a lump on my back that is most likely cancer." We saw the scars from tumor removal, and needless to say, we layed off the cancer for a little while. So basically 100% of the kids we met in the Sault had cancer...shit... Then on to Minnesota. Nuthin but ugly losers and fags. Needless to say their fashion is at least 6 years behind us. (Yo-yo's, army pants, etc.) And then, to Chicago in the hood, nuthin but chillin wit da thugs and runnin tha m'$@#!ing streets. Then to Windsor then home. Now a quick list of the funnies, and yeah I'll probably miss some. -Hating everything and everyone. -Cancer wishing. -The imaginary I hate everything and asbestos carrying kid. -Scaring the dog. -Acting dumb. -The revival of initiating. -COOOOOOOOL. -Pirate slang. -Numerous funny stuff. -Going crazy in front of complete strangers (yelling, waving arms). -The free DC shirt the guy gave (inside). -The cussing (not by me). -Chris – you know we run things. -The group showers (Yes!! My favorite!!). -The constant jokes. -Certain members who are allergic to showering and joined a religion that banned deodorant on pain of death. -Growling "I hate everything and everyone" as loud as I could at the mall, on the bus, etc. Anyways, that's it thugs, kids, and pretendas. To my boys. Devin – I hate you, before I was joking but now I'm SERIOUS. I HATE you. Greg – Just finally that cancer. Mark – Word to you, momma. And I hate your face. Anyways, we be home now so I ain't got nuthin to say but I'm out and PEACE. -Da S to Da D (Derek Sloan)

The End

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