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Welcome to the VideoGames Page !!!

This is a picture from Phantasy Star Online a great game

and Ver2 rocks! - DS9.


June 2002
ITC receive 136 complaints then ban MS X-Box birth to grave Life short, play more Advert from UK TV!
A family in UK had to buy a psx for their pet monkey after it kept hoging their sons console!

May 2002
400,000 GameCubes sold in Europe already!
Sony cut psone price to 50.
3 May Nintendo Gamecube launched :)


April 2002
Nintendo Gamecube UK rrp set at 129. Aprox 50,000 pre- orders for da cube so far. Nintendo sure has massive monkey balls heh heh :) oh and good telly ad - nice one!

Microsoft slash UK X-Box price from 299 to 199 six weeks after launch also compensation for launch purchasers in the form of 2 games and a controller free - bill bites back!

Mar 2002
Nintendo Gamecube launches 5 May 2002

Feb 2002
Microsoft X-Box launches 14 Mar 2002

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