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Xcalibur is a great new cgi animation series about a 16 year old princess entrusted with the sword of justice, Xcalibur.

Episode List
  1. The Sword of Justice
  2. The Barbarian
  3. The Destiny of the Shogis
  4. The Heart of the Beast
  5. The Enchanted Forest
  6. The Broken Sword
  7. The Wandering City
  8. The Slumbering Palace
  9. A Charming Prince
  10. The Hexed Chessboard
  11. Nadja
  12. The Test of Blood
  13. The Strange Sickness
  14. The Kiss
  15. The Lure
  16. The Dragons Breath
  17. I Have Faith in you
  18. The Ice Fortress
  19. A Second Chance
  20. An Appeal of the Just
  21. The Seventh Crystal
  22. The Promised Land
  23. The Secret of the Sylphs
  24. The Return
  25. In the Service of the King
  26. The Ultimate Battle