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offline Central Dome Fire Quest

Go Online and Download both files of quest to same VM as the psov2 char you intend to play with. Now go offline and select Download from the Quest Menu at the Hunters Guild. Some quests require the language to be set to Japanese. Also ver2 quests wont work with a ver1 game and game file and vice versa so make sure you have the right one.

Free VM space needed: 27+24=51 Blocks
Area: Forest
Reward: 20,000 Meseta

Watcha gotta do?

Rescue all NPCs & and dont let them get bad injuries
Play in vhard or ult difficulty to obtain the Mark 3 Mag
To put out the fire, use any gun
Talk to client and if you've rescued all NPCs, he will give you one more job.
Talk to child on P2 to obtain the Glory of the Past
Talk to the tekker that appears near the bank to change the Glory of the Past into a Mark 3 Mag.
If tekker isnae there just teleport to and from the forest until he does.

Forest 2

Techs cannae be used yet 

Put out the fires before rescuing NPCs

Red coloured gates cant be unlocked until fires in each area are put out.

You have to rescue green NPC before you can rescue the NPC behind the green gate.

Once NPCs have been rescued without any bad injury, you will be asked to do another task

Forest 2

Your employer will ask you to search for Dr. D, head to the char marked 1 for a cut scene.

After talking to the char marked 2, 4 Hildebear/Hildetorr with ult lev stats (regardless of difficulty), will appear.

Techniques are now useable (yay!), time to kick ass and chew bubblegum!

Dont worry if Dr.D dies, just use @u@ and the mission will be complete

Now what?

Find and talk to a child to receive the Glory of the Past You will find the tekker of your ID next to the bank.

If he doesnt appear, goto the forest and warp back again. Or goto the hospital and talk to any NPCs there, it may trigger his appearance.

Talk to the tekker when you have the Glory of the past and you will get the Mark 3 Mag If youve got the Glory of the Past, just go to the hospital and you will get mail from Lionel telling you about the tekker.

Credits: Sakura Byori

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