The INSS MacArthur is an Imperial Battlecruiser from the Niven and Pournelle book The Mote in God's Eye (hereby referred to as TMiGE.) The design is based upon the Lief Erikson Galactic Cruiser, released by AMT in the '60's. Rick Sternbach (yes, THAT Rick Sternbach) painted the cover for the book. He thought the wings were too much, as a spaceship wouldn't need them, and decided not to include them in the painting. The small fins on the conning tower were not painted on either.

Cozmodyne Heavy Industries Galactic Cruiser Mk. I

Image thieved from Coz's website

This kit was the first pull from the mold (thanks again Jay!) I hastily built it... and it didn't turn out that great. I see it as an incentive to rebuild it!

Leif Erikson DIFFERENCES MacArthur
  • Winglets removed
  • Canards removed
  • Shuttlebay has trapezoidial doors
  • Greeblies inside nacelles
  • Different hull details through-out
  • Sphere now an Astrogation dome
  • Longer, taller, bump on the aft
  • Elevators at rear of wings


I have torn off the wings (which were bubbly and too thick) and carved new ones out of a For-Sale sign. The nose-cone was removed, and sanded down by a few millimeters. The conning tower was modified to sweep back at an angle of about 30; not perpendicular to the ship like it was before. Large amounts of putty expended. Lightly primed to make sure I got everything (which I didn't.)
Expect update tomorrow night. I plan to re-do the bump and the nacelles, as well as add detail bits.

with Leif Erikson

I built a pair of fusion engines into the back, cut from a mechanical pencil (that was tedious!) Most of the greeblies have been added to the forward hull, and the four torpedo tubes have been carved. Modifying the nacelles is what I'm working on at the moment.
Cozmo is working on some decals right now! Woohoo!

The fusion engines
Greeblies on the neck
Top view

Construction is complete. A little more paint, coupled with cozmo's awesome new decals, and I should be done!. Basecoat is Testors flat white, with details in Model Master light ghost gray, Testors orange, silver and copper (or was it bronze?). I've also made two TMiGE avatars for anyone interested!

Beauty shot Engines
Testing the Langston field Cozmo's decals
MacArthur avatar ISN avatar

Some more detail paint added. I'm not going to do all the painting I want to do until the decals arrive (most likely tomorrow) so I can be sure things "fit."
I'm glad everyone likes the engine cladding! Thanks!

The Mac with other projects
Engine paint: still not done!
Beauty shot, kind of dark

I'M DONE! It's a weird feeling... a feeling I've not had for several months...

Beauty shot Starboard profile Dorsal profile
Engines Front half
Underside Aft

OK! Done! Now I need to make the Lenin! And a Motie ship! Bwahahahaha!!!