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Shining Force III Scenario 1

Chapter 1 Nightmare in the Floating City of Saraband


After the opening sequence inside the Republic camp headquarters, Synbios will be free to explore the city of Saraband. Be sure to look carefully as there are many hidden items. Dantares joins Synbios' party as they journey out into Saraband, before they leave the headquarters though, Masqurin and Grace also join the force. Masqurin gives Synbios the cut flower.

Items and gold

Cut Flower - Given to Synbios by Masqurin
10 Gold pieces:In a shelf in the room Benetram entered from Healing drop:In a vase on the ground floor of Republic camp Potion:In a treasure chest on the 1st floor of Republic camp 5 Gold pieces:In a shelf in the barracks Large Mithril:In a crate in engineers home (big white house in Republic district) Weapons and Items Item Shop ItemPriceMedical Herb10 Antidote Herb20Angel's Wing40
While exploring Saraband you'll meet two characters, Hayward and Garosh, who will be important to the storyline later on so don't fret trying to get them to join you at this stage. Go through the gates at the north end of the Republic district to the central district. On top of the tavern you can talk to Arthur, the magic knight. He asks you a question, answer yes to it and he will join Medion's force in Scenario 2 if Medion talks to him as well. Now use the opposite gates in the central district to enter the Imperial district leading to an encounter with some Imperial troops. As the scene gets ugly, Prince Medion, Campbell, and Grantack show up to save the day. Once this sequence has finished, go back the way you came to come to the first battle...

Saraband Street Battle

Mask Monks Hide your force behind the broad side of the church to lure two of the monks out, then pounce on them in your next turn. The rest of the monks should be no problem but keep HP levels high so they don't surprise you.

End of Battle

Once the battle has been won head back to the Republic camp and you will encounter Benetram kidnapping Domaric with a group of masked monks. Once the scene is finished enter the Republic building again.

     With the Empire forces certain to retaliate after the news of Domaric's kidnapping, Benetram and the rest of the Republic's forces must escape Saraband. Once Benetram joins with Synbios' battalion head back to the central district and across the bridge opposite the fountain. Another battle awaits you...

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