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From the Depths
Unlock: complete Doc's Secret Plan offline
Area: Ruins
Client: Irene
Reward: 8000 Meseta
NPC's: Takuya, Dacci, Gizel, Nadja, Ash
A Big earthquake occured on Ragol. The research team that was underground has disappeared
You come across two hunters collapsed on the ground (Takuya and Type:0) but they disappear.
You then come across two hunters standing in a daze (Dacci and Gizel) but they disappear.
Eventually you come across a force called Nadja, but she is possessed and attacks you :P Ive tried protecting her while killing the enemies but it doesnt work so you have to kill her too :( oh well...
Protect Ash when he joins you later on (cast shifta+deband on him as soon as you can and cast resta on him during battle) Retreat to previous room if enemies are overwhelming always keep in front of Ash so you bear the brunt of enemy attacks. Find and access the machine. Goto P2.
DON'T collect your reward yet if in Doctor Ostos Research you didnt tell Sue your name and you have beaten Kireek in Waterfall Tears and Black Paper - because now you can now do a final battle with him and take his Soul Eater (Rare Scythe Weapon). Just locate Ash and Kireek in the ruins and kick his ass!
Rabarta is best Tech for hard/vhard Ruins.

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