PSOv2 Download Quest - Soul (Spirit) of Steel

Area : Mines and Ruins
Client : Dr Montague
Reward : 12,000 Meseta
VMU Blocks : 62 + 34 = 96

To get the proper ending complete the online sleuth event on any difficulty.
Dont have your own mag on you put it in the bank.
A WORKS bloke confronts your team on P2 then Elenor gives you Elenor Mag or Mag cell.
The accessory you can get in the Towards the Future quest can be converted into Marina's Bag when you talk to the nurse at the medical center.
The true ending is when you warp from the ruins into the medical center, after collecting your meseta from the Hunters Guild.

Mine 2

Ukon is standing at the laser barrier, but first go thru the left exit (map point B) to explore a dead end. Return and speak to Ukon and select ????????
Now goto DrMontague who is at the side room (map point A>. He will tell you how to slip past Ukon.
In next area look at the computer, Montague tells you about explains about Calus and Vol Opt. The Mag Cell will move. Keep going and a earthquake will happen. Now find Elenor and Dr Montague to overhear about the Mag. I think mag changes again?
Proceed forward and you will see Ult (Uruto)
Your mission is to follow her and dont lose sight of her
Cut scene blah blah then 2nd mission slip past the robots. (dont touch them)
Investigate the computer once and the Mag will change
Time to kick WORKS ass! Then losing git starts the self destruction sequence - aw crap!
The next bit is timed (boo!). Talk to Elenor and Montague then hotfoot it to the ruins. mag evolves again?
This mission requires you to locate the self-destruct cancel switch within the ruins.

Ruins 1

Destroy the rocks and vanquish the enemies in the inner part of the room.
Defeat the enemy at warp point 1 and step on the switches to keep the door open.
When the door is opens, enemies will again appear, defeat them before activating the time switch
Head to warp 2 fast, note that the self-destruct cancel switch is located at warp 2 exit and Ult/Uruto will appear as you head there.
Your last mission is to capture Ult(Uruto). Sug and Ult will appear as you exit from warp 3 and go towards the goal.
If you touch Ult(Uruto), She will use the warp at the goal point It's okay to head towards Sug
Finally select the following response「エルノアをたすける」 then (どれでもOK)、 and 「いやだ」 3 times.
Return to the medical center and talk to the nurse, then head towards the Hunter Guild to confirm quest clear.
After you have cleared the quest, play Soul of Steel again and you will learn about the sequel quest.

Forest 1

Go meet Elenor, collect the +?+ and you will be able to read about the comments related to this quest and view the staff introduction.

Credits: Sakura Byori

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